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Apr 10, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Apr 10, 2019
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I write for fun, and to improve myself. Any feedback will be appreciated. If you have any questions for me, just comment on the chapter in question and I will get back to you. I can also be found on RR on the following profile,

Asymmetrical-realities · Nov 10, 2020

Thank for the follow clear.png

Businesssn · Mar 2, 2021

Yep all the ancient dungeons have female egos, but like the baby ones still mostly have female egos, but there are some male egos

Asymmetrical-realities · Mar 2, 2021

all that aside, you to wanna read the mostly complete chapter for mimic? if so I can send it via discord

JCountry · Author · Mar 2, 2021

That would be nice

demonslayer · Nov 2, 2020

Hows the progress on the alt universe where sccubus was chosen instead of dungeon?

JCountry · Author · Nov 2, 2020

Its coming along nicely. 14 chapters on Patreon.

JCountry · Author · Oct 31, 2020

For those wondering, this weekend will be busy. I haven't had time to post. This week's chapters will be late. In other news I am close to getting my new laptop. 

lolodu09 · Oct 31, 2020

Good luck dont forget the pet then yourself then the family then the other stuff xD

JCountry · Author · Aug 22, 2020

Update: my wifi is down. Sick cat got it. I can still view post via my phone but I will be slower to respond until it is fixed. Thankfully I got today's chapters out before this.

JCountry · Author · Aug 22, 2020

Dad managed to fix the wifi. It looked bad for a moment though.

Shirokuma · Jun 13, 2020

New chapter

JCountry · Author · Jun 13, 2020

87 is a little unfinished. Plan to post either tomorrow or the day after

Shirokuma · Jun 20, 2020

You still alive?

JCountry · Author · Jun 21, 2020

Been at the range with Dad. Haven't had time to post. Tried early in the morning but my computer decided it needed an update. Will post later

Shirokuma · May 16, 2020

O capítulo lança hoje??

JCountry · Author · May 16, 2020

Sorry, I have had a few interruptions this morning. I'll have it up in a bit

Shirokuma · May 9, 2020

O capítulo lança hoje?

JCountry · Author · May 9, 2020

It will be a little delayed. Had a little interruption last weekend that greatly reduced my writing time. It will be next saturday

Shirokuma · Mar 21, 2020

Você esqueceu de postar o capítulo. 

JCountry · Author · Mar 21, 2020

Sorry I am kind of busy. I'll have it out shortly. Don't know about next week though.

JCountry · Author · Mar 21, 2020

Okay its up, and I found that WDYMADAG is the only story I am ahead on, so next week is safe. The week after that, I don't know about. 

Shirokuma · Mar 21, 2020


Shirokuma · Mar 21, 2020

Eu estava lendo outra história e apareceu um tópico interessante, por que ninguém usa meninas hienas? Mais especificamente as com um pseudo-pênis que funciona como vagina. Era so algo interessante que eu gostaria de compartilhar. 

Shirokuma · Mar 21, 2020

E meninas galinhas elas colocariam ovos todos os dias e teriam que acasalar com um macho para fazelos férteis. 

JCountry · Author · Mar 21, 2020

A chicken girl? That might be interesting. I might be able to use that idea.

Shirokuma · Mar 21, 2020

Esse é bem estranho, mas isso que faz ser excitante? clear.png

demonslayer · Mar 7, 2020

I'm curious if you have a estimate about when the alt story will be released on Scribblehub.

JCountry · Author · Mar 7, 2020

I have a rough idea yes. I want to complete at least one arc first. Now assuming that arc is twenty chapters long and I release say four a month, then it will be at least five months from now.

demonslayer · Mar 7, 2020

Okay good to know thanks

hibikirei · Feb 9, 2020

there you go i proof read that chapter for you and boy was  that a good one also 

great work

JCountry · Author · Feb 9, 2020

Thanks! It's late so I will go over it in the morning. Glad you liked it!

Shirokuma · Feb 1, 2020

Quando vai ser o lançamento do proximo capítulo? clear.png

JCountry · Author · Feb 1, 2020

It is currently Friday, and I am a bit behind in the writing of tomorrow's chapter. Likely around noon tomorrow local time. For reference, I live in the state of Arizona. Nice dry weather.

Shirokuma · Jan 25, 2020

Quando vai ser o lançamento do novo capítulo? clear.png

JCountry · Author · Jan 25, 2020

As soon as I finish formatting it for SH. I tend to post early on Saturday morning.

hibikirei · Jan 22, 2020

read the new ending and boy that is a really great place to leave off.  the cliff hanger will get to everyone , well done now it is in a good place 

JCountry · Author · Jan 22, 2020

Thanks. All I did was add a couple of lines. Glad you liked the cliffhanger.

hibikirei · Jan 22, 2020

over all that was a really good chapter you had very few mistakes which were very minor that anyone could have made.  a great job well done 

JCountry · Author · Jan 22, 2020

That's good, and I guess it shows my own growth as a writer.

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    I write for fun, and to improve myself. Any feedback will be appreciated. If you have any questions for me, just comment on the chapter in question and I will get back to you. I can also be found on RR on the following profile,

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