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Mar 8, 2021

Famous Author
Joined: Mar 8, 2021
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Very much an amateur writer. I welcome crit openly.
If you find yourself caught in my material, thank you for your time.

Amberhorn · Author · Nov 30, 2023

For any interested in a fresh take on on the story. The C2 rewrite is up and live, ready to peruse!

Novellover · Nov 30, 2023

Woah, nice

Amberhorn · Author · Oct 25, 2023

Anyone not already there, feel free to join my discord for constant up dates and access to story art!

Amberhorn · Author · Jul 15, 2023

Hey all, sorry for the inactivity. Will be resuming work on the story in the following weeks. Just moved across the country a second time, so I've been pretty swamped.

markos · Jul 15, 2023

IRL stuff first.

DaeReaper · Jul 16, 2023

Chill, we all can wait, solve your IRL stuff first like what the comment before me said

Ravena_Lochlin · Jul 16, 2023


Esgown · Jul 16, 2023

Few, glad to see your still alive clear.png Np your personal life comes first before anything else. We're all patient, you've proven to us that your series is worth waiting for!clear.pngclear.png So gl settling in & with  life in general clear.png

Also, to everyone reading this, here have a cooky, you (probs) deserve it! clear.png

Amberhorn · Author · May 10, 2023

Chapter 1 rewrite is up and live! Around 2k words 

Amberhorn · Author · May 6, 2023

Prologue rewrite is up and live! We're working with a good 2.2k compared to the previous versions 800! Hope yall enjoy!

Ravena_Lochlin · May 7, 2023


Amberhorn · Author · Apr 29, 2023

That is the established plan for the time being, thank you all for your patience and for reading my story!

Ravena_Lochlin · Apr 29, 2023


goldkey · Apr 29, 2023

Lovin' the story, you've got a great plan clear.png

Amberhorn · Author · Apr 29, 2023
Secondly, I will be rewriting the first 20 or so chapters. I can't in my right mind leave them be. They need a severe rewrite, from prologue and up. It won't take forever, but it will bog down my regular posting schedule. I will place an alert in story updates each time with a link back to the chapter as it occurs for those that would like to reread the refurbished beginning of the story.
Amberhorn · Author · Apr 29, 2023

On that note, as some may be disappointed by. In order to establish the events and key characters places within Kiyomi's or Aidan's life, these side branching portions will now be chapters in and of themselves! It will be difficult to explain the emotions or motivations of the characters for me otherwise. Unless of course, I made them rather shallow. For an idea of what I mean, look no further than Aidan's voyage through Kiyomi's own memories leading up to his arrival. 

Amberhorn · Author · Apr 29, 2023

First, I need to properly write up my rough draft of how I want things to line up for the next couple of arcs. The story is established, you are all familiar with over half the characters I intend to introduce to you all so things will start moving FAST. The pace will be picking up compared to before once I've established the plot proper.

Amberhorn · Author · Apr 29, 2023

Howdy everyone, been a while since I've given a nice little update on plans so I'll do my best to keep this simple.

The plan is as follows for the next few months.
Amberhorn · Author · Oct 6, 2022

Apologies on the hiatus, posting will resume friday. Got my mourning out of my system, so I had some clarity of purpose. 2 arcs lined up and ready for the chamber.

goldkey · Oct 24, 2022

The story is coming along great, I'm itching for more clear.png

Amberhorn · Author · Aug 11, 2022

Next chapter is on the way. 2.2k words atm. This one will be leading directly into the next arc so we'll be having a one chapter break as I catch up background events and line up the outline for next arc.

SerikoLee · Aug 11, 2022


Shadowphantom3 · Aug 12, 2022


PanzerKampfWagen · Aug 24, 2022

hey! What if the MC was not the guy who was retiring from the military BUT!!! IT WAS LIBERTY PRIME... from fallout... in this very situation... what do you think of my strange alternate history of your amazing series? 👣🥔

Amberhorn · Author · Jul 24, 2022

Just posting a reminder, if you aren't already. If you're interested, I post active updates on chapter progress as well as art, discussions and other things related to the story in my discord server. Simply ask for a link and you'll receive. 

VireVeonix · Mar 27, 2023

Can I have the link?

Edit: nvm found one further down

Amberhorn · Author · Jul 20, 2022

Next chapter is up! We managed to get back on schedule!clear.png

SerikoLee · Jul 20, 2022


Amberhorn · Author · Nov 5, 2021

An update for all readers following me, the story is not dropped! 

As of late, life has been hitting me like a truck, truck-kun jokes aside. I’m having to move 1800 miles with little warning and uprooting myself and my wife once again within a 3 month span. I thank you all for your patience... stuffs just been really rough lately.

The next chapter is being written and is almost done. Hopefully I can gift you all with an overdue chapter tonight.

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    Very much an amateur writer. I welcome crit openly.
    If you find yourself caught in my material, thank you for your time.

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