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Apr 10, 2019

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Joined: Apr 10, 2019
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Owl · Author · Oct 6, 2019
[Random writer's log]
I love these points where it's like, I could write this or I couldn't. If I write it then it's a foreshadowing, so maybe it's better not doing it because then later it will be more of a surprise, but maybe it's better if it doesn't come out of the blue, and actually it fits the scene rather nicely... (Rinse and repeat. I still haven't decided xD)
Owl · Author · Sep 8, 2019
I love games as much as I love writing. Right now, I'm staring at this Ko-fi goal stuff an am like "....I could make it a goal to make a dating sim out of my stories for fun with the help of the donations." (I'd have that written in two weeks, but I dont feel like drawing the sprites and searching for free bgs lol. Itd still be rather expensive, so I'm wavering)
IRONChrysanthemum · Sep 8, 2019
I like that idea very much
I wish i could help somehow
I love your book it could be such a great game
Owl · Author · Aug 20, 2019
Short announcement for the Dating System story that I hope as many people as possible will see: Probably no extras until the weekend! After that, I'll push them out every few hours! (I have some of the later extras but am missing an earlier one soo welp)
Owl · Author · Aug 4, 2019
I just can't keep myself from starting stories *facepalm*
If you lot are interested, I just started a cultivation novel that will update irregularly (cause I don't have the chapter stockpiled). It starts cruelly, but it gets really fluffy later! Cause I love my fluff! It still is much bloodier than my system story, so beware of that~
llisa · Aug 5, 2019
Thanks, I will check it out!
Owl · Author · Jul 24, 2019
I'm sorry, I have some personal problems and no scheduled chapters right now. I'll hopefully be back by the weekend and then post the missing chapters too
llisa · Jul 25, 2019
It’s okay, author! We can wait, but your personal health and well-being are the most important! Take care:)
Owl · Author · Jul 13, 2019
(I have literally no idea how to answer on these things so don't expect me to. Also, it was neither xD)
[Random quick-transmigration writer's log #2]
The system this time is a bit of an innocent idiot and I almost feel bad, because the MC is overbearing, calculative, and overpowered.... Ah but I love them like that, so, welp (||°_°)
llisa · Jul 13, 2019
It is ok^_^. I love those controlling MCs the most. By the way, is it going to be third perspective() or first perspective(from gong or shou's point of view)?
Owl · Author · Jul 11, 2019
[Random quick-transmigration writer's log #1]
Nothing better than being annoyed at writing the character which the readers are supposed to be annoyed at reading about. Still got half of world 1 to endure her, ugh.
llisa · Jul 11, 2019
Is that the Female lead?
umayakalith · Jul 12, 2019
Is that the Villain(White lotus/Green tea) character?
Owl · Author · Jul 2, 2019
Things are looking good, so expect the start of Arc2 from my Dating System story in 47 hours of this post :3 (whatever timezone youre in~)
llisa · Jul 3, 2019
Yayyy, welcome back author and thanks for the news! Days without you were cold and lonely;-;
umayakalith · Jul 3, 2019
I miss author sama very much (T^T) and thanks for the news.
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