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Sep 3, 2021

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Sep 3, 2021
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BattlerY · Sep 16, 2023

Hi. I want to start a Fates Parallel, but before that I had a couple of questions, the answers to which I did not find in the description / reviews.

1) Is the romance part any good and how it is woven into the story? Based on my experience with Chinese Xianxia, it often happens that this part can be safely cut out of the work and novel will not lose in quality/integrity.
2) And since this is yuri, I can't help but ask, is this a normal yuri or a futa-yuri?
DarkTechnomancer · Author · Sep 16, 2023

The relationship between the two leads is an integral part of the story and is also part of their cultivation. It's not what I would call a romance story, but it's a character driven story and the relationships definitely aren't just tacked on. As for whether it's good or not, well I'm kind biased, no?

As for point two, the story has no explicit sexual content whatsoever. The leads are written as cisgender women, but ultimately it's up to the interpretation of the reader.

BattlerY · Sep 17, 2023

Thanks for answering. Seems fine by me. I'll give it a try.

CatButNot · Mar 20, 2023

I love this story. Just caught up after a week of binging the whole thing. Keep up the good work.clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

DarkTechnomancer · Author · Mar 20, 2023

Thank you so much! clear.png

Teken · May 25, 2022

Just finished the first audiobook and preordered the second, this is hands down the best cultivation novel I've read so far

DarkTechnomancer · Author · May 25, 2022


Aster_Vulpes · Mar 16, 2022

i just noticed that you offer a paper back version on amazon, and wanted to let you know that i will be buying every single volume that you release like that (i preffer phisical books on a shelf)! :3

DarkTechnomancer · Author · Mar 16, 2022

Thank you! The typesetting is a little small on the first book, but I'm gonna try to get that fixed for the next one. clear.png

Xeno_King · Nov 11, 2021

Hi here's a cookieclear.png

DarkTechnomancer · Author · Nov 12, 2021

Thanks clear.png

Xeno_King · Oct 13, 2021

I got a question will this be finish on scribblehub before you put it on kindle

DarkTechnomancer · Author · Oct 13, 2021

The part going on kindle soon is only the stuff before chapter 34. The second volume is already finished, but likely won't be going up until January at the earliest. I intend to have the webnovel version of each book completely published for a period of at least a month before each kindle release.

Xeno_King · Oct 14, 2021

Oh ok thx u I was worried clear.png

FoxxieFox · Sep 23, 2021

Welcome to ScribbleHub!

DarkTechnomancer · Author · Sep 23, 2021


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