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Well-Known Author
Jul 4, 2021

Well-Known Author
Joined: Jul 4, 2021
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Yuri is da best.

Ambly · · Aug 30, 2022

What horrors made your pfp run so fast even the legendary cameraman could only get a blurry picture? 

ReyKale · Author · Aug 30, 2022

Needed to pee, and broke the light barrier  in the process of running,  cameramen couldn't see anything more then a blurry image with dark background because of no light.

Ambly · Aug 31, 2022

Yeah,  I understand. When you gotta go, you gotta go. 

ReyKale · Author · Oct 2, 2023

Don't really usually use this feature of announcements , but next Chaps for Muun and Kaela will be out soon.

Just busy as ever, and I like doing detailed stuff, aaaannd that fucks me over sometimes.

I'm cooking here okay? There's two more chaps in Muun's to finish the current Arc and move on to the next part with Muun and the others in it, and damn. 

If this one we flew high. Next Arc we finna yeet ourselves out of the Solar System kek.

Liber8T · Apr 4, 2023

Do you still have the arts u made for Saiyan owl? Why not put them in the glossary so that readers(mostly meclear.png) can go back there to reminisce her adventures?clear.pngclear.png

shadow_slayer · Mar 29, 2023

bro have you read, dragon ball legend of ayaka. It has a very similar format to a saiyan owl only no owl babe. here a link in case you haven't

shadow_slayer · Mar 22, 2023

i agree with your bio full heartedly and give you the blessing of the goddess of the void, death, and yuri love

shadow_slayer · Feb 14, 2023

that pfp looks like my sister the goddess of light when the human do something stupid 

Ceres · Nov 26, 2022

just binged a saiyan owl and i love it so fck much, thank you!

ReyKale · Author · Sep 7, 2022

I ask myself - "

WTF I am doin

Click to expand...

"- everyday,  it helps to know if I am still me :D.

ReyKale · Author · Mar 23, 2023

Yeah, just playing around, but thx ^^

Here's a cookie 🍪

Liber8T · Mar 23, 2023

I shall gratefully acceptclear.png wonderful, you have my praise. Btw is all your novels' FMC all lesbian?(Idontwannabebaitedagianclear.png) Yuri is best.clear.png

ReyKale · Author · Mar 23, 2023

I only do Yuri fics, so yeah, all of them.clear.png

Liber8T · Mar 23, 2023

I shall follow you senseiclear.png 

Praise the Yuriclear.pngclear.png

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    Yuri is da best.

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