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Mar 21, 2021

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Mar 21, 2021
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Lunaressence · Sep 19, 2021

Damn you Author, you are writing faster than I'm reading  clear.png

BeltsOG · Aug 10, 2021

Seeing as I guess? All of your stories are connected is there maybe some kind of order to read them Mr Noname?

Nonameavailable · Author · Aug 11, 2021

The only ones that are truly connected are Infinite Ladders and Infinite Ladder - War Of Gods in that order. But you don't need to read IF to understand IF:WoG. All that does is give you more insight into the story. 

WhyDoIEven_ · May 14, 2021

Please tag your stories properly. The protagonist of your stories are male yet why do you not tag it as Male Protagonist?

The tags exist for a reason you know? I'm not excluding Male Protag in my search for nothing you know? 

Nonameavailable · Author · May 14, 2021

Ah, sorry. 

Sabruness · Aug 3, 2021

Author-san is having the same trouble again, tagging a male protag story with the GL genre tag which is usually only used for F!protag GXG stories (and trans GXG stories as well)

Nonameavailable · Author · Aug 3, 2021

@Sabruness - Oh, I was trying to denote that you will find Yuri in it. And then one of the main female characters will be falling in love with another. So, there that? If you still think it's a problem, I'll remove it.

SinfulCyanide · Aug 19, 2021

I would suggest taking off the main girls love tag, but leaving girls love as subplot tag. It'll let others know that there will be lesbian scenes, without the implication that the mc is female.

anotheridiot · Apr 19, 2021

Hey auth in dominator does our mc gets cucked or does he cuck's some one 


Nonameavailable · Author · Apr 19, 2021

He cucks peoples, and no doesn't get cucked.

Lunaressence · May 15, 2021

Wtf is this conversation 

Nonameavailable · Author · Mar 23, 2021


Tori_the_Birb · Mar 23, 2021


Nonameavailable · Author · Mar 23, 2021


Tori_the_Birb · Mar 23, 2021


Novellover · Mar 22, 2021

Welcome To Scribble hub! Beware of Cat As well They’re dangerous and Some Of The People here have An Few screw loose also Ignore the Toxic And Anti’ They’re Idiotic They’re easy To Sort out From People with good intent to help You Though So Don’t worry!clear.png

Nonameavailable · Author · Mar 23, 2021

Thanks for the welcome!

Nonameavailable · Author · Mar 23, 2021

Nothing. That's just me being silly...awkward...and not good with people. 

blackrockshooter · Mar 23, 2021

Why do you think you're not good with people?

Nonameavailable · Author · Mar 23, 2021

Because I never know the right thing to say? It's awkward to start a conversation for me. 

Surfing_Cipher · Mar 24, 2021

Well awkward is my middle name

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