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Well-Known Author
May 2, 2021

Well-Known Author
Joined: May 2, 2021
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I don't care what people think about me. But dogs, I desperately want dogs to like me.

melchi · Author · Jun 1, 2024

My father passed away today. I will try to work on a chapter but might not pull it off.

Prince_Azmiran_Myrian · Jun 1, 2024

My condolences, it might really hit you later. Take the time you need.

Iamnotabot · Jun 1, 2024

I suggest you should take a break, it's not well to work while a something like this is going. 

Corty · Jun 1, 2024

My condolences, and take a break; everything else can wait.

melchi · Author · May 11, 2024

So made a bit of a derp early on and messed up some of the extra bonus's from when Alex leveled up for the first time and the gains are not represented in later chapters.  I've been slowly going through and editing to get the numbers to what they should be.  (it doesn't help that they get tweaked for race changes as well) I suppose everyone that tries to litrpg runs into this eventually no?

RepresentingEnvy · May 11, 2024


melchi · Author · Feb 23, 2024

Looks like all the images on the chapters poofed because of using discord to host them.  Drat.

RepresentingEnvy · Feb 23, 2024


melchi · Author · Jan 26, 2024

Edited ch 18 of magical girl.  Hopefully it is a little better.

melchi · Author · Jan 19, 2024

Three days with only phone for webs.  I guess I should count my blessings. others had power out 

Prince_Azmiran_Myrian · Jan 19, 2024

Hold strong!

melchi · Author · Jan 14, 2024

Bleh storm knocked out the Internet. 

RepresentingEnvy · Jan 14, 2024

clear.pngclear.pngSad Bleh

alic3woodstock · Sep 20, 2023

I'm just saying I love the story so far (charpter 51). I'm a little afraid to comment since I can't delete comments but I just want to say I'm trangender myself and I don't think the story offended me in any way like some other trans in the comments. (voted to keep the trans tag)

Tenmosu · Sep 18, 2023

Magical Girl? I’m not sure about this.

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is heavily inspired by adult game is it an 18+ novel?
magical camp was such a good game sadly it was drop I haven't play the other 2

melchi · Author · Sep 18, 2023

There isn't any smut if that is what you are asking. Writing erotica is not my thing.

Tenmosu · Sep 18, 2023

Thanks I had enough of every GB story being erotica and with the inspiration I wanted to know before starting to read.clear.png

doravg · Sep 7, 2023

Congrats on being on Trending again!

melchi · Author · Sep 7, 2023

Neat! I missed it the first time.

melchi · Author · Aug 9, 2023

Edited chapter 11 shaved off ~100 words, hopefully easier to read now.

melchi · Author · Aug 7, 2023

Ever get to a turning point in your story and sorta struggle with where to go next?

Grappleshot · Sep 4, 2023

I'm not a writer, so I don't know, but you got a lot of things you could develop in the story still I think.

melchi · Author · Jul 26, 2023

Edited chapter 10.  It should hopefully be less of a mess and is 200 words shorter.

melchi · Author · Jul 25, 2023

Updated chapter 8 and 9 for magical girl, trimmed about 500 words for chapter 9.

melchi · Author · Jul 21, 2023

Editing is done up to chapter 7 for magical girl.  I could prob make it a bit better but mostly wanting to condense some stuff and get a consistent tense.

melchi · Author · Jul 17, 2023

I got chapters 3 and 4 of magical girl edited.  At least the first few should all be free of that cringe present tense.

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    I don't care what people think about me. But dogs, I desperately want dogs to like me.

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