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Famous Author
Apr 16, 2021

Famous Author
Joined: Apr 16, 2021
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Hey, I am a german author and wanna share my future stories. I love writing, and hopefully, you will like my work too.

LittleVixen · Author · Feb 3, 2023

Hey! I'm alive and will come back in a few days(or less) with a new Vampire/Fox Trans-Story called Umbra Sanguis. Then, step by step, I will update my other stories again [Seclusion is out for now until I finished the whole rewrite and have it in backlog]. For now, I won't give you a schedule or anything, I'll post stuff when I feel like it and think the chapter is ready. So yeah, see you soon clear.png

Huyrrou · Dec 1, 2022

Are you ded?

LittleVixen · Author · Dec 1, 2022

Luckily not. As far as I know, my health is quite okayish atm. I'm working on something right now and will soon come back with more. Then I'll slowly start with all my stories again.

LittleVixen · Author · Sep 29, 2022

So, I was five times at the hospital this month and my health should get better long as it doens't get worse again in the next two weeks. If it gets better, I'll be back with chapters.

Stay safe and healthy!

Lostlittleboi911 · Sep 29, 2022

God damn I wish the best of health clear.png

LittleVixen · Author · Sep 5, 2022

I'm sorry that everything takes so much time. Had a real bad time. One cat got really sick, the other one broke her leg, I had to go to the emergency service and so on. It was a really rough time and I was feeling way to shitty to do anything at all. I will release a new chapter of Seclusion this week, but I won't promise more. Haa, life sometimes sucks.

goldkey · Sep 23, 2022

Sorry to hear that, please take your time :)

Reinya · Aug 25, 2022

what about new chapter:?

LittleVixen · Author · Aug 25, 2022

This weekend or starting next week.  I have been busy all week with appointments so that I couldn't really do anything. Just a few more days and everything returns to normal. I'm sorry for the delay clear.png

LittleVixen · Author · Aug 15, 2022

Just wanna ask you all something. I want to try to handle a third story that I will update on a regular basis. Would you rather have a fantasy trans story that is more on the cuddly side, or a story with superheroes and villains?

lbark36 · Aug 15, 2022


WhyDoIEven_ · Aug 20, 2022

Fantasy cuddly trans story! Gib!

LittleVixen · Author · Aug 5, 2022

I'm back in ~10 days.clear.png

Rine · Aug 6, 2022

Is it both: seclusion and treevolution or just the former your returning to?

LittleVixen · Author · Aug 6, 2022

in ten days is Seclusion, a few days later is tree, so dw clear.png

Rine · Aug 6, 2022


LittleVixen · Author · Jul 30, 2022

Still alive clear.png

N0w3y · Jul 31, 2022

Totally didnt misread the last status as being posted in june, totally didn’t read it at 3am while falling asleep

LittleVixen · Author · Jul 31, 2022

Oh, wellclear.png Chapter will soon come again. Just a bit more time~

LittleVixen · Author · Jul 19, 2022

Chapters will start again next month. Still writing in the background and try to get a good routine. See you soonclear.png

WhyDoIEven_ · Jul 19, 2022

patpat. I look forward to more chaps of Seclusion.

LittleVixen · Author · Jul 10, 2022

Lost my note book with my all ideas and stuff inside. Dunno where it went. So yeah, I kinda lost my mood the last few days to do anything. I call some places where I last went and hope I forgot it there.

So, I will only work on a backlog right now. So it'll still take some more time for chapters, but I really need a backlog. I say way to often that I will post something and nothing comes, it kinda fucks me up. So yeah, a decent backlog, then I post reguarly again without delay.

See you soon.

LittleVixen · Author · Jul 7, 2022

TREEvolution and Seclusion are now also on Royal Road. So you can either read it here or there.

See you soon with a new chapter~

LittleVixen · Author · Jul 1, 2022

Sry, busy week.

Will release probably a chapter on Sunday. If not, don't worry—I've at least three chaps planned for the next week. clear.png

LittleVixen · Author · Jun 24, 2022

New chapter of TREEvolution will come later today. The augmentations take longer than expected. I really hope you will like them~

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    Hey, I am a german author and wanna share my future stories. I love writing, and hopefully, you will like my work too.

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