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Rising Author
Aug 15, 2021

Rising Author
Joined: Aug 15, 2021
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Gthamsrim · Nov 23, 2021

I like your stories, keep on writing.clear.pngclear.png

sofyaleblanc · Nov 30, 2021

yeah, agree!

Western42 · Nov 3, 2021

Same thing happened to me. You know what you should do? You should just ignore that person. In the first place, if they don't like how you write, well that's on them. Just keeping being you.

Carpio · Author · Oct 31, 2021

So I'm gonna vent a little here. I just got my first review and it ain't that good. A lot of it makes sense, but it still is a blow to my ego I guess. I mean, of course, I'm an amateur author, what do people expect. I don't know every rule of writing out there, nor can I perfectly perform them. I'm way out of my comfort zone here and of course, I'm going to make a lot of mistakes. Heck, it's my first time writing a full-blown story rather than an essay for school.

Carpio · Author · Oct 31, 2021

I had an idea and unlike previous ideas, I decided to act on it and do something about it instead of forgetting about it. And of course, the story is generic this far. At this point almost nothing isn't generic. Heck, the entire isekai genre is generic. And before you assume I am going to drop the story, I have no intentions of doing so. Sometimes you may see long breaks due to sickness or midterms and finals, but I do plan to finish it.

Carpio · Author · Oct 31, 2021

I mean I like getting criticism, as it can help me grow, but this feels demeaning and at the same time criticizes me for things much harder to change like the entire plot. Though what the critic says is mostly true, I just wanna disagree with him entirely as it's a low blow to my pride.

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