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Famous Author
Dec 23, 2021

Famous Author
Joined: Dec 23, 2021
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I am a bit of a nerd if i am being honest. I like reading and learning lore from video games. I loved playing magic the gathering and yugioh. I am the author of two stories located on webnovel. And despite my body rejecting it i love to eat rich and spicy foods.

Draconis · 14 hours ago

You might want to mark HP: Ring maker as complete most of my acquaintances that use scribble hub don't even bother looking at anything not marked that way to avoid "The reader's curse"

Kyato · Jun 23, 2024

Man, how do you get all these audience aye yo? You livin' my dream bozz! Wish my book could do the sameclear.png

Loskro1 · Author · Jun 23, 2024

No secret really, I just write and hope for the best.

WanderingMerlin · May 7, 2024

Really enjoy your stories read anomaly caught up on ringmaker and gonna start journey soon. 

Had a thought and wanted to see what u could do with it. Marvel x Yu-Gi-Oh with a dash of cardcaptor sakura and maybe harry potter

Insertion point would be during dormmamu's incursion. Dimensional collision between duel monster spirit realm and earth. 

MC would have knowledge of characters items and places of interest(that they exist not where they are) but no knowledge of the timeline  

WanderingMerlin · May 7, 2024

The HP connection would be there to explain why they know about the magical world(i.e. squib) and it would give u a pool of power hungry nutjobs to pull from

As for powers equipment summoning and making them able to invoke the effect/summon the monster outside of a deul

Loskro1 · Author · May 7, 2024

The issue is the setting and how massive it is. Marvel has an insane amount of lore and character in it as well as timelines and history that I would need to know and understand. Add on yu-gi-oh and it's just way too much for me personally. Don't get me wrong it sounds awesome but just not something I could do right.

WanderingMerlin · May 7, 2024

To put it in perspective when i say marvel im thinking MCU with a dash of x-men wich doesnt seem complicated to me but i see where your coming from

Draconis · 14 hours ago

You might shoot this idea at azazyel he a commission based author but I enjoy almost all of his work and the two ideas I know were commissioned at first with only a few chapters were picked up and carried by other people that liked the premise 

MadKingMidas · Mar 27, 2024

Greatly enjoying Harry Potter: The Ringmaker. I had to get used to the occasional odd word usage, and the typos, but the exceptional story shines through. I really adore Nick's personality. I couldn't find a patreon to get advanced chapters, so I'm just sitting here refreshing constantly. 

Loskro1 · Author · Mar 28, 2024

Google Loskro, it is like the first thing that pops up 

YourLocalChairCultist · Jan 8, 2024

god, you are a writing MACHINE. somehow, you are getting two semi-decently sized chapters out every day while most other authors can't even get one out every week!

Loskro1 · Author · Jan 8, 2024

The secret ingredient is advanced stockpiling. I always have extra chapters saved up.

YourLocalChairCultist · Jan 9, 2024

yes, but you gotta replace dem stockpile chappies with new ones, so you are still writing on average two a day

H3lios · Dec 15, 2023

will there be any romance in ring maker?

i am still at start and great read so far.😁

Loskro1 · Author · Dec 15, 2023

Maybe still kinda too early for it at the moment.

GalacticPanda · Dec 27, 2023

wouldn't the romantic interest need to be at least ageless like him to start to catch his eye anyway?

Rude27 · Sep 25, 2023

Hey author I just went on a couple day binger reading Ringmaker and I have to say it’s soooo good!!I think the gradual mixing of different mythologies and the Lotr lore included make this so good and I can actually see this flowing smoothly in HP world cannon even the system is okay it’s not to pushy not to… non existent it’s just right and I kinda like that it’s not infallible and had to “update” to deal with him changing things overall this is is really good thanks!!!!

Loskro1 · Author · Sep 25, 2023

Happy you have enjoyed it 😁

Weedle · Sep 24, 2023

So going though my daily scroll through my tabs I've unknowingly read or are reading all of your novels. They have been fantastic and have recommended a few to friends for ones they might enjoy. Thanks for the amazing content and regular updates! clear.png

Loskro1 · Author · Sep 24, 2023

They have all had their challenges to write. I've learnt a lot from each of them and I like to think it shows in my newer works.

Weedle · Sep 24, 2023

It does, they've been a real treat to read. Seeing authors grow from their early work to their current stuff is always fun and exciting. You see a lot of the finished work but not everything that went into making it. A lot of stuff in the background has a lot of pull that readers don't see or hear.

Weedle · Sep 24, 2023

My buddy started on rr and became a published author some stuff he went through was being diagnosed with adhd, death in the family and pets, bouts of depression,deciding whether to be a full time author or keep his job but caring fans, beta reads, his publisher, his friends and family helped a lot. It was something to see an author go from nothing but multiple scrapped ideas and bad grammar and sentence structure to full paperback published books that allow him to do what he loves. 

Weedle · Sep 24, 2023

I wish you all the best, and just wanted you to know that the readers are watching you grow as well and are noticing your hard work! 

Neol · Aug 16, 2023

(⁠ ⁠╹⁠▽⁠╹⁠ ⁠) new series?? 

Loskro1 · Author · Aug 16, 2023

Yep I have ADHD and couldn't focus only only one story.

Neol · Aug 16, 2023


YoufellforitFOOL · Jun 15, 2023

Hello! You wouldn't happen to have a discord or something for you stories would you? Just wondering :P

Anyways, I'm a big fan, keep up the good work! :D

YoufellforitFOOL · Jun 15, 2023

Nvm lol, just looked at the other messages and saw the answer to the discord question xD

Mr.GrimDeathReaper · Jun 5, 2023

I just wanna say you are insane, in a good way, out of all my time here which isn’t much but my reading list speaks for itself not counting the hidden ones, you are among the few authors I can say, are really damn good, don’t be modest about anything, your writing style is amazing and I’ve only read one of your stories but Damn 2 chapters a day on average? That’s more than a lot of people can say…

Mr.GrimDeathReaper · Jun 5, 2023

just saying, don’t die like the rest of them it always seems like the good authors with they’re grand stories fall so soon. So I hope you don’t have any plans to leave us, but if you do, like the rest,I shall wait… (Had to bypass the 500 character limit lol)

Vagabond · Apr 4, 2023

Maybe you should write a book with multiple reincarnated people some day, see what they do. Your current stories are great though.

Loskro1 · Author · Apr 4, 2023

An interesting idea but rather hard to pull off without flipping between a different characters pov each chapter.

Shira-Ori · Mar 24, 2023

What’s the difference between the alternate version and the original?

Loskro1 · Author · Mar 25, 2023

Better grammar, a slower paced story and a more balanced system

Sansfan888 · Dec 1, 2022

OK, i have seen the whole R.O.B acronym before, a lot of times actually, but don't know exactly what it means, can you explain please? good story's by the way.

Loskro1 · Author · Dec 1, 2022

Random omnipotent being or R.O.B for short

Disreality · Nov 18, 2022

Do you have a discord?

Loskro1 · Author · Nov 18, 2022

I do not.

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    I am a bit of a nerd if i am being honest. I like reading and learning lore from video games. I loved playing magic the gathering and yugioh. I am the author of two stories located on webnovel. And despite my body rejecting it i love to eat rich and spicy foods.

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