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Jul 11, 2021

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Joined: Jul 11, 2021
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You don't know pride.

You don't know fear.

You don't know anything.

You'll be PERFECT.

queenfiona Author Apr 12, 2023

Shiori Panic! A Kind of Magic just made #2 Trending! Thank you for all your support 馃枻

MeguTG May 2, 2023

Thank you for reading my story.

Potatome Apr 12, 2023

Hi, Queen Fiona.....Can we chat a bit if you have Discord...I.want to ask some urgent questions聽

queenfiona Author Apr 12, 2023

Send me a DM here on Scribble Hub.

Potatome Apr 12, 2023

hi, Okay!/But it will be blank! I don't know why! But see for youselfclear.png

calliespiders Mar 26, 2023

you ought to read 'null magical girl' if you have not already. it's short, and quite good, and has some interesting stuff to say about the basic metaphysics of the setting, as well as the nature of incubators. also, some fun speculative evolution. (entropy is the squabbling of twin sisters, one of whom never lived)

calliespiders Feb 13, 2023

this is your not-daily reminder that homura is more otaku than moe.

calliespiders Dec 30, 2022

ah, by the way, i saw this the other day and thought you might like it: they wrote about madoka in the japanese journal of religious studies, it's great. i asked someone to hand it on to you, but she never got back to me on that, so idk if she did, and thus, i am sending it here.

queenfiona Author Dec 30, 2022

I was not shown it by whoever you were speaking with, so thank you! 馃枻 I know a few people who will be interested in seeing this.

Aside: is *every* trans girl on this site secretly an academic or some kind of super genius except me?

calliespiders Dec 30, 2022

ah, just an academic. history major, actually, i only found this paper by jokingly googling 'madoka as unironic religion'.

what kinds of people will be interested? i may want to pick their brains, if it's not trouble.

queenfiona Author Dec 30, 2022

Well, I showed it to my GF, and she called it 'utter trash', so make of that what you will. :v

calliespiders Dec 30, 2022

hehehehehehehehe :3c. what, does she not like the fact the paper calls homura an otaku?

calliespiders Dec 26, 2022

happy middle of winter event.

calliespiders Dec 21, 2022

thank you for the follow! i'm confused, since i don't write much on this site, but flattered.

gogo7966 Dec 21, 2022

i feel honored receiving such a precious thing as a follow

queenfiona Author Dec 21, 2022

I'm just happy you're enjoying my work so much. 馃枻

calliespiders Dec 15, 2022

so, why the 'fourth order'? was there a second or third to precede it?

queenfiona Author Dec 15, 2022

It's a scanlation group that does PMMM stuff. :v That's the only reason. In-universe it relates to 'the fourth precept', aka 'ai yo', but it's fairly flimsy.

calliespiders Dec 11, 2022

assuming this is a better forum to ask:

so what's up with the madoka motifs? you've used them in a lot of your works, which don't seem to have much otherwise to connect them.

queenfiona Author Dec 12, 2022

ASR will me explain how I see it by way of metaphor, and through removing most of the modern signifiers and terms (which don't exist for this pseudo-1980s setting in the same way, context, or meaning).

It's less judgemental that way, in fiction, y'know? I just want to live my own way, in the end; other people will have other needs than my own.

queenfiona Author Dec 12, 2022

Magical girls are kind of an ideal, for me. Even in a grimy, violent world that seems to have it out for someone like Himeko, who has to hide herself so completely, for whom her faith was a matter of survival, Himeko can find hope in stories preserved from those who came before. If those stories should be about a goddess like Madoka, then so much the better, right? I'd sooner accept her than most 'gods' offered to me.

queenfiona Author Dec 12, 2022

In short: "It is the final proof of the omnipotence of the goddess that she need not exist in order to save us."

calliespiders Dec 12, 2022

thanks! i've wondered about this for some time, so it's nice to get an explaination :)

Ayralynn Nov 7, 2022

Hey Fiona. Hope you're doing okay.

N0w3y Aug 4, 2022

poke? u ok fiona

queenfiona Author Aug 4, 2022

Yes, I'm around. I'm still writing, too. I have some more medical appointments soon, though, so patience is appreciated!

N0w3y Aug 4, 2022

Hopefully all is/will be well

77fill Jul 25, 2022

I love "It's no game" and I wish you a thorough recovery!

Dante99 Mar 23, 2022

Get well soon聽

queenfiona Author Mar 23, 2022

Currently going through further IRL struggles, including a big health scare. New writing will come when it comes, I'm afraid.

myerve Mar 23, 2022

Get well soon!

calliespiders Mar 23, 2022

I hope everything turns out alright for you.

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    You don't know pride.

    You don't know fear.

    You don't know anything.

    You'll be PERFECT.

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