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Rising Author
Aug 30, 2021

Rising Author
Joined: Aug 30, 2021
Followers: 19
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Comments: 342

Ffnet: princespeachesandcream
AO3: kuroinamida91
Wattpad: kuroinamida91

Illustrator/ writer
Passion for reverse harem/otome

genzaikei · Feb 15, 2024

Thanks Goodness 

Able Finish the last one

genzaikei · Feb 8, 2024

Add new Transformation for Gohan   

How they manage Summon New God, This one very important 

Info About Suzaku Seikun, God of Love and New God Sunmon. How to  use they Power 

You need to read the Inbox pleaseclear.png

genzaikei · Jan 27, 2024

Already completed

genzaikei · Jan 8, 2024

98 % only 2 % left become 100%

I make all power easy understand the way you like and make little novel How Reimu and Marisa They Face Beyond Challenge 

Old Two Power and Last Two New Power I turn it into Mjolnir with style enchanted Worthy or Unworthy Only Make Other Shine and Unlock new power 

Kuroinamida91 · Author · Jan 24, 2024

:0 interesting!

genzaikei · Jan 2, 2024

All power are fine now no mistake and I put story look like I create little novel story check it tell me what you think about it 

genzaikei · Dec 30, 2023

Wait don't tell me you telling me cut those other error old part and replace with All new part are ready use and balance now and Create new Inbox 

Will I try Because we already achieved Our goal, Not sure If I Manage Finish Inbox just 1 day Maybe I Finish it 2 day or 3 day Because all powers are complete now only problem I need cut some other old part replace it with ready part, I will be little bussy because New Year But I try finish it

genzaikei · Dec 30, 2023

Did you know about Dragon Ball Daima TV Series 2024   

At last I found right full video How Shallot unlock his Super Saiyan Blue with no past talking but this one slow talk, unlike previous video I put the player click botton very past   

Take me lot time found this

Kuroinamida91 · Author · Dec 31, 2023

Yes, once again I had an idea for turning everyone to kids and here it is before I can implement it… years ago, I came up with earrring for destructive power as well as cell returning stronger!! I think maybe I’m such a big fan that I’m reading Akiras mind now haha!! clear.pngI will have to scrap kid idea. 

genzaikei · Dec 29, 2023

 I check it your drawing is Webtoon and Otome style drawing It's cool 

Kuroinamida91 · Author · Dec 29, 2023

Yay I am glad you like it. I was also inspired by the anime spy x family for the way they do hair. 

genzaikei · Dec 29, 2023

Has been long time Maybe you already know this Shallot Super Saiyan Blue from Dragon Ball Legend

Kuroinamida91 · Author · Dec 29, 2023

Will watch. Bed time now!! clear.png

Kuroinamida91 · Author · Dec 29, 2023

Updating this story 2024 once I have chapter three done of WEBTOON—-Patreon acct will be linked to show support & will have special content available! 

genzaikei · Dec 29, 2023

Thanks for info and All this power are ready use, Is balance now has been wait long time for you and What you think Kuroinamida91

I notice right now I put wrong comment there DLCHAD I Fix Into DLC for Game 

Kuroinamida91 · Author · Dec 29, 2023

Recent news: WEBTOON and deviant reveal, new art coming. Full color, my own style. Look for first chapter (which is done) February! TikTok had content: frozerose99

genzaikei · Aug 11, 2023

This time find way now by calm my mind, Check This in Inbox, Message  bellow down the name 

Long time calm my mind I found my answer and real fix Thanks to God

salvationhope · May 9, 2023

@Kuroinamida91 Some one comment me don't tell his name this forum channel, He and Me give each other idea but now that person he find better answer 

He said to me he the one give you full report all new power for Shallot, Trunks, Rhuda, Reimu, He talk about skill game Can give other I don't know about that 

new change he want me and you both shock, He put side effect for new power and how use them in fight 

He said want put it simple way 

Kuroinamida91 · Author · Apr 28, 2023

I appreciate the help in writing, my lovely friends and sorry for the delay in updates. I don't have much time, but will update as soon as I can. Also, I want to ensure that I understand the new powers for everyone. I'm very confused about them, to be honest. I don't know how I will work them into the story currently, as this arc is almost finished. (Game master arc) but if I do not use them in this arc, it will be the next one.clear.pngclear.png 

Kuroinamida91 · Author · Apr 28, 2023

This arc has been the hardest for me to write. I apologize. From the beginning to now, I wanted to give fans the illusion they are watching the show. My love for dragon ball pushed me to write fanfiction. Love and fighting. A weak to strong Saiyan female. 

Kuroinamida91 · Author · Apr 28, 2023

Rhuda was born.

I hope to publish the web manga onto deviant art very soon. I am working on the license for clip studio next week. (Costs money) but that program is the easiest for me, as well as my iPad air 5 with apple pen. clear.pngclear.png these things were bought special just for the manga.

Kuroinamida91 · Author · Apr 28, 2023

Thank you for everything and I hope to give you a good show.

salvationhope · Apr 28, 2023

I complete Trunks, Chisato, Shallot, New Transform Power 

There some people want them become strong, You can check now @Kuroinamida91 you like it from message 

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    Illustrator/ writer
    Passion for reverse harem/otome

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