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Well-Known Author
Aug 11, 2021

Well-Known Author
Joined: Aug 11, 2021
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Nitsuga · May 8, 2024

Welp. Thats a bummer. I refresh the page everyday hoping Extra Nobody updates again and… yeah. Had a fun ride tho! Thank you for the fanfic. Let the daydreams bring out the endings. I might reread this someday as it is something close to heart.

TroyXD · May 9, 2024

Bro I feel your painclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Alfir · Author · May 11, 2024

Thanks, sorry for the pain

Nitsuga · May 11, 2024

But if you ever did get into writing again I am instantly going to assume you are depressed. At that I will hot you with my Happy Stick. No sexual innuendos here. Just a metal bat with a smiley face.

Take care, Alfir!

Or else ⊙_⊙

Alfir · Author · May 12, 2024

I will take care, thanks. Same to everyone who sees these words of mine!

the_onez3 · May 7, 2024

Does 'Hiatus, can't do this anymore' mean you won't ever be continuing EN anymore, or perhaps you are considering returning in the future?

Alfir · Author · May 7, 2024

Sorry, it is dead, I'll fix it up. Hiatus could be misleading.

Nitsuga · Mar 26, 2024

Just finished Extra Nobody (5 stars by the way) and can finally click on your name to read on your other works and… ohhh boy. You got a lot of words for a mortal being ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

Alfir · Author · Mar 26, 2024

Thanks! clear.png I am unsure when can I return to writing the TNE fanfic, so early apologies to you. Maybe once the semester starts again. Studying makes me depressed, and I have a tendency to enjoy writing when I am depressed.

Xuan-Wu · Feb 2, 2024


The moment I read the first chapter of Don't Let Tobi Out, I had a song stuck in my head. 

Who let the dogs out ? 

Perfectly match the lyrics when you sing it.

Alfir · Author · Feb 2, 2024

"Who let the dogs out?"
I did! clear.png

Alfir · Author · Jan 24, 2024

I just finished Volume 3 of Extra Nobody, check it out.

Mitra · Jan 24, 2024


Alfir · Author · Jan 24, 2024

Yeah, it has been stretched quite already

Alfir · Author · Dec 24, 2023

Hello! To my few followers, I am now beginning a new series. I think this one will be dope. Its title is The Timeskip Extra. It is about a guy obsessing over normalcy. It has romance, action, magic, and is also about raising a normal family! Check The Timeskip Extra here in SH! Merry Xmas!

Mitra · Dec 24, 2023

Merry Christmas. I will check it out later. I already added. I have exams too. So I guess i will stock up a bit and read them in be when I get free time. But I will still be active. 

Alfir · Author · Dec 24, 2023

Thanks! Merry Xmas too!

Mitra · Oct 11, 2023

No problem 

Mitra · Oct 11, 2023

No problem 

Mitra · Oct 11, 2023

Nah not a spoiler. I will just wait for the chapters

Alfir · Author · Oct 11, 2023

Okidoki. I would update my progress once a month on the fic page and on my profile. Since I had updated already this October, the next you would hear of me would be November. I would update my profile as early as the 1st of November. No promises though that I would be posting already by that time. My Time zone is based in the Philippines (GMT+8). Thank you for your patience. clear.png

Mitra · Oct 11, 2023

I see. Just don't lose motivation. You were writing well. It would be a shame if it got dropped. 

Alfir · Author · Oct 11, 2023

Thanks, I hear you. clear.png. If you want a spoiler and a bit of lip service, I uploaded something on Extra Nobody. You can check it out. 

Mitra · Oct 9, 2023

Are you going to continue uploading? 

Alfir · Author · Oct 9, 2023

Guilty as charged. I just finished my midterm exams. Not going to lie, I am having a hard time finding free time. The best I got is that I am proofreading Extra Nobody having rewritten it already from chapters 1 to 30. Its average word count was 1,600, but now it is about 1,700 Hopefully, before the year-end, I'll be able to post chapters for the next volume. 

Mitra · Sep 21, 2023

Good luck then, I am looking forward to the next volume. Not gonna lie, i am regularly checking for updates. 

Mitra · Sep 20, 2023

Oh, i see. Well this was written well

Alfir · Author · Sep 21, 2023

Thanks. Still not able to write the next volume, but I already have a direction in mind.  I think I would not be able to start writing in the first week of october since it will be midterms. I guess that is a heads up.

Alfir · Author · Sep 19, 2023
This was based on a prompt from the SH forum thread on how I would describe myself if I were in my novel... How to describe yourself in my Novel's Universe, thread by MintiLime.

(Based on The Novel's Extra Fanfic: Extra Nobody. Title: The Fanfic Author's Day Dreaming)

Alfir · Author · Sep 19, 2023

Dark hair. Glasses. Nerd. I was sure of it. There was no way in hell the main cast would look my way. I was an utter nobody who was so afraid of attention that I'd go as far as to act like a background character with measured steps.

Alfir · Author · Sep 19, 2023

Did I just cross my eyes with Shin Jonghak? Ah~ fuck! That was scary. I turned my eyes, fearing for my dear life. That guy was a delinquent rich asshole who'd if you got in the wrong step might actually kill you. It had been a year since the disappearance of our classmate Kim Hajin, and I was feeling scared for the fate of this world as I watched Hyon Hyung, an unknown character mingling with the main cast casually joking about pigs having more orgasm time than humans.

Alfir · Author · Sep 19, 2023

What was the dude's problem? What was I to do with my life? Should I wait for the uncertain epilogue or do something for myself in this wretched world for once? I only decided to stay here in Cube because I thought that I could have an easier life if I were to have a Hero License, but the thought of going to the dungeons scared me more and more the more chaotic this world became. 

Alfir · Author · Sep 19, 2023

(This was not canon. Me just having fun.)

anish44 · Sep 7, 2023

Thanks author. I am searching for you since you stopped unloading on wn. This novel is one of my favourite works. Thanks for restarting it agsin

Alfir · Author · Sep 7, 2023

You are welcome, and thank you for your continued patronizing of my work: How to Cultivate a Game. I planned to rewrite it, but I decided not to do it on WN, and I could not bring myself to advertise rewriting it on SH through WN. So, thank you!

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