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Apr 5, 2021

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Joined: Apr 5, 2021
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Programming... Anime... Comics... Basketball and everything in between.

The_Young_Flash · Author · Oct 20, 2021

My Works:

Myth of The World's Trees - first person apocalypse genre.

The Crawford's Multiverse of Madness - biggest Multiverse fanfic you're ever gonna read. 

Virtual World Futuristic Guns Online - guns and modern weaponry done right in a fantasy world. 

Lemillion in The MCU - Lemillion thrust into the MCU, what's better than that?

Eyon of The Speed Force - ?????????? - NO SPOILERS ---> check my patreon if you really wanna know. 

The_Young_Flash · Author · Oct 15, 2021

In other news, I just uploaded my Lemillion in The MCU Fanfiction...

Go check it out ---->

More chapters are on the way, but if you're itching for more already...

Support me on patreon ----->

The_Young_Flash · Author · Oct 11, 2021

Working on a new 'The Flash' Fanfiction. Already have about 15 chapters in the making, but still working on it, trying to make it as close to perfect as possible.

My moniker is 'The_Young_Flash' so I kind of have to live up to my own expectations. 

celestialbeing90 · Aug 27, 2021

nice work arthorclear.png

The_Young_Flash · Author · Aug 27, 2021

Thanks XD

Novellover · Apr 5, 2021

Hello from Webnovel!

And Welcome to scribblehub! Where many story come and goes some are in an Coma but so ‘t worry

The_Young_Flash · Author · Apr 5, 2021

Lmao... I can see that... I was reading some good stories here and they end too quickly lml... I am also trying to not post on Webnovel as much and promote some of my other works. 

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    Programming... Anime... Comics... Basketball and everything in between.

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