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Well-Known Author
Jan 1, 2019

Well-Known Author
Joined: Jan 1, 2019
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Knightof4Suites · Apr 16, 2021

Rustpen please, dont do this to me again

freedom · Apr 10, 2021

When are you going update 

freedom · Mar 17, 2021

hey when is the new  chapter going to come out if you don’t mind me  asking 

Rustpen · Author · Mar 18, 2021

I'm currently working on it. Tomorrow, I believe.

freedom · Mar 13, 2021

Hey what  one web novel   That made you want to be a writer 

Rustpen · Author · Mar 14, 2021

That isn't really a question I can answer because I started writing long before I started reading web novels. I can't tell you which particular web novel made me want to write one of my own, either, because shortly after I found out about web novels, I started reading several of them simultaneously, so I don't have a specific inspiration.

freedom · Mar 11, 2021

Hey how do you start writing a web novel like when I try to write the first few words my mind goes  blank and it always feels like something is wrong 😑 got any advice 

Rustpen · Author · Mar 11, 2021

I'd say that brainstorming goes a long way. Open up a blank document and just let your mind wander while you're thinking about what your story and write down everything that comes to mind. Then, try to structure the resulting notes and see whether you can outline a plot out of it. If you can't, keep trying until you have enough material. I'm a plotter, so I like to fully outline my stories before I write them.

Rustpen · Author · Mar 11, 2021

Alternatively, there's the pantser route, in which you just write the story without planning first and then revise later, but I don't recommend doing that for web novels (because you can't revise if you write and publish chapters on a daily basis unless you build up a massive stockpile), and it seems like that's not working out for you (it doesn't work for me, either; I'm not creative enough).

freedom · Mar 9, 2021

Hey man how  are your notes going clear.png

Rustpen · Author · Mar 10, 2021

Pretty much done with the worldbuilding for now. Now I only need to wrap up the plot and solve some terminology-related problems. I'll definitely be done this week.

freedom · Mar 4, 2021

Are you still going to update today  or is it going to take a little longer I love your story’s  I’m okay for waiting it just I would like to know  and  thank you for the story clear.png

Rustpen · Author · Mar 5, 2021

Probably a little longer. Just to clear this up, what's happening is that, over the last two years, I've made a LOT of notes about my two stories (plot, worldbuilding, characters, and whatnot), and I decided to get everything in order before continuing so I don't make any mistakes.

Rustpen · Author · Mar 5, 2021

The problem here is that I keep underestimating how much it'll take to go through all the notes. I have managed to go through a lot of them over the last few days, and I'm pretty sure I'll be done by the end of this week, but ... take my words with a grain of salt.

Rustpen · Author · Mar 5, 2021

On a side note, I'm not bothered at all by you asking. It's really my fault. I'm the one constantly coming up with deadlines I can't meet. At least once I've finished going through this, there won't be anything holding me back, so this will be the last break I take.

freedom · Mar 1, 2021

Do you know when are you going to write again clear.png

Rustpen · Author · Mar 2, 2021

The day after tomorrow. When I wrote that I'd return before the end of the month, I was under the impression the month had 31 days. I had forgotten that February only had 28 days.

Tielow · Mar 1, 2021


Came back and glad to see you still writing.

Mynamejeff · Feb 24, 2021

When are the next chapters coming?

Rustpen · Author · Feb 25, 2021

Before the end of this month.

Rustpen · Author · Feb 11, 2021

I'm taking this week as a break to fix some stuff about my two stories that has been brought to my attention. Next week, I'll be publishing not only next week's chapters, but also the chapters I didn't publish this week.

Cpecific · Jan 27, 2021

Create Patreon account. You write quality stuff, at least let me reward yaclear.png

Rustpen · Author · Jan 27, 2021

You flatter me. Once I've got a few chapters stocked up, I'll consider it.

VBS · Jan 26, 2021

I see someone is back with 2 new stories as our hopes and dreams go unanswered...

BCM was on my PTR list. It sounded like something I'd enjoy. I was looking forward to it, but waiting for more chapters before committing to read it. Looks like that was a wise choice. I guess I'll give up on that one now that there is no hope for it.

Can I take your posts to mean I can expect CDR to get updates again soon?

Rustpen · Author · Jan 26, 2021

Actually, I planned on uploading the official announcement yesterday, but I didn't manage to arrange everything in time, so I had to leave it for today. Everything should become clear soon.

Rustpen · Author · Jan 23, 2021

On a related note: If you follow me because of Barely Contained Madness, you should probably unfollow me. The post below is only good news for Cultivation Done Right readers. I plan on officially discontinuing BCM on January 25 (and removing the story from this website a week after that). I tried to make it work, but I ultimately couldn't develop the premise into something I was happy with. I apologize.

Rustpen · Author · Jan 23, 2021

@SuperHeiyan Thanks! Regarding BCM, I did consider not taking it down, but considering how little content it has, I don't think there's much of a point, and I want to avoid having people across it, failing to notice that it has been dropped, and reading it only to be disappointed later.

Rustpen · Author · Jan 23, 2021

In any case, I'll only delete it a week after I announce its discontinuation, so the readers should have the time to preserve the parts that they're fond of (if there is any). Moreover, I will keep the actual chapters on a flash drive, so if anyone wants it, they can message me, and I'll send it to them.

COLOC_Kid · Jan 25, 2021

bro you should have named yourself rasputin the mad wizard from russia 

SuperHeiyan · Jan 26, 2021

@COLOC_Kid, he isn't Rus-T-Pen or Rasputin, he is the Rust-Pen.

Rustpen · Author · Jan 23, 2021

I'm coming back on January 25 (two days from now). I apologize for taking so long. My "couple of weeks" ended up stretching into almost one and a half years. Clearly, I had greatly overestimated myself. In any case, the proper announcement of my return and the new chapters should be up by 18:00 UTC (again, on January 25). I won't be publishing a ton of chapters at once, but I will be consistently churning out chapters daily from now on. I'm just giving you guys a heads-up.

Noita · Jan 23, 2021

Yaay, welcome back!clear.png

Happyguy · Jan 23, 2021


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