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Apr 10, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Apr 10, 2019
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Owl · Author · Mar 13, 2024

Book is live!

You can check out the reading sample here, and the link for buying it (US) is in the last chapter :)

ImHaruka · Mar 7, 2024

Hello, I arrived here through the Portuguese translation of GWD. 

 Thank you very much for the story, I'm loving reading it.

Owl · Author · Mar 3, 2024

Book release moved to unknown for the moment, problems are happening clear.png

Owl · Author · Feb 11, 2024

Working on a new book that will actually be available on Amazon Kindle sometime end of this or start of next month. 
The reading sample will also be available here. Hope you guys will check it out!clear.png

Zence · Feb 12, 2024

Cool! It's been a while lmao

layzfuzzy · Jan 3, 2024

Hi! Would you be interested in Translating your work to Chinese? Let me know if you are interested! All right and credits remain to you

Owl · Author · Jan 4, 2024

Hi! In general I'm fine with my work being translated under the conditions that credits are given and that the translator earns no money off the translation. (Ad revenue and Kofi would be fine, it's not fine to take money to unlock chapters. The story itself HAS to remain free)

testtube10 · Apr 21, 2022

I love your books, like really, really love! I read the Grandmaster's Weird Disciple several times, and then I binged the series with the dating system, and the more recent one with the unlimited flow pyschopath killer and the cute genius!

I really adore your writing style, and I also like your pacing and your tone! And this might seem embarressing, but I really want to be able to write like you do. T^T

Please continue uploading! It's what keeps me going. ^^

Yanwshi · Apr 5, 2022

Uwaaaah- author-sama i love your books. 

LidFlower · Feb 14, 2022

Hi! A while ago I asked permission to translate The Grandmaster's Weird Disciple into portuguese, here is the link, with due credits:

Owl · Author · Feb 14, 2022

Thanks for informing me! :)

Owl · Author · Feb 7, 2022

It's incredibly funny how much my GWD viewercount spiked, probably thanks to CG.

Dear CG readers, I understand your desire to binge, but CG gives me ad revenue for views, so maybe consider going there to read the chapters clear.png

I know it's slower updates but I'm doing my best to hit out bunch releases so the story is copied over quickly~ (But I'm doing some edits, that's why it takes a bit!)

VeraCo · Feb 9, 2022

I didn't know that!... No worries I can do a double reading... I'll start tonight clear.png

AbsoluteLove · Jan 29, 2022

Love your books mate, do whatever you do.

xinde · Jan 9, 2022

Owl Mama~ found you clear.png

Owl · Author · Jan 9, 2022

Hun!!! clear.png

LidFlower · Jan 8, 2022

Hi, I'm in love with your work The grandmaster's weird disciple and would like to know if I can translate it to portuguese and upload on wattpad. What do you think?

Owl · Author · Jan 8, 2022

Hi! You can go ahead as long as you link to the original story here on Scribblehub (meaning, give credits) and don't earn money in any way of it. So, no patreon or similar things. If you're fine with those two things, I don't mind!

Owl · Author · Dec 5, 2021

GWD has been finished for such a long time now and people are still reading it. I admit I am confused clear.png Where are all of you people coming from

MikciTheGreat · Dec 5, 2021

the woodwork clear.png hey, what is good, is good. i'm thinking about rereading it actually clear.png

Iooooo_Eythere · Dec 6, 2021

Good timing for the reminder, I needed some books to read lately 

NKnovelist · Dec 7, 2021

It means you did a great job writing it that people is rereading it again and again 😂 

Owl · Author · Oct 19, 2021

Well, here I go. Uploading my up-til-now most precious baby. I'm not finished writing it but... I really want to share it. Uh, hoping you guys will like it?

Gamblers Game is basically an Ulimited Flow type BL, so don't read if you're not used to darkness!

Owl · Author · Nov 17, 2021

@southnode89 Hi! I don't share private information with people on Scribblehub, sorry :)

Owl · Author · Nov 17, 2021

@southnode89 Thanks for the offer! I've got a fulltime job already, and writing is just my hobby on the side, so I'm not interested. I wish good luck to all the talented authors out there though ^^ 

Owl · Author · Jul 9, 2021

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