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Apr 10, 2019

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Well-Known Author
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Owl Author Jul 2, 2020

[Random writer's log]

Me writing psychopathic main characters that ruthlessly kill and torture: "Look, isn't he cute? Little baby!"
(...I'm in a neverending loop of switching from fluffy, gentle mc's to violent ones and back.)

Nozomiishopeless Jul 2, 2020

Well, I have a habit of switching from reading gentle, fluffy MCs to violent ones and back, so that works out xD

SmAll_MuShroom Jul 3, 2020

Same I be reading this cute innocent stuff then just switch to psychological, horror and just gore-y death stuff then back to some cute shit about sweet romance 馃ゴ

Owl Author Jun 15, 2020

[Random writer's log]

I'm always in a mood to write different stories because the stories have different moods.
Right now I'm writing what I think would be my darkest story so far and the setting is pretty damn bleak. It's a story where people are dragged into a game that they have to survive somehow, with several instances (so, supernatural). I'd love uploading what I have already, but I can't, because this needs flawless logic and I can only ensure that once it's all written :<聽

Melmothia Jun 15, 2020

I can't wa... Cough... I will wait patiently.

Owl Author Jun 16, 2020

@Melmothia I'd love giving it out soon, but it's super complicated to write and takes forever.... orz ....Still fun. I love the couple. Although they're not a fluffy couple, I love them.

Owl Author May 19, 2020

[Random writer's log]
I totally realized that I've bitten off more than I can chew with a story as large as GWD, but now I'm stuck in the middle and somehow have to swallow it, welp. At least I've learned a bit from it - the neext stories will definitely be shorter, but hopefully more refined. Until then, I have to see how I juggle this monster of a story towards an end (锝锝ハ夛渐)9

katie55 May 20, 2020

You're doing amazing! If this is what you produce when you're juggling stuff, I can't wait to see what you'll produce when they're more refined. They're bound to be stellar.聽clear.png

hanik Jun 1, 2020

I'm loving it thoughclear.png

Octaeon Jun 14, 2020

Please write a story with a seme MC...

Owl Author Jun 14, 2020

@Octaeon I am (most of my future stories will have a top MC) but I can't say when I'll upload it because I will finish it before the first chapter will appear here

Owl Author Mar 28, 2020

Finished the minigame for Grandmaster's Weird Disciple!

It's for free, so try it out if you feel like it聽clear.png

Here's the link:
And the password is "GWD"! (There's only a password on it cause I feel to awkward letting it be seen on the pageclear.png. Feel free to share it with others)

Kyrian_Clawraithe Mar 28, 2020

Finally! Thank you!

NKnovelist May 6, 2020

Playing! Playing! There are so many places I want to comment and OMG! The interactions between the two are cute as always! Love the background music btw. I love the art and the small faces they make just makes it cuter (Xie Yi pouting and Shi Yue's I-don't-know-what-to-do-with-you face) So cute! Thank you!

BlankBook Jan 5, 2020

I just saw this and haven't played it yet but can only say I was internally squealing with excitement. (Don't want to wake up my house mates).

Owl Author Jan 5, 2020

We'd love if you left a comment on what you think about it once you've playedclear.png

Owl Author Jan 4, 2020

Hey guys! A demo for a BL visual novel I've also worked on has just come out. It's free, so go ahead and give it a try~

Owl Author Jan 5, 2020

Since I was the one who wrote Haruto's route, I'm happy to hear that you liked him :D

sillyme Jan 5, 2020

It's really, really good! Looking forward to more updates聽clear.png

Owl Author Jan 5, 2020

Thanks! We hope to finish it this year :) the total is going to be ~120k long so it is kind of large

UnattainableBlueRose Mar 10, 2020

Oohh the characters all look so cute definitely going to play this with my friend.clear.png

sillyme Jan 3, 2020

Wondering when the Quick Transmigration's gonna come up聽clear.png

Owl Author Jan 3, 2020

clear.png聽I can't find a way to write it so that it keeps me going right now... (I'm really bad at writing planned, I pretty much write whatever sticks and it's not working yet :<)

sillyme Jan 3, 2020

I'm patient, don't worry! Whatever works for you is fine with me

SmAll_MuShroom Jan 1, 2020

Happy New Years 馃帀 馃帄聽

Owl Author Jan 1, 2020

Thanks, to you too聽clear.png

Ha-Ha Dec 3, 2019

A song I found.

Owl Author Nov 28, 2019

My GWD Christmas special is going to be quite bittersweet so I thought about what to do about New Years and came to the conclusion that at least likely, I'm going to throw in a mini-XY and a mini-SY and make it so fluffy, you're all going have to go to the dentist after the holidays.

Lost_Strings Nov 29, 2019

OwO) can't wait!聽

SmAll_MuShroom Nov 30, 2019

Thank god I don鈥檛 have teeth 馃ぁ*wipes sweat*

Lost_Strings Dec 1, 2019

wait what?聽clear.png

Ha-Ha Dec 3, 2019

Ahhhhhh ! TYSM !聽

Looking forward to it.

Lost_Strings Nov 28, 2019

Good work!clear.png聽here a cookie for energy!
clear.png聽Looking forward for more!聽

Owl Author Nov 28, 2019

Haha thanks聽clear.pngclear.png

Lost_Strings Nov 28, 2019


Ha-Ha Nov 24, 2019

Jiayou !聽

Owl Author Nov 24, 2019


Owl Author Oct 28, 2019

[Random writer's log]
I dunno how many started stories I've got lying around right now. Not that I'm stopping with GWD - I've written a lot for it today - but I seem to always have several stories going on...
Just now, I've started a story where a character gets transmigrated into a game. I like stories with systems. I've made it so that everything is like the game for him - with the classical background music, blooming flowers and everything - but no one else sees it :>

Ha-Ha Nov 23, 2019

That's really interesting. I quite liked that story in the poll.

Owl Author Oct 6, 2019

[Random writer's log]
I love these points where it's like, I could write this or I couldn't. If I write it then it's a foreshadowing, so maybe it's better not doing it because then later it will be more of a surprise, but maybe it's better if it doesn't come out of the blue, and actually it fits the scene rather nicely... (Rinse and repeat. I still haven't decided xD)

Owl Author Sep 8, 2019

I love games as much as I love writing. Right now, I'm staring at this Ko-fi goal stuff an am like "....I could make it a goal to make a dating sim out of my stories for fun with the help of the donations." (I'd have that written in two weeks, but I dont feel like drawing the sprites and searching for free bgs lol. Itd still be rather expensive, so I'm wavering)

IRONChrysanthemum Sep 8, 2019

I like that idea very much
I wish i could help somehow
I love your book it could be such a great game

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