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Feb 10, 2022

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Well-Known Author
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Joined: Feb 10, 2022
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I can be Horny or I can be a Gentleman.
I can be both if we are on the same bed.

Himiko913 · Jun 21, 2023

Looking forward to more chapters on your Tokyo Ghoul fanficclear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

Horny_Gentleman · Author · Jun 21, 2023

I'm currently only writing my One piece fan fic so you'll have to unfortunately wait for a while until it's completed before I take up Tokyo ghoul fanfic once again.

Soul_Sin · Jan 7, 2023

Sin here, I just wanted to say that 'Odyssey! A Fantasy Turned Reality[LitRPG]' has been quite a good read so far. I'll be looking forward to more chapters in the future. Thank you.

Horny_Gentleman · Author · Jan 7, 2023

Thank you for being here! 

It's heart warming to know that you enjoyed reading it so far. I'll be making sure that you'll have more chapters to look forward to in the future.

Pxzmen · Sep 8, 2022

i must say i have read in the naruto world since it out and there is a lot of stuff to think about like the system , future like the great ninja war 4 and it end kinda fast with a lot waste . You should try to write long novel Horny_Gbalancemani<200 chapter novel or above> , I bet alot of one will like it. Thank for the story :>> hope for better novel .

Horny_Gentleman · Author · Sep 8, 2022

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yea I could have done it a lot better but welp is what it is. I'll do my best to do a better job from next time.

Horny_Gentleman · Author · May 3, 2022

I'll be taking a Hiatus from writing from today onwards till 13th of June. Gotta prepare for semester exams.

· May 4, 2022


TheDerpieGod · Apr 18, 2022

Wow, your story blew up all of a sudden. Its on trending.

Very inspiring.

Horny_Gentleman · Author · Apr 18, 2022


Grizzly18 · Mar 18, 2022

Hey so reading your Naruto story like the premise and your execution. It’s just the lewd scenes. Canonically Naruto is like 12 so him having sex already is a little well weird unless I missed a “characters are older/age of consent is lower” intro somewhere.

Grizzly18 · Mar 18, 2022

 Especially with Tsunami if that happened in real life it wouldn’t be cool the other stuff is masturbation I wouldn’t be surprised to see in an 18+ version of Naruto but in one were he’s 12 it’s just wrong 😑. Either way enjoy the writing style can’t wait for another chapter.

Horny_Gentleman · Author · Mar 18, 2022

I remember writing that the bodies of ninja's are different than normal humans in the chapter where Tsunami thing happened. I believe that's enough.

Grizzly18 · Mar 18, 2022

I don’t know about that but it’s your show I guess

MAD8HAM · Feb 20, 2022

really like the story 

do you have a release schedule  

Horny_Gentleman · Author · Feb 20, 2022

Not really now, it was 2 chaps in 1day before now I'm busy so will take time to create a schedule depending upon how busy i am

MAD8HAM · Feb 20, 2022

thanks for the reply

i shall wait i guess

Horny_Gentleman · Author · Feb 18, 2022

No releases for a while. Thank you for reading till now.

EMado37 · Feb 12, 2022

Thank you for reading my story! clear.png

Horny_Gentleman · Author · Feb 12, 2022

You're welcome clear.png

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    I can be Horny or I can be a Gentleman.
    I can be both if we are on the same bed.

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