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Jun 17, 2021

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Joined: Jun 17, 2021
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Angry gay that writes stories about angry gays.

H0LL0W · Author · Apr 22, 2024

I just finished the Write-a-thon challenge for April!

Now its time to give my fingers a break! 

Also I got that sweet one month free subscription, yes~

opside · Apr 6, 2024

Like your new story. But can I ask why comments are disabled because it feels somewhat abandon?clear.png

H0LL0W · Author · Apr 6, 2024

Comments are disabled!?! I had no clue. Let me check why. Thanks for the heads up! :) 

H0LL0W · Author · Apr 6, 2024

After checking my new stories it seems that it might be a formatting error making it so that commenting is currently not possible OR maybe a site error. The stories I am releasing right now started March 28th and April 1st so maybe there is a minimum amount of time needed for a story to be live for someone to comment? I am not sure.  I will send a help ticket. Thank you so much for letting me know!

H0LL0W · Author · Apr 2, 2024

Hello again! Since I hate myself I am writing three stories at once! Please check out my latest story, The Weavers of Fate.

 It will most likely update daily because it is part of a writeathon challenge on Royal Road. I plan on continuing it even when the challenge is over, however the updates might not be daily, possibly twice a week or weeknds only!

Thank you for following me! clear.png

H0LL0W · Author · Mar 25, 2024

Hello everyone! I am currently writing a romance for the first time. Please check out Finish Her Story. 

It will update on weekdays.

H0LL0W · Author · Mar 15, 2024

Hello, I have returned after getting sick again! Being disabled is no fun. clear.png

Regular updates will now return! Thanks for those fans who are patient :) 

H0LL0W · Author · Jan 29, 2024

Hello again! Everyday I will upload a new chapter for GALACTIC! There are about 100 new chapters that will slowly come out. Thanks again for your support! :) 

H0LL0W · Author · Jan 29, 2024

Hi! I updated the chapters of GALACTIC up to "Do You Believe In Magic?". So give it another read through if you're interested! :) 

H0LL0W · Author · Jan 13, 2024

I am back once again.

I keep on having to leave and take breaks due to poor health. But while I was gone I've been busy editing the uploaded chapters and will replace them soon. I hope you like the newer versions.

If you want to support me I made a Kofi yesterday. I haven't set up a subscription pass or anything yet, and its only for tips/donations. Thanks for following me. :)

My Kofi:

H0LL0W · Author · Jan 10, 2023

I am back from another long hiatus. I am so sorry for those who might have been interested in my stories and have been reading them. 

I've been really sick. As I got better I got COVID, and now my lungs are just... bad

I'm going to slowly go through old chapters, edit them, upload new chapters but it will take a while. 

Thanks to the few followers I have out there :)

H0LL0W · Author · Aug 27, 2021

I've been gone thanks to computer problems. Terribly sorry and will try and continue updates.

H0LL0W · Author · Jun 29, 2021

Follow The Adventures of the Amazing Truck-kun! I'm writing an isekai parody...from the truck's point of view.clear.png

H0LL0W · Author · Jun 22, 2021

Come on down to my art thread where you can make fun of my bad manga designs for the characters in my series. If you roast me hard enough I'll eventually come up with a good character design, lol.clear.png

Agentt · Jun 21, 2021

Heya! You seem to be having fun

H0LL0W · Author · Jun 21, 2021

I came from my mother. 


No but I came from RR, AND  tapas. I am so tiny on tapas, with a beautiful 11 views total. clear.png 

On RR I hit 62K views literally 10 mins ago thats nice... I guess...? I don't think I'll be happy until I hit number one, but thats not a good mentality to have, lol clear.png

Agentt · Jun 21, 2021

You came from your mother? I mean, I don't mean to be racist but...kinda weird.

*pat pat* tapas is filled with comics clear.png no one cares for us.

And, you are a famous author. Damn you. 

H0LL0W · Author · Jun 21, 2021

I don't know what qualifies as famous tbh. I might get a premium contract on another site RN, and I'm almost done setting up my patreon so I'm trying to not get a big head.clear.png But for me, I really want to be good enough at drawing so I can make money off of it. Writing for me is the stepping stone.

Agentt · Jun 21, 2021

That's a lot luck dependent. 

Well, good luck with your manga. There are many illustrators here who also have a manga. 

H0LL0W · Author · Jun 19, 2021

I created a pixiv account today. You can follow me on there if you have an account. I've only posted three pictures so far though. :) I'll keep adding more as time goes on!

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