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May 28, 2021

Joined: May 28, 2021
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An avid serpentine reader looking for some good stories and a girlfriend, though I doubt I'll find both here.

Quidopher Nov 9, 2023

Thank you for reading Lumina Greyrat 馃榿馃檶

Tunefullcobra Nov 9, 2023

Thank you for writing it

_kagamineakira Jul 16, 2023

Really bro, thx to you for reading I reincarnated as a Vampire!聽clear.png

Tunefullcobra Jul 16, 2023

You're welcome, it's a good read for the most part

SorrowGrim Jul 9, 2023

I kept on seeing you on every novel I'm reading lolclear.png

Tunefullcobra Jul 9, 2023

We must either have similar tastes or one of us is stalking the other lol.

Juniomanes Mar 27, 2023

Man, if you want to read 'salvos' i recommend you start high now. The author will send the majority of chapter to be exclusive for who will pay. Only the updater chapters will be free to read.

Tunefullcobra Mar 27, 2023

I haven't touched salvos in a while, and honestly I probably won't be touching it again. Thanks for this though

RainingSky Jan 8, 2022

You will know the answer in two days聽

Tunefullcobra Jan 8, 2022

Thank you/curse you (depending on what happens two days from now)clear.pngclear.png

RainingSky Nov 28, 2021

Normally I try not to answer but since your comments have actually motivated me to pull through a couple of times :)聽

I cannot tell you the reason why but I can tell you there is a reason and if I'd tell you I would seriously spoiler you.聽

Tunefullcobra Nov 28, 2021

Damn. Either way I'm glad that something I would do regardless of any effect on others had a positive effect on you. Thank you for continuing to write and for such a great page turner.

(Not serious) now I NEED MORE CHAPTERS!!!!!

yurei Aug 5, 2021

Hey can you see my drafts if i give you the link like this? Still thinking about that theory with how bunny was so fast聽clear.png

Tunefullcobra Aug 5, 2021

Though I would have been ecstatic to be able to read that chapter early

Tunefullcobra Aug 5, 2021

Bragging rights and all that

yurei Aug 5, 2021


yurei Aug 5, 2021

Okay then I'll release the chapter so you can read it

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    An avid serpentine reader looking for some good stories and a girlfriend, though I doubt I'll find both here.

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