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Feb 14, 2022

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Famous Author
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Joined: Feb 14, 2022
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Trans author and artist, just hoping to make a living that’s more fun than retail.
Follow me on twitter or tumblr to see more art and order commissions:

Beedok · · Author · Jul 14, 2023

New, better formatted pin, with patreon, amazon, and itch links:

Beedok · Author · Jun 4, 2024

The other pride month bundle I'm in is now live!

Beedok · Author · Jun 1, 2024

One of the two pride month bundles I'm in is live!

Kaiyalai · Jun 1, 2024

TWO Pride bundles?! 

Double Hurray!

Beedok · Author · Apr 19, 2024

Patreon early access has started for my new short story: "My Personal Trainer Cracked My Egg"

(It'll be a butch4butch t4c wlw romance.) 

Kaiyalai · Apr 30, 2024

Well now I’m curious what other stories are in that setting! Assuming any, do you have a collected list of them somewhere?

Beedok · Author · May 1, 2024

On Scribblehub, I have Alien Super Weapon Girlfriend (cis lesbians), Blessing of Salmakis (genderfluid bi MC, polycule), and Back Flow (trans MC, lesbians). Not on Scribblehub, there's also Lessons in Lesbianism (trans MC, lesbians).

And, if anyone wants to join my patreon, there's bonus content there. Mostly for HaProTGirl. 

Kaiyalai · May 1, 2024

Thanks! I’ll have to find Lessons in Lesbianism soon, though I’m guessing it’s probably a Patrons-only or one?

Also, may I recommend linking these various stories in their index page descriptions as being in a shared setting? Might get more readers to some of them…

Kaiyalai · May 1, 2024

Okay I don’t know if you added the ‘related series’ links after the above comment, or if I did a sleepy-dumb and just missed them, but either way, glad to see ‘em!

Beedok · Author · Apr 16, 2024

I've started posting my wlw Princes x Living Armour Knight story as a patreon exclusive:

Beedok · Author · Mar 22, 2024

Having a bit of a sale on itch:

(And I swear I will be trying to write more tonight.) 

Beedok · Author · Mar 17, 2024

My latest story, Double Double, is up as part of this bundle on itch:

Beedok · Author · Mar 11, 2024

If anyone wants to have a say over the next story I write, there’s currently a poll on my patreon for $5 and up patrons. You can choose from: a Bond-esque butch lesbian super spy; a female knight/princess story where the knight is actually living armour; a trans woman/female mafia boss romance; or a rich himbo falling for a genderfluid teammate in a fluffy and soft high school romance.

Beedok · Author · Feb 23, 2024

I’ve now got two segments of my short story ‘Double Double’ available as early access on my patreon.

It’s a romance between two active gender benders (think Ranma 1/2 or, more accurately, Zenbu Kimi no Sei.)  

iamthebest · Jan 28, 2024

i support lgbt, and i hope everyone here is having a nice day

Beedok · Author · Dec 20, 2023

Currently part of two itch holiday bundles: (this one has a new story from me in it)  

gothicshark · Dec 14, 2023

I just found your book on Kindle. At first I thought it was that plagerist group, but then noticed the author name matched your handle. So I'm going to buy your books... even though I read them here.clear.png

Beedok · Author · Dec 10, 2023

I know you’re technically allowed to post fanfics here, but… it feels unprofessional to mix those together.

Beedok · Author · Nov 15, 2023

Once again ended up writing things that are patron only right now, because I didn’t realise the deadline on it was so close… so, uh, if you like my writing my patreon can be as low as $1?

(I swear I’ll post here against soonish.) 

Beedok · Author · Oct 17, 2023

Just want to insist that I’m definitely alive. I’ve just been busy. Very sorry for the lack of updates.

Atomic_clock · Oct 17, 2023

Glad you're alive. clear.png

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    Trans author and artist, just hoping to make a living that’s more fun than retail.
    Follow me on twitter or tumblr to see more art and order commissions:

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