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Sep 13, 2021

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Sep 13, 2021
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My novel will certainly be wish fulfilment ones so don't come if you want heavy drama..

Svneighter · Author · May 4, 2022

Sorry for the delay but I totally forgot about my assignment. As soon as I finish it I will upload the next chapter. Well, it's almost done so I hope I can drop one off tomorrow. clear.pngclear.png

Degoneth · Apr 24, 2022

Deleting one and uploading two more? What are you doing @Svneighter? The synopsis of one of them made me afraid, you know which one. 

Svneighter · Author · Apr 24, 2022

Yeah, I know. But that novel was lying in my drive for half a year so I decided to upload it now. I deleted a novel because it was getting over the top. 

Don't worry, what I hate won't be added to my novel. I just wanted to pursue the non- vanilla route and see how far I can go.

Svneighter · Author · Apr 19, 2022

I need help!

Except for 'My perfect yandere, which novel I should focus on more? clear.png

Chillfire02 · Apr 20, 2022

From an Author's point of view, I'd say the one with most traffic.

From a fun pov, I'd say the one you enjoy writing the most.

From your patreon pov, I'd say whatever they want the most.

From my personal pov, I'd say "Stealing spotlight of protagonist!" as I like it's concept and characters.

At the end, how about checking which novel is the answer for each of the first 3 suggestions I gave, then prioritizing the order of updating them based on their pov's importance to you.

Good luck~clear.png

Svneighter · Author · Mar 31, 2022

Sickness hijacked my thought process. Chapters will be delayed. Sorry for the inconvenience. Sayonara~clear.png

LemonSoup14 · Apr 1, 2022

Get well soon author chanclear.pngclear.png

Degoneth · Apr 1, 2022

Take care of yourself. Hope you get well soon.

Ruizu · Mar 13, 2022

Congratulations!! Mr author your series is number 1 on trendingclear.png

Svneighter · Author · Mar 13, 2022

Yeah I also saw that. Thank you clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

diaporesis · Mar 3, 2022

Do you have a discord server?

Svneighter · Author · Mar 3, 2022

Nope. But I am thinking to create one 

diaporesis · Mar 3, 2022

Let me know if you do.

Ramiris · Feb 16, 2022

No more updates from *stealing spotlight of protagonist?*

Ramiris · Feb 16, 2022

Yo tori nice seeing you almost everywhere lmao HAHAHAA

SivlasX · Feb 12, 2022

The unconditional love of my sensei! 

Heyo author why did you delete this novel? I thought it was on pause..... ☹️

Svneighter · Author · Feb 12, 2022

Experimental and rushed. Only two words to reason for my action.

Svneighter · Author · Feb 12, 2022

I am going to write a new novel, halting all previous novels for now. It will majorly be similar to my most loved novel ' Living with spoiling Queen'. The reason that I am not continuing that novel is that I have done some mistakes in that one. Anyway, I hope you guys will support my new work. I will write at least 20 chapter before reviewing whether people are liking or not. 

Ruizu · Feb 12, 2022

When will you post the new novel mr author?? 

Ruizu · Feb 9, 2022

Hello mr author, its been a while. I hope your doing fine

Svneighter · Author · Feb 12, 2022

I am fine thank you. Um...i need suggestion. Should I continue my old novel or start a fresh one. I am only able to write one chapter in two days so there is only one novel I can handle. 

Ruizu · Feb 12, 2022

Uhmm, I want you to continue your old novels, specifically the 'Living with the spoiling queen' mr author, but if you want you, can start a new novel.

Ruizu · Dec 20, 2021

Mr author when are you going to start uploading new chapters? 

Svneighter · Author · Dec 7, 2021

I am going to write another novel with yandere FML so cheer up and please keep supporting me. I know many of you liked my previous novels but I really want to make something which doesn't seems likes I am dragging it to no end. So bear with the immature writer and keep supporting as you guys always do.clear.png

Svneighter · Author · Dec 7, 2021

My novel 'Living with a spoiling queen' is going like a drag and I am feeling that I will loose the motivation very soon. I was not able to write any chapter since a week . So sorry my readers I am gonna add a hiatus tag on that too...clear.png

Ruizu · Dec 7, 2021

clear.pngclear.png I hope you can continue writing Living with a spoiling queen and All for you in the future Mr. author, Good luck and have fun writing, I'll be waiting for the new chapter.

Svneighter · Author · Dec 4, 2021

My novel ' All for you' is now on hiatus because of two reasons.

First, I didn't got much response I was expecting .

Second, I am going to write a new rom com novel

Ruizu · Dec 4, 2021

clear.png well I hope you continue all for you in the future, will wait for the new chapterclear.png

And good luck with the new rom com novel Mr author

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    My novel will certainly be wish fulfilment ones so don't come if you want heavy drama..

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