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Jan 3, 2021

Joined: Jan 3, 2021
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I like doggos. And some humans.

go here to get a video of a cute alpaca -->

the_onez3 · Apr 22, 2024

u still alive cadmar?

Mynamejeff · Jun 1, 2023

I know this question is kinda pointless after 2 years but do you have any plan to write life of a wizard?

CadmarLegend · Author · Aug 7, 2023

bro, if I could I would. I’d have to do a complete rewrite from the ground up.

the_onez3 · May 17, 2023

no translate?

CadmarLegend · Author · May 20, 2023

I then took a rest, and tried to come back with a better bonus... 31 chapters at once!

CadmarLegend · Author · May 20, 2023

I did it, but it also kept burning me out. Thus, I eventually decided to take a break. When I came back, I found out I had zero motivation to continue. 

CadmarLegend · Author · May 20, 2023

The story started to annoy me rather than give me enjoyment. I started translating the novel ‘cause I liked the novel, the story. But when it didn’t have that appeal anymore, frustratingly, I realized my motivation had disappeared.

the_onez3 · May 20, 2023

Hmmm. Sometimes my motivation to read something disappears, but after maybe like half a year of stockpiling chapters I find it within me to continue reading again. Maybe you could try to come back to it later and continue it? Or is that what you're already planning on doing?

CadmarLegend · Author · Apr 30, 2023

Agentt · Apr 30, 2023


georgelee5786 · Aug 22, 2022

No fishcat?

Agentt · May 15, 2022

Why are you?

CadmarLegend · Author · Jul 12, 2022

I am whatever one perceives me to be. 

Agentt · Jul 12, 2022

Even a big tiddied anime girl?

CadmarLegend · Author · Jul 13, 2022

even a big tiddied anime girl, indeed. 

Agentt · Jul 13, 2022 is very advanced now

CadmarLegend · Author · May 15, 2022

ah, damn myself who is this busy. sorry for being afk all of a sudden, readers! I am just dying at work currently, so I've been quite tired. I am grateful for those who are still sticking around even after all this time. 

CadmarLegend · Author · Apr 27, 2022

Chapters will be released tomorrow at 18:00 CST. Oh, and I found out how to add images to these posts~ 2500.jpg?width=465&quality=45&auto=format&fit=max&dpr=2&s=9969c9d82b117f7952fea7dcddc374c0

CadmarLegend · Author · Apr 27, 2022

Believe in the power of the children who are working hard with small, stubby wings on them. Then, go to Japan and learn the art of the samurai. After that, you need to learn how to bolden and italicize words. Next, you must find out how to recreate this "—" (em dash) on a computer without copy-pasting. Finally, you will be required to learn how to use these quotation marks — 「」『』̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀and this. 

CadmarLegend · Author · Apr 27, 2022

F in the chat!

Ilikewaterkusa · Apr 27, 2022

What does the yellow and other colors mean?

CadmarLegend · Author · Jul 12, 2022

the easiest way to add images was by dragging images from, let’s say a taskbar, and dropping them into the comment/reply area. IDK if this was intended or not (most likely not) and if it will have any repercussions in the future. Do at your own risk. Don’t die. 

CadmarLegend · Author · Apr 25, 2022

After over a month of a break, the uploads will begin again. One bonus chapter today. But at the usual 6:00 PM (18:00) CST (Central Standard Time)

CadmarLegend · Author · Apr 25, 2022

delayed by approx. 1 hour. I have to finish up some paperwork. 

Agentt · Apr 2, 2022


CadmarLegend · Author · Apr 2, 2022

Ok, 'bout to be fixed. May take a couple more days, but chapters will be out near April 6th. 

CadmarLegend · Author · Apr 2, 2022

After that, the schedule may change for a while (fewer chapters/week) due to me getting busier on the weekdays... spring is a busy time at work. 

CadmarLegend · Author · Apr 2, 2022

But the current schedule I have will continue after April and near the start of May. 

CadmarLegend · Author · Mar 25, 2022

Probably no chapters for bricks today because my computer is dead once more. Translating through a phone is too difficult for these more-complex translations which have more kanji... anyhow, 愛 (Ai) あむ(amu) 出津(dedzu)... 

CadmarLegend · Author · Mar 8, 2022

My computer is having trouble getting onto syosetu, so the chapter might come out a bit later than normal. 

CadmarLegend · Author · Mar 9, 2022

yep. chapters will come out with tomorrow's daily 1 chapter.

CadmarLegend · Author · Mar 5, 2022

Forgot to post here. 

No chapters for bricks today because of some matters that came up. 

CadmarLegend · Author · Mar 8, 2022

ok, but what'll you do with it

Agentt · Mar 8, 2022

Fish in it obviously

CadmarLegend · Author · Mar 25, 2022


Agentt · Mar 26, 2022

Yes, I am

Agentt · Feb 15, 2022

I don't like doggos, but do like most humans

Agentt · Feb 27, 2022

Me as well

CadmarLegend · Author · Feb 27, 2022

do you, though

Agentt · Feb 28, 2022

Yes, very much, but their nails should be trimmed

CadmarLegend · Author · Mar 25, 2022

yeah. those nails are obnoxiousnessly long

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    I like doggos. And some humans.

    go here to get a video of a cute alpaca -->

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