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Jan 2, 2019

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I'm a wandering beggar...

VirtuousSinner · May 28, 2024

Hi Nneeil, I wanted to ask something from you since you had posted your book Paranoia on RoyalRoad before and from what I understood it was incest. So will there be problem in posting an incest fic on RoyalRoad? Thanks in advance.

Nneeil · Author · May 28, 2024

Hi, yes - RR isn't what it used to be. They initially rejected my novel exactly because it was 'incest'. I had to circumvent the issue by uploading a sfw novel, and once it was approved, I changed the cover, the tags, and the blurb. Then again, it might depend on which staff member gets their hands on your work. Maybe you'll have more luck than me.

VirtuousSinner · May 28, 2024

Thanks. Is there any chance it may be taken down in future if it was initially approved?

Nneeil · Author · May 28, 2024

They never took mine down. They would have to report it first for that to happen I guess. Just put a warning on the first chapter of your story after it has been approved. I don't think most readers know that incest is not technically allowed, or at least incest + sexual content. 

So I don't think anyone would actually report it. Either way, I recommend you to post your story on Webnovel as well - they're more tolerant of this stuff. 

VirtuousSinner · May 29, 2024

Thanks. That was very helpful. It was too difficult to get appropriate information regarding this topic from the internet.

Readerofharemandsmut · May 17, 2024

Greetings fellow cultured gentleman 

craenix · May 6, 2024

author. are you ok? do you plan on continuing keep it in the family?

Nneeil · Author · May 7, 2024

Hello! Yes, it's not dropped. I've just been super focused on finalizing the last few things for my upcoming fanfiction - based on My Landlady Noona (not sure if you know of it). It's another pornhwa, basically. It'll be officially released next week. I'll make an announcement when the time comes. Keep it in the Family is definitely not dropped. Updates will resume once I have a clear writing schedule I can follow for both stories. Thank you for dropping by :)

craenix · May 7, 2024

glad to hear you're coming back! i quite enjoyed your version of secret story compared to the manhwa. i'll be waiting for the my landlady noona story as well. take care buddy clear.png

Nneeil · Author · Dec 14, 2023

Next chapter of Trapped is almost done. You can expect it either tomorrow or the coming few days. clear.png

MimiBellai · Dec 14, 2023


Twink_Buster_1 · Dec 5, 2023

Is your story "Trapped" still being updated or has it been abandoned?

Nneeil · Author · Dec 5, 2023

Not abandoned. Next chapter is being written. :)

Twink_Buster_1 · Dec 5, 2023

Oh! i see

raygart · Aug 22, 2023

I hope you're fine and whatever problem that are bothering you get resolved as quickly as possible because I want to read your works

raygart · Sep 10, 2023

Thank you so much author, for not forgetting your recent novel 

Nneeil · Author · Sep 10, 2023

'Course not. clear.png

MimiBellai · Aug 20, 2023

Just asking, is Trapped on a hiatus or is it dropped, cause I like the story and hope you would continue it.

Nneeil · Author · Aug 20, 2023

Momentarily on hiatus. I'm planning on continuing it though clear.png

MimiBellai · Aug 21, 2023


raygart · Aug 20, 2023

Finally, the worst event happens, the author forgets his work called "keep it in the family"

Nneeil · Author · Aug 20, 2023

Haven't forgotten about it, my friend. Next chapter is in progress and almost done. Life is getting in the way, but I should be able to post it sometime next week or the one after. Sorry for the inconvenience clear.png

cart7i · Mar 11, 2023

Author…. Chapters pleaseclear.png

AzureFlame · Jun 17, 2022

clear.pngAuthor-sama when Paranoia update? 

Nneeil · Author · Jun 17, 2022

Honestly, I don't know. Work has been taking up a lot of my time recently. I'm hoping to get the updates rolling before Christmas, but I'm not sure. It depends on how much I can get done by then. clear.png

Twiz · Jun 9, 2022

Yo madlad whats happened, u good?? When u gonna update?? Love ur shit BTW clear.pngclear.png

Nneeil · Author · Jun 10, 2022

Yo bro, I'm good. Just busy with work atm. Don't know when I'm gonna update, I'm stocking up chappies, you see. clear.png

Nneeil · Author · May 20, 2022

A quick reminder to you all. Paranoia has NOT been dropped. In fact, I'm working on the new chapters. I don't know when they'll be posted though. clear.png 

AzureFlame · May 21, 2022

clear.pngclear.png update soon pls

Umay · May 22, 2022

HELP! Please end my suffering!

Next chaps pleaseclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Hellson · May 11, 2022

so did you drop trapped??

Nneeil · Author · May 11, 2022

Huh, no. I'm still working on it. And Paranoia too. 

AzureFlame · Apr 1, 2022

Come back clear.png

Nneeil · Author · Apr 1, 2022

Patience, my child. UwU

Nneeil · Author · Oct 7, 2021

Love your SCOG fanfic bro clear.pngclear.png

HappyVainGlory · Oct 7, 2021

Glad to hear it! Thank you for reading!

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    I'm a wandering beggar...

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