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Well-Known Author
Feb 25, 2021

Well-Known Author
Joined: Feb 25, 2021
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Nice to meet you~
I would be happy if you can be my friend~

Madeus · Author · Sep 10, 2021

Apparently, my fever has returned since yesterday night. I'm sorry that I don't think I can post any chapter today. 

I hope that I will become well by tomorrow so I can finish the rest of chapter and post it tmr clear.png

The second vaccinate really got me unlike the first one.

I'm really sorry guys clear.png

Reiga · Sep 10, 2021

I hope you recover soon 

Madeus · Author · Sep 11, 2021

Ehe, thanks a lot. I have become much better now.

DominitaHollow · Sep 15, 2021


DominitaHollow · Sep 1, 2021

Congrats for reaching 200k views ~ clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Madeus · Author · Sep 1, 2021

Thanks a lot clear.png

SerikoLee · Aug 11, 2021

clear.png i see you

Madeus · Author · Aug 11, 2021

clear.png Eh, what do you mean by that?

SerikoLee · Aug 11, 2021

Am always watching

Madeus · Author · Aug 11, 2021

Ehhh clear.png

FBI · Jul 17, 2021


Madeus · Author · Jul 17, 2021

Thanks a lot for reading my work, I really appreciate it  clear.png 

Eh, but what kind of game is it? clear.png

FBI · Jul 17, 2021

It is like an advertisement for my book, I have added all the authors I like into my following list, and, well, check out my main page?

FBI · Jul 17, 2021

Have fun with your cakes and maids

Madeus · Author · Jul 17, 2021

Oh, well let me see clear.png

Yairy · Jun 11, 2021

congratulations on trending #1!

Madeus · Author · Jun 11, 2021

Thanks a lot clear.png

Wkppp · Jun 9, 2021

Congrats! Faraway Survivor is at daily trending top 3

Madeus · Author · Jun 9, 2021

clear.png Thanks a lot.

The fluff will rule again clear.png

Wkppp · Jun 9, 2021

Gotta rule them allclear.png

Madeus · Author · Jun 9, 2021

Yup clear.png

Madeus · Author · Jun 4, 2021

I’m really sick today. There is high chance that I will go to hopspital t9. I’m sorry that I can’t relase any chapter today and I promise that will be bonus chapter once I get well

Wkppp · Jun 5, 2021

Yey! More chap! But remember to sleep first before writing...clear.png

Madeus · Author · Jun 5, 2021

Ya, I will, don't worry clear.png

Indream · Jun 5, 2021

Yep, take care of yourself.

Madeus · Author · Jun 6, 2021

Thanks a lot. clear.png I become much better now, So there will be new chappy today

Yairy · May 31, 2021

I shall follow you back!

Madeus · Author · May 31, 2021

Thanks a lot clear.png

Agentt · May 26, 2021


Agentt · May 26, 2021


Madeus · Author · May 26, 2021

Thanks a lot! All Hail Cuteness! clear.png

Madeus · Author · May 17, 2021

Nothing important, But Eula new trailer is really cute! Kyaaa~clear.png

Queen · May 17, 2021

I agree with you, I love that game so much and I hope I unlock her soonclear.pngclear.png.

PS: what to tangoclear.png

Madeus · Author · May 17, 2021

It’s really fun. I’m saving my 100% pity just for her.

What sever do you play, Queen? 

If you played in Asia, I can add you as ig friend clear.png

Queen · May 15, 2021

Thank you for your supportive comment by the way, the day I found out I had covid I was really in my own little hell, but the next day I saw a comment which you had posted telling me to hang on! I really appreciate it so much,clear.pngclear.png. I'm doing a little better now than before and the doctor said that if I countinue like this I would be discharged in another 1 or 2 weeksclear.png. And thank you for wanting of "Caring mother"

clear.pngclear.pngHere, have a bunch of cookies ??? and don't be shy they are all on me!!

Madeus · Author · May 15, 2021

No worry, It's very glad that you have become much better. Don't push yourself too much, keep fighting against the Covid is much important.

My country is being wrecked by Covid too so I know how scary is it.

Ya, I really want to wait for the new chappy of "Caring Mother" please keep up the good work while taking care of your health.

Your cookies are delicious. Nom! Nom!clear.png

Wkppp · May 10, 2021

Congratulations! Faraway survivor is at top2 daily trending! 

Madeus · Author · May 10, 2021

Really thanks ya clear.png

It's all thanks to you guys reader always encourage me clear.png

Wkppp · May 10, 2021


Madeus · Author · May 10, 2021


Queen · Apr 24, 2021

Congratulations on being promoted to "Rising Author". I knew it would happenclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Madeus · Author · Apr 24, 2021

clear.pngclear.png I only notice this just now. Thanks a lot

Queen · Apr 23, 2021

I love your new cover photo, the girl looks so beautifulclear.pngclear.png

Madeus · Author · Apr 24, 2021

clear.pngclear.png Thanks a lot

Queen · Apr 16, 2021

Hey I just noticed your novel is on number 2 trending, congratulations clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Madeus · Author · Apr 17, 2021

Thanks, ya but in activity only. It does not show in normal trending clear.pngclear.png

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    Nice to meet you~
    I would be happy if you can be my friend~

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