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Feb 12, 2019

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Joined: Feb 12, 2019
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Dimentos · Apr 7, 2024

Hello there, I just saw that only your Naruto and Bleach stories are linked to each other under 'Related Series'. Don't know if it will make much of a difference, but for those stumbling upon the One Piece one first it would be easier if all stories are linked to each other.

Admiral6663 · Apr 2, 2024

If Yuna was in the black clover universe, how crazy would the wizard king be?

Devron · Mar 26, 2024

Do what'ch'ya gotta do. Recharging takes time. Hope to see you back.

I haven't checked out One Piece yet. Will soon.


Hemrakul · Mar 10, 2024

Any news for the Series?

Riza119 · Mar 2, 2024

I’m just rereading the Naruto story now since I really enjoy your work. Also love the one piece and bleach. Hope to see you back soon after the burnout. 

dahman1999 · Feb 23, 2024

Good evening maery

Hope you had a good day. Is there any chance we get a new update soon? 👀

I hope you aren't burn out 

ConstantReader · Jan 1, 2024

When ice in one piece getting an update 

A_Random · Jan 24, 2024

The bleach one holds priority to finish so probably after bleach 

Boarador · Jan 1, 2024

Had a silly Idea about Yuna poking holes in the Assassin's Creed universe and the


Apple thing


is just some piece of low level junk (for Yuna that is) she tossed in a spacial rupture just to see what happens. Any-who happy new year

SoulLessCamper · Dec 24, 2023

Maerry Christmas, sorry couldn’t help myself. Wish you a great time.

MrKag · Dec 24, 2023

I could see Yuna doing great in DxD since there is everything she enjoy to do there pretty girl to woo big shot to slap across the face and Gods to kill. Surely she would be right at home there.

Riza119 · Mar 2, 2024

I can imagine now I want to see it 

Hemrakul · Dec 17, 2023

Are there any problems with the release of Capito from the "Bleach" series?

 It's all OK?

Yunaria · Dec 6, 2023

You know what would be an interesting thing to get into beyond Bleach, after it ends... Trying your hand on tackling Akame Ga Kill XD Just an idea for the times when you don't know what to do after the Bleach Arc ends... clear.png

But personally, I'd love to see Yuna dominate Esdeath since they're both Ice users, in a way...

Yunaria · Dec 9, 2023

And not just dominate in ways with Ice either... clear.png

Octopal · Dec 9, 2023

No. Finish one piece first

Yunaria · Dec 10, 2023

Octopal, when the One Piece one came out, it was already stated that it wouldn't be a direct tie to the main story, it'd just be its own thing. What I mentioned before about Akame Ga Kill, was an idea for the main story after the Bleach Arc ends

jlkawaii · Dec 6, 2023

Hope that whatever your problems are, they resolve by the better.

needbrainpower · Oct 23, 2023

are you going to post anymore of the one piece fic here?

A_Random · Oct 24, 2023

If i remember correctly, author is still focusing on bleach so only random uploads. maybe after bleach is finished we get a schedule???

RICHIESPIDER505 · Oct 7, 2023

I suggest next world where Naruto and yuna go to should be cyberpunk world it will be interesting story 

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