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Mar 16, 2021

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Famous Author
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I'm like water. A reflection to some, transparent to others and what's inside of me is a mystery to all.

whitesculptor · · Author · Aug 30, 2022
A game company hired me for a side job for some months, to write them a story, so they can build a game around it. It’ll be a rpg/jrpg from the feedback I’ve received.
I'll be releasing the overseer novel with 3 chapters per week.

Regarding the rest of the novels, I’ll stock chapters whenever I can, and resume the release, possibly next April. Still have my normal job and that alone is 40 hours per week. Thus not much time for my own writing.

★ My best regard to you all ★
thrx01a · Aug 31, 2022

Awesome let me be a beta tester of the game.

dragondeathlord · Aug 31, 2022


dragondeathlord · Aug 31, 2022

Hey what the Game called?

whitesculptor · Author · Aug 31, 2022

Thank you guys! @dragondeathlord for the time being *project J* The name might be the last thing they decide upon! clear.png

Domon · Aug 25, 2022

Author-san is villainess n grimoire discontinued for good??

Domon · Aug 25, 2022

I mean i know the status is Completed but the ending is during a training arc? that is weird

whitesculptor · Author · Aug 25, 2022

I'm rewriting it from scratch, that was a draft to have a guideline for a professional edition. I'll put the first volume in Amazon once I finish. Will take a while since a lot of editing is necessary. I also write other novels and well, also have life to attend to clear.png

thrx01a · Aug 8, 2022


thrx01a · Jul 14, 2022

WE want mooresssdsdsds

whitesculptor · Author · Jul 14, 2022


Ganni92 · Jul 11, 2022

Fox cake = Best cakeclear.png

Thanks for the treatclear.png

whitesculptor · Author · Jul 11, 2022

You're very welcome! clear.png

solalle · Jul 7, 2022

clear.png Yay

thrx01a · Jul 2, 2022

The Fox Girl From The White Plains  - more

whitesculptor · Author · Jul 2, 2022

Working on it! Thank you for the interest! clear.png

patbateman123x · Jun 13, 2022

thank u for the constructive review . The first few chapters were very rough  for me but thanks for pointing out the flaws . I'll try to eradicate my obvious mistakes 

whitesculptor · Author · Jun 14, 2022

I hope it all goes well for your novel. Happy writing! clear.png

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    I'm like water. A reflection to some, transparent to others and what's inside of me is a mystery to all.

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