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Feb 4, 2021

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Joined: Feb 4, 2021
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holytoast · Dec 26, 2023

can you post the google doc that have the types of maidens. I cant find the chap its at and I want to know what some of the characters look like.

ravnicrasol · Author · Dec 26, 2023 is the drive with the short-form entries that are completed.

Do note that not every mentioned breed within the story is one that's been fully fleshed out as an entry.

Lain · Dec 28, 2022

I'm glad you wrote again, I'm liking your series at the moment but you've skipped from episode 18 to 21clear.png

ravnicrasol · Author · Dec 28, 2022

Which one? I see them all having 18-19-20-21 ?

MadAdam73 · Aug 29, 2022

I’ve been really happy to read your work again! Thanks for all the effort.

Dewonos · Sep 12, 2021

But does the story eventually continue from where OMaM left it? Because honestly I only care for Rick's pov (and his harem). 

ravnicrasol · Author · Sep 12, 2021

Yes, the plan is to get to where it was before with whatever changes might have been made along the way and go from there.

Bilagaana · Sep 4, 2021

Are you going to continue posting 'Of Monstergirls and Men' now that 'Monsters and Maidens' is being posted?

ravnicrasol · Author · Sep 4, 2021

I've got one more chapter left from the backlog and that will be it.

"Of Monstergirls and Men" is basically the rough-draft to "Monsters and Maidens", so there's little sense in continuing both at the same time. Especially since I can't keep the pace of 15K+ words a week, sustaining the 10K for "Monsters and Maidens" is stretching things a tad already.

Bilagaana · Sep 4, 2021

Thanks for the update.
Was wondering since you have been still updating Of Monstergirls and Men.

ColtWing · Jun 13, 2021

Hey saw your health is troubling you again, just wanted to wish you well & let you know your doing an awesome job especially seeing that your health forces you to struggle for each step of progress your amazing.

SuperBort · Apr 15, 2021

The new cover is a step down in quality. It feels too generic. There are tons of covers with a normal succubus on them.

The previous cover was one of the things that drew me in. I was intrigued by the fact it appeared to be a pokemon inspired story, instead of just generic monster girls.

Also I had a good laugh at the idea of a succubus dressed up as a pikachu.

ravnicrasol · Author · Apr 15, 2021

I'm kinda torn about it. NGL, I want a cover that feels a bit more cover-ish and the previous one didn't quite scratch the itch as well as this one does. Maybe I'll end up aiming for some hybrid (such as adding the "Obvious Pikachu cosplay" to the current one).

It'll stay for now until I get the time to work on it and see if I can't manage something better.

Thanks for the feedback!

ravnicrasol · Author · May 1, 2021

After a LOT of testing around and finding out my arts skills are way under what they ought to be, I'm trying to find a possible commission piece to put up instead. I'm trying to crunch through several options but none feel right.

I know the original "Succubus with fake pikachu ears" was interesting, but it didn't quite catch the idea of THIS story in particular (of Rick&co) rather than that of the setting in general. Would you happen to have any thoughts on the matter?

ravnicrasol · Author · Mar 2, 2021

Currently back at the hospital, will try to get back to schedule once everything's handled.

ColtWing · Mar 2, 2021

Get well soon

ravnicrasol · Author · Mar 5, 2021

Update: Got discharged but it's going to be a couple of days before I can get back to writing properly.

ravnicrasol · Author · Feb 25, 2021

Small Update: Had a medical emergency today, by the time I was left feeling better the day was kinda gone. Today's update will be posted tomorrow (Saturday's update remains on schedule).

ColtWing · Feb 25, 2021

Take care of yourself, get well soon

ColtWing · Feb 24, 2021

So I have an idea I've been brainstorming, idk if you'd want it as a mini series or mini chapters with your existing story but what I was thinking is having Dex entries of all the girls either encountered or tamed. Call it the Harem/Waifu Dex entries or something, with what your doing on the discord I figure this was a good idea to spitball your work & get some feedback from the fan base, idk about others but personally I get a headache even looking at discord

ColtWing · Feb 24, 2021

Either way, I really like your work so keep it up clear.png

ravnicrasol · Author · Feb 24, 2021

I had been considering putting down Dex entries for the characters as we progress, but I've found myself sort of swamped. I'll try and see if I can manage to make some SUPER reduced entries of the monster I'd been using back in the day for you guys :P

Thanks for the support!

DragonkingKyo · Feb 16, 2021

why does your story said Multiple Protagonists?

ravnicrasol · Author · Feb 16, 2021

Because there are secondary protagonists we'll get to.

Mainly, some people who split off from the main group.

ColtWing · Feb 10, 2021

^_^ join your P. I went gold but if you keep going strong like this I won't mind going Platinum later.

ravnicrasol · Author · Feb 11, 2021


ColtWing · Feb 6, 2021

>.> so are you a Dimir agent... or just big Ravinia fan.

ravnicrasol · Author · Feb 6, 2021

I am not at liberty to discuss such things.


ColtWing · Feb 6, 2021

? fear not Orzhov priest know to keep our mouths sealed.

ravnicrasol · Author · Feb 4, 2021

Starting up over here at Scribblehub, trying to make a living out of this whole writing business. 

Started up a patreon

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