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Well-Known Author
Mar 4, 2019

Well-Known Author
Joined: Mar 4, 2019
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Yes, to write. To find the words that breathe life, that sculpt the shapes of the imaginings buzzing round my brain.

werewolf1987 · Jul 15, 2020

i have withdrawal symptoms ! help neeed more 

Bah · Jun 12, 2020

When will you write more wylla chapters?

demonslayer · Apr 25, 2020

When will your next book start?

Storymask · Author · Apr 22, 2020

Ah, I just received a great email from my niece... she finished coloring the Syldrake Wylla Sketch! So I thought I'd share it... just click the link if your interested in having a look... enjoy! clear.png

gothicshark · Apr 22, 2020

So very cute. 

Wkppp · Apr 22, 2020

Oho gotta save it as my desktop background!!!clear.png please don't sue me!clear.png

ViniPaiva25 · Apr 21, 2020

Dude, I think your novel, “Eh! Where Did My Pen… Pen… Go!?!” should be translated into Japanese and published on the webnovel site Syosetu!

Storymask · Author · Apr 22, 2020

Thanks for sharing! I'll look into it once I'm done with the last chapter which by the looks of it will be in a few days! clear.png

Storymask · Author · Apr 20, 2020

Just a quick message to let you know that I just added a Sneak Peek of the next chapter to the bottom of the Author's Notes of Chapter 65: Fluffy Treasures... for those of you interested, enjoy! clear.png

Storymask · Author · Apr 16, 2020

Just got a pair of new sketches of Wylla in her Syldrake form that I thought I'd share (one sketch of Syldrake Wylla with no scales on her cheeks and shoulders and the other with):

Storymask · Author · Apr 16, 2020

My niece (Kaylin) is now working on painting them with the hope of being ready by next week. She really did a fantastic job... I'm so lucky to have her drawing these for me. Enjoy! clear.png

mogust · Apr 17, 2020

Those are indeed very nice pictures. :)

Wkppp · Apr 17, 2020

Wow she's so cute!!clear.pngclear.png

demonslayer · Apr 16, 2020

In your story it seems to me like your planning to invite magic into the real world. Primarily due to the tree the goddesses are growing back on Earth is this right?

Storymask · Author · Apr 16, 2020

This question will definitely be answered in the next part I'm almost done with... well, some may miss it but I'm sure you won't.

And it will fully be answered in the epilogue clear.png

As for the next part... I have the battle scene just about fully written out but in pieces so now I have to put the parts together like a jigsaw puzzle... and finish off the small parts of 'slice of life' that are in the chapter. clear.png

demonslayer · Apr 14, 2020

It'd be neat if you can make a book following Wyllas sister 

Storymask · Author · Apr 14, 2020

I have plans to write a Book 1.5 which will be a collection of short stories (about 2 to 5 chapters per story) of each girls starting adventures in Abrynth.

And then I'll get to work on Book 2. clear.png

I also need to come up with a series title... but I'll post more about that in the author's notes of the epilogue chapter... I think lol

demonslayer · Mar 20, 2020

What is your schedule for posting new chapters

Storymask · Author · Mar 20, 2020

It was every Monday and sometimes Thursdays before this past month and a half. But things in RL have kept me busy so now I try to get a chapter out once every 7 to 10 days.

I do hope things go smoothly next week so I can finish Book 1 which just has 2 and a half chapters to go with half of the epilogue already written.

ranaltor · Oct 25, 2019

I've started following you because I like your book where did my pen pen go I caught up to every chapter do far

Storymask · Author · Oct 26, 2019

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, so glad to hear that you're enjoying the journey. I'll do my best to keep it on track and on a schedule. :)

ranaltor · Oct 26, 2019

Well just the way your having the story flow is amazing and I just wait around for new chapters

demonslayer · Oct 3, 2019

Where did my pen go is the most adorable book I've ever read

Storymask · Author · Oct 3, 2019

So glad to hear this... will do my best to keep it that way. Thank you for reading and hope you'll enjoy what's to come. :)

Storymask · Author · Sep 22, 2019

Yes, to write.
To find the words that breathe life,
that sculpt the shapes of the imaginings buzzing round my brain.

To be dream stung.
injected by its inspirational toxin,
picture painting words flowing merrily merrily through my pen.

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    Yes, to write. To find the words that breathe life, that sculpt the shapes of the imaginings buzzing round my brain.

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