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Aug 30, 2021

Joined: Aug 30, 2021
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Ffnet: princespeachesandcream
AO3: kuroinamida91
Wattpad: kuroinamida91

Illustrator/ writer
Passion for reverse harem/otome

Yuumakuga · 9 hours ago

Only 3 God I know Reimu has able use they power from Touhou 

1 Hakurei God. able her use /Divine Holy Powers/Aura Manipulation/ /Ability Float/teleport/barriers/seals/amulets/spells card/

2 Oomagatsumi-no-kami (God of the Great Calamities) is an amalgamation of two gods of impurity.

3 God fortune. Able read fortune people. There limit of it able to tell. 

Let's add God from Xenoverse. 

4 Beerus Hakai and Ultra Instinct.

Kuroinamida91 · Author · 43 mins ago

I'll have to see what I can fit within the plot to be sure.

There will need to be limits of course, or one person would dominate the entire battles etc and make the z warriors pretty useless!

We can't have that heh

Yuumakuga · 15 hours ago

@Kuroinamida91 Indeed Whis very bussy 

Later arc story for sure Whis come back with Beerus for food surprise shock they notice Reimu channeling Gensokyo's God's and Hakurei God power summon them into her body with calm movement. Angel Whis notice she might Potential reach Ultra Instinct 

 Jesus Christianity exist in Touhou to

Yuumakuga · 15 hours ago

Yorihime can summon different God's in her body. Source: Silent Sinner in Blue - Ch. 16, page 24.

Angel Whis need Teach Reimu she not Master yet Channeling God's in her Body and Teach her Ultra Instinct order master she need fully calmness.

Beerus might Contract with Reimu she might able use God of Destruction power started to Imagine if she Contract to Zeno.clear.pngclear.png

Yuumakuga · Aug 8, 2022

You welcome Kuroinamida91

Oh my God. Stupid me Why I forgot this last one most Importantly.

Instant Dimensional Rift. Creates a body double from amulets to evade attacks. If the double takes hits, it releases a barrage of amulets. Best used at close range.

Yuumakuga · Aug 8, 2022

Treasure Sign "Yin-Yang Treasured Orb" and Holy Relic "Yin-Yang Kishin Orb" Both palm of her hand only difference That Holy Relic "Yin-Yang Kishin Orb" for Long Range can turn into Giant ball same large mountain size and can turn small size it's depend how much Power Reimu gonna use.

She use it That Holy Relic "Yin-Yang Kishin Orb" Power to beat Human Sakuya Maid with her Mistress Vampire Remilia Scarlet and Flandre Scarlet.

Yuumakuga · Aug 7, 2022

I think this is enough reason is task for Reimu and Marisa complete now and Story will be good for sure and I be not add more.

I been 7 comment today to advised story 

Good luck Kuroinamida91 👍 

Kuroinamida91 · Author · Aug 7, 2022

Thanks, yuumakuga! 

Yuumakuga · Aug 7, 2022

I Think you can put your Own version Reimu and Marisa by Add Power from Dragon Ball Super. 

Example Human Reimu can learn Ultra Instinct she calming type even Anyone can learn it. Reimu Channel Power Of God's and Her Ultra Instinct That will be Op. clear.png

Marisa can take path Power of Time let Kaioshin of Time Chronoa teach her about Time and Divine power  make her  Mini-Hakkero Boost Up. clear.png

Yuumakuga · Aug 7, 2022

Reimu and Marisa both of them Rival They Similar to Goku and Vegeta. 

Only difference Reimu and Marisa friendly each other. I look in salvationhope comment I got interested If Reimu become Future Warrior 1 and Marisa Future Warrior 2.
Rhuda need Friendship girls I think Reimu and Marisa they are friendly make Rhuda courage up more.
Yuumakuga · Aug 7, 2022

There Third Marisa 

Marisa Kirisame (Witch of Scarlet Dreams)

Alter Spark and Garnet Star

Each Parallel World Marisa take own path 

Yuumakuga · Aug 7, 2022

Don't let you confuse There two Kind Marisa I put in Link use different  power name. same time power are same but in different way. Original one can flight with no broom

One from Original Time Line using Original Love Sign "Master Spark and Comet "Blazing Star". 

