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Feb 25, 2019

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Pee pee poo poo... I hate doing Doo Doo!!

TabooGod · Author · May 25, 2020

Today is my sister's birthday and due to corona.. I am forced to make cake at home!! so no chs.... clear.pngclear.pngclear.png


BloodRed1 · May 25, 2020

No worries! I have had to do the same thing to. Happy Birthday to your sisterclear.png

TabooGod · Author · May 20, 2020

Sorry.. I won't be able to release a ch today as I am super tired. But as for what happens... in the story, its the classic info dump


between MC and that commander guy, while some detailed backstory of this commander and how he is going to be one of MC's friends in the future.

And yeah... I can do the "Escape from Tarkov" joke this way. As it will be the players running away from him in fear after the 5 year gap.

BloodRed1 · May 20, 2020

Will you ever start posting Shatter Glass-An NPC’s story? It's so good.❤ 

TabooGod · Author · Mar 29, 2019

sorry for the delay.... DMC 5 is just too good of a game... it distracted me for a long time.

TabooGod · Author · Mar 25, 2019

Just wanted to say... I really suffer writing believable conversations between characters. And the delay of the newest chapter is also due to it...!!

TabooGod · Author · Mar 24, 2019

I may release a new chapter today... it may be titled a new start or the true start or something along the lines.... Or maybe I am going to go with my old habit and name them something extravagant that may fool some readers into thinking this is an action based novel. I already did it in the last 5 chs of my novel.

TabooGod · Author · Mar 24, 2019

I am sorry... I can't be fabulous forever!!... Needed to change it to better represent my novel..
He is going to be an alchemist...

TabooGod · Author · Mar 23, 2019

Yeee hah!! any cowboys/girls here... I am lonely... and in a very serious need of some sort of communication.

TabooGod · Author · Mar 23, 2019

Get ready... only few words left till its completed... This one may be a big... I need to bring my avg words to 2000k.
The prologue fucked up my numbers..

TabooGod · Author · Mar 21, 2019

Should I write another chapter... I am really free....
Well I suppose I will. Pretty free today and it can become a double chapter day...
P.S. let me think some stuff or the communication between human beings..

TabooGod · Author · Mar 21, 2019

So Imma writing some stuff for the next chapter. I am also pretty confused as to which class should I give ma MC... Any suggestion??[Classes of the novel is given in the glossary section.]

TabooGod · Author · Mar 21, 2019

So I just searched my novel's title on Google.... THough I get the results on my novel but google images showed me some glass glazed lingerie and their design was shitty to say the least.

TabooGod · Author · Mar 21, 2019

Today is Holi, the festival of colors in India. So I was wondering whether to write Ch3 or not??....
Maybe I will write it... I am pretty free an It don't seem anyone will come to my house and douse me in colors... I don't want to douse in colors... I don't want my OPM t-shirt to get fabulous.

TabooGod · Author · Mar 20, 2019

So I wrote published my 2nd chapter..... P.S. why are there so many user's set their ID private. I just want to know what kind of person would add my novel to their reading list... that's all.
And what's up not using this shitting message system... write something guys... its good!! We all will get to know something about each other!!

TabooGod · Author · Mar 20, 2019

Yo writing the 2nd chapter of ma novel... read it fellas.... bwhahahaha..... I suck donkey ass!!

TabooGod · Author · Mar 19, 2019

I am just a guy with dreams to attain all the Taboo Knowledge in this world and a job. Job is more important than me chasing stupid dreams as I very much want to get married and settle down as fast as I can because I am not that adventurous in nature.
I am also waiting for my one true love. And I also hate getting angry or sad altogether, there are so many things to be happy about, why brood over stupid things that just ruin your mood.

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    Pee pee poo poo... I hate doing Doo Doo!!

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