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Dec 13, 2020

Famous Author
Joined: Dec 13, 2020
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Handwran · Aug 13, 2023

Though correct me if im wrong on that, id rather know now than find out later on that there ends up being a permanent seperate relationship thing, or like one of the the girls in the group sleeping with a guy that isnt pete.

Malisson · Author · Aug 13, 2023

I deleted your other comments as they seemed a bit spammy. 

As for your question. It's in the synopsis. 

House of Venom is a poly novel. Peter and everyone in the relationship (including those in the future) will sleep with each other. Peter is the only male character in the relationship though.

So, No NTR, no other males, no cheating, everyone's happy. clear.png

Handwran · Aug 13, 2023

Great! clear.png glad its like that

Malisson · Author · Jun 4, 2023

Arc Five is still going to publish tomorrow.

Arc Six is now uploaded with a release date of July Third at the regular time.

Thank you for everyone's patience. 

I will start Arc Seven after a small break but I should be back to regular postings, with updates on progress.


Kurodarkwing · Jun 3, 2023

Should I first read the symbiote spiderman story that is already complete or the one that is being rewritten? Is it a total change in the story or is it just a rewrite, it appeals to me a lot but I ask just in case

Malisson · Author · Jun 4, 2023

That is a hard choice. The plot is exactly the same with tweaks here and there. Some character motivations change but really, I'd say 75-85% of the story is the same. It's better edited, some things that didn't work were cut, things are better explained and it isn't as rushed. Some arcs are new, One is longer, and Arc Five of the original is now Five and Six, so clear.png

You won't lose anything by reading it, but really, it's entirely up to you.

Malisson · Author · May 9, 2023

Halfway through the hiatus. The editing is progressing as well as I had hoped. I will apologise as getting round to replying to comments isn't

Arc Five is finished and fully uploaded with a release date of June 5th at the regular time.

Thank you to everyone for your patience.

Jacobdark95 · May 17, 2023

Thank you for your hard work and inspiration for the story it’s amazing and I hope u finish it to completion because it amazingly well done. Thank you

Kurodarkwing · Jun 3, 2023

I started reading 30 minutes ago but I already fell in love, I love spiderman and that's the best for a family, thank you very much

Malisson · Author · Jun 4, 2023

You are both very welcome.

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