 Parallel World version from Gacha Game Online This one Using Proto Spark and Prototype Blazing Star.

Kuroinamida91 · Author · Aug 7, 2022

okay thank you for the heads up!

Yuumakuga · Aug 7, 2022

Reimu correct ability name. in Anime name are wrong.

Boundary "Duplex Danmaku Barrier".

Divine Spirit "Fantasy Seal".

Holy Relic "Yin-Yang Kishin Orb".

"Fantasy Nature".

Yuumakuga · Aug 5, 2022

clear.png Why I forgot This one Kirisame Magic Store She Create selling Different Items example potion and serum antidote can help Goku team in fight. Marisa She Crafting Material weapon upgrade part of her Item Weapon Mini-Hakkero make Strong Damage Master Spark in battle.

Similar to Atelier games. 

Kirisame Magic Shop There 5 story guild you and story not to long

Yuumakuga · Aug 5, 2022

Imagine Chronoa Kaioshin of Time teach Marisa about her Divine Crafting and Put her Goddess power in Mini-Hakkero able use different Kaioshin of Time power.

Lol Marisa able Time Travel and Time Stop/Time Reverse/Dimensional Traveler.

Yuumakuga · Aug 2, 2022

Forgot most important thing About Reimu Hakurei. I put two page comment.

Purification rod.

Yin-Yang Orb. different version to Classic or Remake.

Ofuda can hurt or seal /Youkai/ Human and Other Mortal Race /God/ this best seal for God Zamasu. clear.png

Yuumakuga · Aug 2, 2022

Spell card.

Hakurei God. The one give Reimu Divine Power Reimu can get Other Gods Divine Power even they not Main God of Reimu by Contracts are formed

Rinnosuke Morichika. Kourindou Antique store The One sell Super Natural Items from Reimu and Marisa. Imagine If he sell this in Xenoverse Conton City for sure many people will buy it. 

Yuumakuga · Aug 1, 2022

Some Touhou Story Magic broom by Marisa is It was originally a normal broom just for display. clear.png

It was originally a normal broom, but sprouted leaves as a side effect of Marisa using it for magic. Whether she actually needs her broom to fly or if it's just for show is unconfirmed.It was originally a normal broom, but sprouted leaves as a side effect of Marisa using it for magic. Whether she actually needs her broom to fly or if it's just for show is unconfirmed.

Yuumakuga · Aug 1, 2022

 Story are nice having Mc struggle in life never give up become strong later. 

I notice in comment in chapters salvationhope lack knowledge in touhou  I put comment there help you two not get confused, For sure I put here to. 

This my knowledge not confused you, 9 abilities of Reimu and Channeling Gods.

Kuroinamida91 · Author · Aug 1, 2022

Thanks! I'll check those links out.

clear.png my hope is for rhuda to have a happy new life with her new Saiyan family 

Yuumakuga · Aug 1, 2022

You welcome  Another info for Marisa number 6 abilities spells and number 7 ability Master Spark is tool  shoot Magic beam look like Kamekameha and number 8 ability Magic broom make her flight.

Marisa love reading Book Magics If Chronoa teach her Divine Powers and Bulma teach her about science make her strong.

salvationhope · Aug 1, 2022

Yuumakuga I don't know That Master Spark is Mini-Hakkero

Kuroinamida91 Thanks for being humble and polite I will not ask more Touhou characters,  Only Reimu and Marisa I know is complicated asking more 

salvationhope · Jul 12, 2022

Both of your Series are good 

Kuroinamida91 · Author · Jul 12, 2022

Aww thank you 🥰

Kuroinamida91 · Author · Jul 11, 2022

Somebody go to work for me ;-; I need about fifty years of sleep 😴

salvationhope · Jul 12, 2022

Good luck 

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