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Feb 15, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Feb 15, 2019
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Just your friendly neighborhood dragon. c:

Releases pending. Soon™. Delays will be announced here.
Please enjoy your stay~

FriendlyDragon · Author · Nov 17, 2021

Probably publishing sometime this week. clear.png

Xeno_King · Nov 17, 2021


Daisuki-chan · Oct 26, 2021


FriendlyDragon · Author · Oct 2, 2021

Forgot my story has to get approved first...Might show up in an hour or so.

Animaxer · Oct 2, 2021

Hope you will get something out soon but don't rush

FriendlyDragon · Author · Oct 2, 2021


FriendlyDragon · Author · Sep 30, 2021

Time to post. Whatever. I dunno when I'm going to get time to write consistently, but I'll publish when I can. I have about 7-9 chapters worths in words so we'll go from there.

FriendlyDragon · Author · Sep 30, 2021

I'll do it Friday probably.

Aaqil · Sep 30, 2021


Daisuki-chan · Oct 1, 2021


melbisbelbis · Oct 1, 2021


FriendlyDragon · Author · Jul 20, 2021

Motivation is so low... clear.png Writing so slow... 

melbisbelbis · Jul 20, 2021

Being motivated is very important! It can help to take a little time off in order to get back into the mood.

Aaqil · Jul 20, 2021


Awoodevil · Jul 20, 2021

Cookies!!clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png All for you. :3

Daisuki-chan · Sep 5, 2021


FriendlyDragon · Author · Jun 21, 2021

Status Update: Working on it. clear.png 

Aaqil · Jun 21, 2021

hmm, interestingclear.png, have some popcornclear.png

Zukigi · Jun 22, 2021


FriendlyDragon · Author · Jun 7, 2021

Been thinking about writing two stories simultaneously to get out some of the things I wanna do and be able to focus better. Probably a dumb thing to do though. clear.png 

melbisbelbis · Jun 7, 2021

It might be bad, but if it helps it helps. It could help if you ever get writing block.

shillbear · Jun 3, 2021

how is the progress for the new story going?

FriendlyDragon · Author · Jun 6, 2021

Pain, but I'm getting there. It takes some time before things begin to ramp up, so the writing is hard to get through personally. clear.png

shillbear · Jun 6, 2021

starting a new project can be very hard so take your time i was merely curios clear.png

FriendlyDragon · Author · May 8, 2021

So little preview for you guys. This is the cover of the new story~ Not my art or commissioned, but you can see the artist in the corner. Title is still iffy, but I'll probably be going with this until I come up with something better. (And side note, the girl you see here is pretty close in description to one of the main characters though the hair in the image is longer than the mc.) >~> BepBrk3.jpg

ProjectHorton · May 8, 2021


melbisbelbis · May 8, 2021

@GDLiZy no horny in our amazing story and artwork. only fun. hornie make story bad.

Irlina · Jun 7, 2021

Where did you the the picture from? Would be interested in seeing the original. 

FriendlyDragon · Author · Jun 7, 2021 Here. It's credited on the story page when I publish as well.

ProjectHorton · May 6, 2021

If you are able to, could you release it on the 10 of May?

It’s my birthday. ? 

FriendlyDragon · Author · May 6, 2021

clear.pngI'll see what I can do. I do have the prologue ready~

FriendlyDragon · Author · May 6, 2021

I'll make an effort to communicate more.clear.png Prologue is finished and 1st chapter is not long behind. I'm not sure what the chapter goal is yet, but I'm thinking around 4 to 5. 

melbisbelbis · May 6, 2021

Oooo! Now I’m getting a little excited...

melbisbelbis · Apr 23, 2021

*intense waiting noises*

FriendlyDragon · Author · May 2, 2021

Sorry, lol. It's hard to get things going, but I've been getting there. First chapters should be ready soon.

melbisbelbis · May 2, 2021

Yay! I’m excited!

FriendlyDragon · Author · Mar 9, 2021

This might take longer than expected lol. I'm reworking the beginning because I didn't like the pacing. Will tell you all when the story can start to be published.

melbisbelbis · Mar 9, 2021

Don’t worry dude, we can wait until the heat death of the universe just to get your great writing

FriendlyDragon · Author · Feb 12, 2021

Small Update on the next story. I'm in the process of outlining and finishing up the world building. The first chapters should be good to go by the time March rolls up.

melbisbelbis · Feb 12, 2021

After A Hidden World I just don’t know what to expect

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    Just your friendly neighborhood dragon. c:

    Releases pending. Soon™. Delays will be announced here.
    Please enjoy your stay~

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