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Rising Author
May 2, 2021

Rising Author
Joined: May 2, 2021
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I don't care what people think about me. But dogs, I desperately want dogs to like me.

melchi · Author · Apr 11, 2023

I got chapter 1 and 2 of magical girl edited a bit.  Hopefully they don't suck as much now.  Chapter 2 was 6700 words now it is 6000 hopefully that is better.

melchi · Author · Mar 18, 2023

When you pluck away a little bit here and there but still don't have a whole chapter done.

Siegburn · Mar 2, 2023

Hi, i hopw you can help me with IA fan art.

Siegburn · Mar 2, 2023


she wore a waitress uniform retouched for her personal taste.

The white stockings reached almost all the way up her thighs, showing how plump they were.
The skirt was so short that her bottom was marked in the black fabric.
Her waist was slim and a large ribbon apron decorated her back.
Siegburn · Mar 2, 2023

Her arms were bare except for wrist bands.

Her face was beautiful, with bright sky-blue eyes, orange-blonde hair framing her face, and a slight ponytail reaching to her shoulder blade....
Siegburn · Mar 2, 2023

which was tied with a black scarf in the shape of a rabbit's ears.

She is [Mary], the only daughter of the owner of the inn.
melchi · Author · Jan 25, 2023

You ever read your own stuff and think 'this is so bad I can't believe I didn't notice how bad it was when I posted it?'

Aiyoki · Feb 24, 2023

I get this. TBH it's probably best not to think too harshly about it. You are after all your own worst critic.

Also grats on reaching 100k words! I'm a little over 38% of the way there myself! clear.png

Cabbitgurl · May 9, 2023

All the freaking time

doravg · Dec 30, 2022

Thank you so much for giving The Apple Grotto Nymph a chance. It is one of my earlier works, and not an example of me being in the flow. Still, I hope you enjoy. 

melchi · Author · Jan 2, 2023

You are welcome.

melchi · Author · Nov 30, 2022

I guess it can't be helped.  Having a job makes it hard to do a chapter a day.

melchi · Author · May 2, 2021


ImAPotato · Nov 25, 2022

Test got tested

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    I don't care what people think about me. But dogs, I desperately want dogs to like me.

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