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Feb 14, 2022

Joined: Feb 14, 2022
Followers: 19
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MakishimaShogo Feb 8, 2023

can you do one for Karami Zakari? please

Tutturu0123 Sep 27, 2022

Im gonna follow you and give your works 5 stars just because you hate NTR as well.

spectre699 Author Aug 17, 2022

just want to put it here:

NTR sucks馃ぎ馃ぎ馃ぎ, Yandere rules!!!!!clear.pngclear.pngclear.png

idontknowwhoiam Aug 17, 2022

Yandere rules!聽

Super_Sentry Aug 22, 2022

I give my own take on this matter and it is that Tomboy Yanderes are the best

spectre699 Author Aug 17, 2022

Apparently many liked my stories & asking me for advice, here it is: for those who are currently experiencing heartbreak from NTR, 1 strategy I did to cope up, watch /infidelity stories on YT, it really helped me a lot, I know it sounds weird coz it's NTR IRL, but unlike in anime & manga, most of the stories either have revenge or karma hits the cheater, thru this I've learned that I was a simp (I was simping really hard on Natsuha), also thru this I've learned not to become a simp.聽

spectre699 Author Aug 22, 2022

2nd strategy would be write a novel like I did, if you can't find cure on the NTR title that haunts you, make one yourself.聽

3rd strategy go out there and socialize more with friends but if you're like me who doesn't have many real life friends, find a new hobby & make yourself busy, eventually you'll heal.聽

Super_Sentry Jul 17, 2022

Hello I hope you are doing well, I know that you hate NTR a lot I just want to ask is there any fanfics about Furyou ni hamerarete jusei suru kyonyuu okaa-san聽 because that hentai makes me really angry or do you have any plans to do one yourself ?

Sorry if the message is to long but I really like the work you do also one last thing is there any other stories like the anti-NTR ones that you make on scribble hub or community of fanfics?

I hope that you a great time wherever you live goodbye聽

spectre699 Author Aug 17, 2022

there is an anti-NTR community on MAL, some of their forums includes fanfics.

spectre699 Author Aug 17, 2022

聽About the title you gave, sorry, I don't think I can do it, the main reason I wrote my 2 anti-NTR was to cope up from the heartbreak I felt that time (Ajisai), that time the story comes to me naturally, that's why the updates was fast. It took me 5 months (Feb - June) to finally move on, looking back now, I'm surprised at myself that I could write something like that, I don't think I can produce work like this again.

idontknowwhoiam Apr 28, 2022

Sauce for the profile picture?聽

spectre699 Author Aug 17, 2022

Ajisai no chiru koro ni, it's an NTR though, I recommend you to NOT watch it or read it, save yourself from the heartbreak.聽

idontknowwhoiam Aug 17, 2022

Took you a while, but I'll listen to your advice. NTR isn't really worth it.聽

spectre699 Author Feb 17, 2022

Before creating this account I already have a bunch of anime style stories in my head, I don't know where to post them, I wished I'm good at drawing manga, but I'm not.聽

After I watched the anime and read the ero manga of "Ajisai no chiru koro ni", I'm not satisfied with the ending, I kept visualizing what happens next, inside my mind.

spectre699 Author Feb 17, 2022

Then as I search deeper on the ero manga "Ajisai no chiru koro ni", I stumble upon a fanfiction about it that is posted here, after reading it, I decided to created this account to post my story about it, It did not turned out what I envisioned to it at first, I adjust the story based on what is happening, but I'm satisfied with it.

After finishing the "Ajisai no chiru koro ni" series, I might post here my anime style stories here.
idontknowwhoiam Apr 28, 2022

You should post your stories here. Lots of lovely people here too.聽

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