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Mar 7, 2022

Joined: Mar 7, 2022
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Pfp by my friend Rain on twitter.

pumpkinewe · Author · Apr 1, 2023

Dominance Over Alpha will be taken down. I will no longer be working on it as it is. I would rather rework the story.  I have found a genre and universe I feel more comfortable writing in. The premise will still be close to the original but the setting will now be fantasy, so it will better fit in with all my stories. 

pumpkinewe · Author · Apr 1, 2023

I hope you can all accept and love it once again but this time as a newer version of itself. clear.png No I want you to be excited for the rerelease of Dominance Over Alpha as much as I am and I will let you know when it is coming! clear.png

pumpkinewe · Author · Apr 1, 2023

I apologize a chapter that was meant to go up Wednesday never got posted!

pumpkinewe · Author · Jan 28, 2023

As you can see I have not updated my novel recently. There is an update coming, I am also slowly posting all previous chapters on Tapas. Part of the reason I have not done much writing is due to the fact that I have been diagnosed with a medical condition. This has made doing things a bit harder than normal so I am slowly trying to recover and I finally feel mentally strong enough to write! clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png So I'm hoping to have a chapter out very soon!

pumpkinewe · Author · Dec 18, 2022

I'll probably take a break until after the new year due to how busy i am. I apologize. 

pumpkinewe · Author · Dec 14, 2022

Due to the way the weather has been affecting me it might take a while for me to get a new chapter out. I am so sorry ya'll. 

pumpkinewe · Author · Nov 21, 2022

I will admit I forgot to work on this week's chapter. I've been very busy between my birthday and family stuff. I'll have it up as soon as possible. 

pumpkinewe · Author · Nov 14, 2022

If some of the formatting of my older chapters looks weird its because I am going back and updating all my formatting from the first chapter! Along with grammar edits and changes!

pumpkinewe · Author · Apr 4, 2022

Not happy with how the quality of this chapter is. Instead of rushing it and giving you guys something lackluster I'll be working on it but won't post until I'm positive its to my liking. 

Jinz · Apr 4, 2022

Thank you for your dedication 💖. Look forward to reading when it's ready. 

pumpkinewe · Author · Mar 30, 2022

Since new chapter was late posting a status here letting you all know it is now posted! clear.png

shirohebi · Mar 30, 2022

yipeeee!!! clear.pngclear.png

pumpkinewe · Author · Mar 28, 2022

Working on chapter 3. Hoping to have it out tonight but it is very dialogue heavy so there is a chance it may not be out until tomorrow. clear.png

Spice_islandgirl · Mar 28, 2022

No worries, take your time

pumpkinewe · Author · Mar 21, 2022

Dominance over Alpha will be my main series that I will try to update it weekly. I will also be adding side projects when I have time. That includes new series and spinoffs/extras of Dominance over Alpha. Let me know how you feel about the work! Every comment is greatly appreciated! clear.png

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    Pfp by my friend Rain on twitter.

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