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Mar 16, 2021

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Mar 16, 2021
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PLsGivMemoney · Nov 5, 2021

I love the novels u makeclear.png I love how you put the plot piece by piece like the one you did in villainess and grimoire. plz make more (don't overwork yourself tho.) I wish to pay you money but got nothing in my pocket. I srsly love your series just wanted to say that bye!!clear.pngclear.png

whitesculptor · Author · Nov 5, 2021

@Aaqil haha why is that?

Aaqil · Nov 6, 2021

So you stop overworking,clear.pngclear.png

whitesculptor · Author · Nov 6, 2021

Aww cute! clear.png 

Aaqil · Nov 6, 2021


SakeVision · Nov 5, 2021

Just started reading one of your books because you have bernkastel pfp, so far pretty good though

whitesculptor · Author · Nov 5, 2021

Giggles, thank you, friend. May I ask which one did you take a liking to? clear.png

SakeVision · Nov 5, 2021

villainess, but apparently it's set in the same universe as the  overseer so ill probably just put it on hold and read that one first


whitesculptor · Author · Nov 5, 2021

You can start in any of them, there's no real order and villainess contains more chapters, so you'll be better served overall! clear.png

whitesculptor · Author · Oct 19, 2021

Oh shit! I've been accepted! Yes! clear.png

Badonkamonk · Oct 19, 2021

clear.png Congratulations! ^^clear.png

whitesculptor · Author · Oct 19, 2021

clear.png Yay! Let's hope they treat Iris well over there! Thank you very much!clear.png

Amias_1990 · Oct 5, 2021

I'm really enjoying the conversation we are having in the comment section of the most recent chapter of Villainess and Grimoire.  I also like that you are open to communicating with your readers so much.  have a follow.  

If i had the money right now i probably would have tipped you as well, but i'm tight on money at the moment thanks to irl emergencies this year.

whitesculptor · Author · Oct 5, 2021

Oh my, thank you very much! clear.png Just the thought is plenty! Take care of yourself, otherwise, you won't get to see the end of my story and many others, that would be rather tragic. clear.png

I mainly write for myself. To get all these ideas, dreams, and imagination out of my mind. I daydream a lot too.

I enjoy talking with other people and it helps me understand if the idea I want to pass to other people is rightful or not, and above all it's pretty fun, not gonna lie. 

Have a cookie ->clear.png

Inflamebawdy · Oct 4, 2021

Oh I like how mark some chapters as an arc so people will know what to expect from those chapters wish shows were more like that though, I never know which arc I'm in when watching them till I check the fandom

I'll be taking this idea,clear.pngclear.png

whitesculptor · Author · Oct 4, 2021

Giggles, feel free too! clear.png

Inflamebawdy · Oct 4, 2021

Hey author could you explain how Villainess and Grimoire it feels sorta weird to put as your sequel either that or I'm just an idiot any thanks

whitesculptor · Author · Oct 4, 2021

It's not a direct sequel like you see in lord of the ring movies, but basically the ending of "overseer and board," will have a direct appearance in the grimoire novel. Can't say more otherwise spoils. Can even think of it as a shared universe.

Inflamebawdy · Oct 4, 2021

Thanks, I was confused cause the sequel started before the prequel. I thought I was looking at a star wars type deal at first, but I guess that's not even thoughclear.pngclear.png

whitesculptor · Author · Oct 4, 2021

Giggles, yeah, at some point, I'm honestly thinking of placing Villainess as the first Novel, and then the following ones that will explain certain things of the story for later, since I did start with grimoire one. It is still something to ponder, but nonetheless, they can all be read individually, so don't worry too much. clear.png

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