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Well-Known Author
Feb 26, 2021

Well-Known Author
Joined: Feb 26, 2021
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I read some pretty fun works here and lurked without an account for a while, so I guess here I am.
Novice, Hobbyist writer, but enthusiastic all the same. I enjoy reading even more.

Also, I finish what I started. So if any of my works cease updating without prior notice, something definitely happened to me.

Shirokuma · Jan 5, 2024

Happy new year (I am super late)

Nyxia_ · Dec 14, 2023

will CF ever be updated?

ALowMar · Author · Dec 15, 2023

Yes, just changing jobs required adjusting all of my schedule around. I've been building up snippets and drafts whenever possible, just haven't refined them into chapters until I get a feel for how the muse wants to work it all together. That means changing a bit *How* I'm writing the POVs

Nyxia_ · Dec 15, 2023

Far enough, I know the pain of moving around, hell my house still is putting stuff in place since I moved about a year ago.

dbray98 · Sep 28, 2023

loving your fic, hope the next chapter comes soon, i really want to see the discussion and reactions of mito and Tsunade

ALowMar · Author · Sep 1, 2023

|- Chimæra Fabricatus: Ch. 85 (Extended Edition™) released -|

Spageto · Sep 1, 2023

|- Chimæra Fabricatus: Ch. 86 (DLC) released -|

ALowMar · Author · Aug 31, 2023

|- Chimæra Fabricatus: Ch. 84 released -|

Ch. 85 scheduled to release the same day, pending some final checks.

The double-release would have been a triple-release, but I've ended up combining the drafts from Ch 85 and 86 into one, hopefully to better effect and pacing. These Ch's fought me every step of the way.

ALowMar · Author · Aug 31, 2023

The new Ch. 86 should hopefully satisfy the buildup of... (oh gods) the last dozen-odd chapters. clear.png I could talk a lot more about that... but it's generally that these last few months of redrafting were all in service of adjusting to the feedback received and to better tell the story how I envision it.

yeheje · Aug 28, 2023

Hope all is good 🙂

ALowMar · Author · Aug 28, 2023

More or less, still writing, still revising... Soft goal is that whatever I have written gets published on the last day of August at the latest.

Bald-san · Aug 3, 2023

Waiting for more updates, hope your workload lessens soon

Redwolf16 · Jul 10, 2023

Hey is your work getting less difficult on you these last days ? Just asking to cut the author hiatus a little 

ALowMar · Author · Jul 12, 2023

No, not less difficult or even less time demanding. BUT, I did scrounge more time to write...

*insert  {{"I-can't-fit-more-[Writing]-into-my-schedule" *looks at [Sleep] category menacingly* "OR-CAN-I?"}} Meme*

Ch. 84 has its final version (28 iterations totally re-written btw) reviewed and beta-read, now I just need to crank out edited 85 and 86 before I release them together.

Drust · Jun 11, 2023

Oof, I know all about grueling work days. That’s rough. 

Drust · Jun 7, 2023

Are you still alive? Lol

ALowMar · Author · Jun 7, 2023

I am clear.png

These days it feels less like it though. Huge load of work came in and I practically just collapse into bed when I get home.

I have 3 chapters worth of written draft, but didn't release them in May because I want to shuffle the scenes and content around. Doesn't help that all my mental and creative energy is drained by the workday.

It's a frustrating cycle, but I'll get those difficult chapters out ONE WAY OR ANOTHER clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Spageto · Jul 6, 2023

Take your time! We'll wait for those juicy chapters.clear.png

ALowMar · Author · Mar 26, 2023

|- Chimæra Fabricatus: Ch. 83 released -|

I know it's been a while, so you might want to re-read the last three or so chapters to refresh your memory for this one.

Work schedule is still slaughtering me, but I think (pray) that it will NOT be this long between chapters ever again.

Basically_God · Mar 26, 2023

While I have heard your advice, accept your advice, I will also ignore it on account of being too excited to read more about our little strawberry princess!

ALowMar · Author · Mar 21, 2023

Heads up:
Expect at least one of those longer chapters this week. I've fiddled with and redrafted Chapter 83 for too long already, even as work devours my  (*internal screaming*) already minuscule spare time.clear.png

Basically_God · Mar 21, 2023


yeheje · Mar 18, 2023

Just wanted to check in to see if the story was still being worked on. I don’t want to rush you, just wanted to check in, with it being almost two months since the last release. Hope everything’s alright. clear.png

ALowMar · Author · Mar 19, 2023

Oh yeah, I'm alive (barely) and writing. A combination of swapping employment and loooong work hours, the latter begetting the former. My free time has been sparse, Still, hope to have 1 or 2 chapters to publish by the end of the month

RatedOverr · Feb 9, 2023

A bit of a dumb question but just checking since I have been tricked by tags so much now I have trust issues - the Girls Love is for the main character right (she being the one to enter romantic relationship with another girl) rather than it referring to a side character?

ALowMar · Author · Feb 9, 2023

Oh yeah, she's Gay™
Her *palpable* Gayness does take time and story to develop though, since she's still young. It's clearer to the reader in the ch. 50-60s where I write in such a way as to confirm in no uncertain terms that She Has The Gay, but it may be less clear to her herself at present.

ALowMar · Author · Feb 1, 2023

|- Chimæra Fabricatus: Ch. 82 released -|

These two were about all I had time to write in January, but I hope you still enjoy!

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    I read some pretty fun works here and lurked without an account for a while, so I guess here I am.
    Novice, Hobbyist writer, but enthusiastic all the same. I enjoy reading even more.

    Also, I finish what I started. So if any of my works cease updating without prior notice, something definitely happened to me.

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