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Feb 15, 2019

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Just your friendly neighborhood dragon. c:

Releases every other day. Delays will be announced here.
Please enjoy your stay~

Alverost · Jun 18, 2020

I'm your 200th rater. clear.png

FriendlyDragon · Author · Jun 18, 2020


FriendlyDragon · Author · May 3, 2020

So I'll be taking that break I spoke about now. It'll be about two weeks long. In other news, I finally made a patreon. So if you want to support me, then feel free to become a patron and drop a few dollars. I'm trying to scrap together what I can for new equipment. Every dollar would be appreciated. (=⌒▽⌒=)

ohko · May 3, 2020

Good luck!

FriendlyDragon · Author · May 3, 2020


FriendlyDragon · Author · Apr 20, 2020

Chapter is delayed. Sorry ; - ;

FriendlyDragon · Author · Mar 20, 2020

Chapter will be delayed a day. I'm being slammed with work right now. I thought everything was supposed to be shut down? clear.png

FriendlyDragon · Author · Mar 4, 2020

Delayed chapter. Will probably be out in an hour or so. 

FriendlyDragon · Author · Feb 6, 2020

Chapter will be delayed. This chapter is proving to require quite a bit of time to create. clear.png

FriendlyDragon · Author · Jan 18, 2020

The chapter might be delayed a day. So if there isn't one. Welp. 

FriendlyDragon · Author · Jan 11, 2020

Some things came up so my schedule had been messed up for the day. Chappy will be published tomorrow.

FriendlyDragon · Author · Dec 23, 2019

Next chapter delayed. I promise they won't be delayed after that for a week or two. clear.png

FriendlyDragon · Author · Dec 18, 2019

No chapter today. I had important things to do. Things I didn't want to do. clear.png

Arexio · Dec 19, 2019


FriendlyDragon · Author · Dec 7, 2019

No chapter tomorrow. I have some things I need to do. 

hibikirei · Nov 30, 2019

i'm on chpter 111 and there hasn't been anything that would be considered as gender bender just some cross dressing.  is Yuki gonna be a female or is he gonna stay the same? 

FriendlyDragon · Author · Nov 30, 2019

The reason there's a genderbend tag is because it'll happen. I did it as a precaution so as to not turn people off when it happens. So it will happen, just not yet. 

FriendlyDragon · Author · Oct 5, 2019

Next chapter might be delayed. So if there's no chapter published today, then, well, you already know.

FriendlyDragon · Author · Sep 22, 2019

Okay. There really is not chapter tomorrow. A chapter I'm writing is proving to be difficult to make it flow well. It'll be delayed a day. sry~

crazedreader · Sep 22, 2019


Ruiso · Sep 22, 2019

Top 10 anime betrayals!

FriendlyDragon · Author · Sep 14, 2019

Next chapter will be delayed. I need to do somethings tomorrow and I'm still in the process of writing another chapter.

Arexio · Sep 14, 2019


FriendlyDragon · Author · Sep 14, 2019

I've changed my mind ww. I finished earlier than expected.

Arexio · Sep 14, 2019


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    Just your friendly neighborhood dragon. c:

    Releases every other day. Delays will be announced here.
    Please enjoy your stay~

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