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Rising Author
Feb 25, 2021

Rising Author
Joined: Feb 25, 2021
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A transgirl waiting for the magical gender swap or reincarnation.Succubi are cute. I want to be one

The_Autistic_Gamer · Dec 26, 2022

You said a month ago that you would post the next chapter, what ever happened to it?

Winslow · Author · Nov 28, 2022

Holy fuck ADHD sucks, so I finished the next chapter of 10,000 reincarnated but can't post it yet. I'm sorry with how long this took to come out. Getting distracted is easyclear.png. When I get home I'll post it. I'm not sure how much I'm back though as school is important as well, but if I have the time and the drive I'll start writing again. Maybe post a couple more of both novels. Until next time-Winslow

Winslow · Author · Nov 28, 2022

If you want to guess what I've been doing here's some hints. Range blaster main, I am thou, and top lane.

The_Autistic_Gamer · Oct 11, 2022

You said a month ago that you were back to writing 10,000 reincarnated, are you still writing it and how close are you to the next one?

The_Autistic_Gamer · Sep 2, 2022

Are you still writing 10,000 reincarnated?

Winslow · Author · Sep 5, 2022

Yes I am, stuff happened so I had to go on a bit of a hiatus(sorry for not announcing) but I'm back to writing it!

Winslow · Author · Jun 25, 2022

Yo! Sooo my charger broke and I need a new one. Shouldn't take too long as well as I can use my pc to write, but games are fun. I will still try to finish the PS chapter and maybe a 10,000 reincarnated chapter soon though.clear.png Sorry!

Luixs · Jun 18, 2022

Acabo de encontrar tus historias, y tengo que decir que me encantan, voy a esperar nuevos capítulos.

Muchas gracias por escribir. 

Winslow · Author · Jun 22, 2022

no hay problema gracias por leer!

Winslow · Author · May 12, 2022

10,000 reincarnated chapter is coming along nicely. Yet again should be done in a couple weeks, clear.png I hope you can wait until then(about 500 words left until I meet my personal quota of 2k)

Winslow · Author · Apr 24, 2022

Hey again. I'm going to try and push out a chapter for both novels this/next week... its just that I may or may not have forgotten quite a bit so i will probably have to reread/skim the texts. I will start today after I finish procras- I mean game event. Hope you'll stick around for me!

Winslow · Author · Feb 7, 2022

Finally finished another chapter, adhd's a bitch. I will release it when I have an internet connection. 

Winslow · Author · Nov 20, 2021

Sorry about the lack of posts lately. I am having some trouble focusing and can't right as much as I want to. I will try to get at least 5 chapters don't over thanksgiving to make up for it.

Pitty · Nov 7, 2021

Dont think too much if their are people who read your novel or stop updating because you dont have too much readers

If you really like on writting the do it dont stop 

Winslow · Author · Nov 7, 2021

I do stuff because I find it fun. So what if that gives me some "tendencies". I'm writing because I'm finding it fun. So I won't stop for a whileclear.png!!

And thanks for the follow!!clear.png

Pitty · Nov 7, 2021

I really love this story

Looking forward to more chap🤤

Winslow · Author · Nov 7, 2021

Thanks! I'll do my best

Winslow · Author · Oct 20, 2021

Sorry but there won't be any chapters this week. I have a lot of work and I need to get ahead in chapters a bit. Should have some next week thoughclear.png

Winslow · Author · Oct 11, 2021

So I changed my mind about posting a chapter today. I am really sick right now(not covid thankfullyclear.png) So I cant make a new chapter. Tomorrow will have a chapter no matter what though, as this is why a started stockpiling. See ya tomorrow.

Winslow · Author · Oct 7, 2021

Chapter coming out whenever I have the ability to post it today. If my hotspot works, soon. If not, expect around 4-5.

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    A transgirl waiting for the magical gender swap or reincarnation.Succubi are cute. I want to be one

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