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Well-Known Author
Sep 22, 2021

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Sep 22, 2021
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werewolf1987 · May 8, 2024

do you post this [I Only Want to Enjoy Life But My Little Sister Want Me to be King] on webnovel too ? 

werewolf1987 · May 7, 2024

love the new story ^^

Taylor_Herbert · Author · Mar 20, 2024

Sorry for the lack of update. My job takes all of my time and combines it with my being diagnosed with Steatohepatitis; it takes a lot of my time. I need to exercise, cook food that the doctor told me to eat and drink all the medication the doctor gave me... yeah. It tired me physically and mentally. I am sorry.

LegoRvB · Mar 20, 2024

Don't care about any of that (that being written stuff). All I good care about is you doing alright. So take care man.

LegoRvB · Mar 5, 2024

You doing alright now?

Taylor_Herbert · Author · Mar 20, 2024

It is finally calming down now. My job takes all my time, I am sorry. Thank you for asking and sorry for the late reply.

Noopsy · Nov 24, 2023

clear.pngMasih idup ? 

werewolf1987 · Nov 30, 2021

i hope u can catch up to webnovel posting :( that site goes shit again cant read any new chapter u have :(((

Taylor_Herbert · Author · Dec 1, 2021

Sorry about that. I've been very busy lately. After I have some free time, I will update my story here.

werewolf1987 · Dec 2, 2021

Thank you :) and love your novel too :)

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