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Mar 4, 2019

Well-Known Author
Joined: Mar 4, 2019
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Yes, to write. To find the words that breathe life, that sculpt the shapes of the imaginings buzzing round my brain.

gothicshark Sep 23, 2021

Since you have vanished for almost a year, I just wanted to say we miss you, and hope all is well with you. In a time period of pandemic instant silence makes things fearful that the worst might have happened. I truly just hope life got too busy, or some other boring mundane reason for you to stop sharing your beautiful world.聽

isparshchandani Aug 21, 2021

Hope you're okay. We'll be Waiting馃挋

Asuran Aug 5, 2021

Hope you're doing ok

Piisfun Jul 16, 2021

I won't mention how I ended up visiting a butterfly conservatory.

What I will share is the afterthought of Wylla walking into a butterfly conservatory... only to be immediately engulfed in a swarm of approximately 3,000 butterflies.

Preferably while in butterfly form for maximum effect.

Tishers Apr 14, 2021

Wylla certainly doesn't pay attention to the fine details in negotiating. She would probably buy a new car for only $500 down, but at a 32% compounding interest rate.

Tishers Apr 13, 2021

I believe that we are all hoping that Storymask will continue in writing book 2 of this saga.聽

IllOmened Apr 4, 2021

I can feel you loneliness Wylla. He will be back and all your favorite stal- ahem, viewers that you don't see will watch you again.


_NO Mar 2, 2021

I hope your alive?

rageflaming Feb 26, 2021

There has been no contact with Storymask since late November of last year and I hope that he is okay. Storymask plz respond to show that you are okay.

Novellover Feb 12, 2021

Please tell me the series isn鈥檛 dropped or is it still in editing?

Jessy Jan 28, 2021

Is this going to get updated soon? Have been waiting for a while for both book 2 and more of the current book 1.5 to release, but its been awhile. Hope Author is okay.

rageflaming Jan 31, 2021

That's what I would like to know... His comments said before that he's got different parts for each girl but instead of posting in a side storybook he wants to post it all in order when he does not have to because he has said before he would rewrite and edit stuff he could worry about it later

MadHatter2121 Jan 6, 2021

Book 1 was great had a blast reading it is there going to be a book 2聽

UppishTheReaper Dec 24, 2020

Could you please make an announcement when you start posting book 2? I loved book 1 and I just binge read it for the past 2 days and it was AWESOME!. I hope Wilia decides to stay as the happy go silly girl he was turned into because he seems happier that way when he is not thinking about logging out. I honestly think that the goddess was just teasing him and when he decides to keep his body,聽 she will congratulate him. Just please update us when book 2 releases!

Jessy Jan 1, 2021

I鈥檓 really looking forward for it too. The waits been killing me

Piisfun Oct 31, 2020

Someone on the J-Novel discord uploaded this. I figured that you should see.

Not quite nice as your niece's color version.

Storymask Author Oct 31, 2020

Ooh, looks like they had fun using the sketch as a coloring book page. I'm glad. And happy to see they left the credit tags on the illustration. clear.png

It's fun seeing their choice of colors; she looks like she would blend in when walking through a forest of reddish trunked trees. Especially if the dress was shades of green and accents matched聽 her hair...clear.png

Thanks for letting me know. clear.png...clear.png

Storymask Author Oct 29, 2020

Well, I was really hoping to have the chapter ready by tonight but looks like it grew longer than intended with it now sitting at 4.3 k words. So I'm going to revise it tomorrow and either cut things out or split it into two chapters and releasing them together. As for now, going to get some rest. clear.png

Side Note: Got second illustration today of Demora in white dress. Will share tomorrow.

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    Yes, to write. To find the words that breathe life, that sculpt the shapes of the imaginings buzzing round my brain.

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