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Mar 21, 2021

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Famous Author
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Joined: Mar 21, 2021
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Snow123 · May 12, 2023

Are you coming back to write soon my friend. Like the soliders at hogwarts. Is it over. Because it left on a cliffhanger 

dJava · Mar 1, 2023

Have you completely stop writing novels?

Nonameavailable · Author · Mar 6, 2023

No, I am writing different kinds of novels.

Nonameavailable · Author · Nov 16, 2022

Hey. I had to remove the know what novels since I felt they were affecting the views of other ones.

But I have posted all of them here.

If you ever wish to read them, then you can read them on my buy me a coffee page for free.

Hazy-mist12 · Jun 28, 2022

no no no, ur mocking ntr so say goodbye to your balls clear.pngclear.png

Hazy-mist12 · Jun 27, 2022

stop laughing, ill punch ur balls if u mock ntr sect yanno clear.pngclear.png

Nonameavailable · Author · Jun 27, 2022

Not mocking.clear.png

Generally neutral on that subject, not even diplomatically neutral. I can't read it, but I can write it. So...the dilemma.

Hazy-mist12 · Jun 26, 2022

NTR Sect will rise!!!! 

Nonameavailable · Author · Jun 26, 2022


Nonameavailable · Author · Jun 26, 2022

Want it or hate it?

Deva343 · Jun 1, 2022

Author can u update dominator in dxd please

Saikiran · May 15, 2022

Author please post dxd and tales of demons and gods new chap been waitin long time both r intrstin

Mezumo · Apr 9, 2022

I was thinking of re-reading the original infinite ladder. 

But when I came back everything's gone. 

Not even a speck of dust remains. 

Nonameavailable · Author · Apr 9, 2022

Haha, sorry.

This one is going to be a whole saga from Amara's Time to Jay's Time, and After.

Domon · Mar 25, 2022

The smut part of your stories were amazing,,,if you have the time n the motivation please consider creating smut with all kind of fetish with girls from various titles, anime or otherwiseclear.png

Nonameavailable · Author · Mar 26, 2022

Ah, I did wanted to do that, but my father is sick, and so I am at that point in my life where I either start earning  or I might have to look for another job. 

Anyway, for next few months I am swamped with the novel I am writing and correcting all the errors in the ones I deleted. 

If I am able to earn enough to make a living, well, I'll do just that. 

So...a lot of ifs. clear.png

Domon · Mar 25, 2022

Where is the irregulars in todg???

Nonameavailable · Author · Mar 25, 2022

Sorry, it has been deleted.

Kaithar · Jul 15, 2022

And now it's back?  But it had spoilers?  So confused.

Nonameavailable · Author · Jul 15, 2022

@kaithar - Yes, it's back. But it doesn't have spoilers. I am just re-writing the whole story. I am almost done with Ai Senju one, and then I'll carry on with SOLIDER's, TDG, and DXD.

Kaithar · Jul 16, 2022

Fair enough clear.png

Sora97 · Mar 24, 2022

What did happened to the other novels.?

Nonameavailable · Author · Mar 25, 2022

Deleted. They had a lot of spoilers for the original novel that I am currently writing. 

Redgamer120 · Feb 3, 2022

Are all the novels related to the ladder books or are some separate? I want to read The Irregulars in Tales and Demons and Gods but I haven't really read the ladder books or tales of demons and gods but I watched the irregulars in a high school.  Should I read your irregular book without completely reading tales of demons and gods? I have been keeping up with the manga though.

Nonameavailable · Author · Feb 4, 2022

Um, yeah. Although the tags on that one are skewed, so be careful with those. Other than that? You can read anyone you want. 

TsuruI_am_a_bot · Dec 12, 2021

Sorry for disturbing but can you please add a [*] and [**] to ecchi/NSFW chapters?

Nonameavailable · Author · Dec 12, 2021

On which novel?

TsuruI_am_a_bot · Dec 13, 2021

Outch. Didn't see you had so many series (and defacto so many chaps).
The Irregulars in Tales of Demons and Gods, plz

Nonameavailable · Author · Dec 13, 2021


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