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Apr 10, 2019

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Owl · Author · Jul 9, 2021

Reirei clear.png

LuciousKim · Jul 7, 2021

Ah.. Hello author, 

Your novel "My Real Life Dating- System" is very interesting and I really love it. 
Umm.. I would like to translate this story to Myanmar language and upload on Wattpad. May I know could you allow me please...?
Owl · Author · Jul 7, 2021


If you want to translate it, you have to put credits - me as the author as well as a link to the original here. You also cannot earn ANY money from the story, in no way. If you want to earn money with it, I won't allow a translation.

If that's fine with you, you can translate it and drop me a link to the translation :)

LuciousKim · Jul 8, 2021

Thanks for your kindness to permit for my request. 

I will mention your name as original author in my translation and I'll sent my translation link too. 
I won't be earn any money with it.
Thanks again ❤
luppond · May 31, 2021

Hi, author, I'm luppond. Would you mind if I translate your My Real Life Dating-System?! into Thai language and post it on (Thai novel website)?

I love the story and want to share to my fellow readers.

Thanks for your good work, I really enjoy it.

Owl · Author · May 31, 2021

Hey! Thanks for asking but I've unfortunately already given the permission to someone else and I'd prefer not having two people translate it into the same language clear.png

Alya_Mc_Melancholia · Apr 17, 2021

I just finished binge reading ALL your books this week, so I want to tell you I absolutely LOVE your writing style and your stories ! clear.png

Keep up the good work and I hope you have a good life ! ^w^

Owl · Author · Apr 17, 2021

crying Does it have to be BL? My favourite novel isn't BL. But it's total ship material.

Aaaaah it depends a lot on what kind of settings you like and what writing styles, because I read a looooot of different things and the styles I read might not suit you... >_<

Alya_Mc_Melancholia · Apr 17, 2021

Oh in fact it doesn't have to be BL, I also read other genres (only less since I fell in the pit known as BL ^^'). I just dislike harem (I can read them but the plot must compensate)

If it's your favourite then I think it must have its good points and I can try ^^

Owl · Author · Apr 17, 2021

Omniscient Readers Viewpoint (my favourite. not actually BL, but feels like it)

And some fun ones I enjoyed:

You Boys Play Games Very Well

Rebirth of a Supermodel

The Antelope and Night Wolf

And if you're in the mood for something a bit sadder (but with happy ending):

Little Mushroom

Just some recommendations :) You could always join our BL discord where lots of people are willing to give tailored recs (casually advertising the server muhaha)clear.png

Alya_Mc_Melancholia · Apr 17, 2021

I'll think about the discord server XD

I actually know most of them, at least by name ^^

Thanks anyway, I'll try them ^^

ToastAndPancake · Apr 8, 2021

Just finished GWD and MRLDS. Love the world-building, side characs and your writing style. Exited for more of your seriessclear.png

Owl · Author · Apr 8, 2021

Thank you! I'm happy if you enjoyed them :)

Lyndaada · Mar 19, 2021

Great writing skills superb thank you for giving us something to look forward to. Love the grandmasters weird disciple even though am at chapter 69. Love the novel and looking forward to your other works

Owl · Author · Mar 19, 2021

I hope you will like it to the end!

nightshade.valentine · Mar 17, 2021

Amazing writing skills. I am in love with your style . Big fan of -the grand master‘s weird disciple-

Owl · Author · Mar 17, 2021

Thank youuu clear.pngclear.png I'm always insecure about my writing style so I'm overjoyed whenever someone says they like it~

Owl · Author · Mar 16, 2021

I kind of wonder how many of my readers are aware and or interested in our Scribblehub BL discord.... clear.png Come over and talk to us about nonsense and BL....

BL_Palace · Mar 16, 2021


lyzagardenia · Feb 4, 2021

Can I ask you for career advice? clear.png- lost 21 y.o.

Owl · Author · Feb 4, 2021

For you, I'd suggest truly thinking about what you want to do. Can you spend 8 hours a day drawing/writing? Can you do it even if you don't like the topic that much? Can you do this for several years? 

If not, maybe keep it as a hobby/passion on the side. If you can, plan for small projects. Really, really small. 

Owl · Author · Feb 4, 2021

A one page comic. A shortstory. Do these until it feels comfortable, then increase. Find out what style is relaxing for you to work in, and how to plan in a way that makes it easier for you. Don't hurry. You're only 21, and rather than expecting to already draw a whole webtoon, maybe just start small and do it in your own pace.

Owl · Author · Feb 4, 2021

Better to be slow and constant. Try not to compare too much with others in that aspect. (You're gonna burn yourself out. Several times. It's about learning to not make the same mistake the next time rather than doing it perfectly from the start)

lyzagardenia · Feb 4, 2021

Thank you! clear.png It's really insightful. And coming from a person who do things that I also wants to do. I will keep that in mind. And also I really really appreciate that you gave me long and well-thought advice. clear.png

Owl · Author · Jan 5, 2021

Screaming and crying
New chapters tomorrow and the coming days. I'm... done. I've got half a chapter left to write. Daily updates until saturday evening, my time.

NKnovelist · Jan 6, 2021

Thank you! You've worked hard! 

Kyrian_Clawraithe · Jan 7, 2021

Thank you for your hard work!

Melmothia · Feb 2, 2021

Ah, it ended... I need to go back to reading! I stopped reading a while ago yaoi - and any romances - probably because of medications I take >.> (not because I stopped liking them! I just... cannot clear.png), but I think about this story from time to time, your novel is one I want to come back to the most.

Owl · Author · Feb 2, 2021

@Melmothia Aww hope youre feeling better with the meds soon :(

Owl · Author · Jan 3, 2021

I... seriously feel like I'll take forever for what's simply the last few chapters of GWD that honestly shouldn't be so hard to write. I don't want to drag this out.... kudos to those who are still hanging on clear.png

Kyrian_Clawraithe · Jan 3, 2021

It's a very important part of the story, and therefore needs to be handled carefully.

Just do make sure to make an ending. 

Owl · Author · Dec 7, 2020

I love that the reaction of me telling the illegal paywall translator to stop selling my story was writing a notice of "this is TEMPORARILY paused" like oh... so youre gonna be back, huh.
Everyone, please drop me a message if you see someone getting paid for my story. Simple translation is fine, getting paid via paywall etc is not. I'm thankful for everyone who helps!

Owl · Author · Dec 5, 2020

Due to the current issues with someone paywalling my story, I'll slightly move the next chapter until they either took down the paywall or until I've got the story banned. I hope everyone understands. I'll still upload two chapters next week, just maybe both towards the end of the week.
I hope it's solved by then.

NKnovelist · Dec 7, 2020

It's alright... We understand! 

Owl · Author · Nov 19, 2020

Health issues! No chapter this Friday. Be back on Monday.... I hope?

Aachiin0914 · Nov 20, 2020

Sleep well, eat healthy and get well soon!!!  ⊂(・ω・*⊂)

Owl · Author · Nov 20, 2020

Thanks for the well wishes! C:

katie55 · Nov 21, 2020

clear.png Get better soon! /hugs

torpidarcher326 · Nov 22, 2020

Get well soonclear.png

Owl · Author · Oct 9, 2020

Realizes the perverted, explicit scene spans over goddamn two regular chapters
Well, I sure know where I'm adding a sponsored chapter. I deserve to be thrown into holy water.

katie55 · Nov 9, 2020

clear.png No holy water for you. We depraved souls are waiting for those long chapters. Kek

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