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Feb 15, 2019

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Famous Author
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Just your friendly neighborhood dragon. c:

Releases every other day. Delays will be announced here.
Please enjoy your stay~

FriendlyDragon · Author · Mar 9, 2021

This might take longer than expected lol. I'm reworking the beginning because I didn't like the pacing. Will tell you all when the story can start to be published.

melbisbelbis · Mar 9, 2021

Don’t worry dude, we can wait until the heat death of the universe just to get your great writing

FriendlyDragon · Author · Feb 12, 2021

Small Update on the next story. I'm in the process of outlining and finishing up the world building. The first chapters should be good to go by the time March rolls up.

melbisbelbis · Feb 12, 2021

After A Hidden World I just don’t know what to expect

FriendlyDragon · Author · Dec 30, 2020

Alrighty. Next two chapters will be probably spaced apart three days apart (includes today's). The story is winding to an end. I'll write an update when that happens to explain some things. 

FriendlyDragon · Author · Dec 27, 2020

Moar battle scenes. More pain. More delays. Yippee. 

blackrockshooter · Dec 27, 2020

Why pain?

melbisbelbis · Dec 24, 2020

tfw delay

FriendlyDragon · Author · Dec 24, 2020

Weee. Delays because writing battle scenes are hard. 

FriendlyDragon · Author · Dec 19, 2020

Oof. More delays because of my procrastinating ass. Weeeee

FriendlyDragon · Author · Dec 16, 2020

Delay due to school work. Fun fun. Also, doing some planning.

FriendlyDragon · Author · Dec 11, 2020

Ugh. Probably delaying the chapter. I got distracted by stuff. Damn you attention span.

FriendlyDragon · Author · Dec 8, 2020

Delaying the chapter. Got caught up in work.

FriendlyDragon · Author · Nov 30, 2020

I'm going to have to delay the chapter. I spent all of yesterday writing college stuff.

FriendlyDragon · Author · Nov 24, 2020

Probably a delay. But hey, at least I managed to get out three in a row this time. 

FriendlyDragon · Author · Nov 17, 2020

Delay because I had an interview. Weeee~

Violet_Vivid · Nov 17, 2020

Fingers, toes, legs, eyes & streams crossed that it went well



FriendlyDragon · Author · Nov 12, 2020

I don't really feel good today, so the chapter will be tomorrow. 

Alaster · Nov 12, 2020

Hope you feel better soon after a good rest, you deserve to take a break sometimes ^_^

FriendlyDragon · Author · Nov 6, 2020

Probably too busy to finish a chapter, so it'll be delayed. Watching way too much news.

Alaster · Nov 6, 2020

Please don't say americian Election.....

melbisbelbis · Nov 7, 2020

Oh ho ho, do I smell some American Election?

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    Just your friendly neighborhood dragon. c:

    Releases every other day. Delays will be announced here.
    Please enjoy your stay~

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