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Mar 19, 2022

Joined: Mar 19, 2022
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A curious reader. Reccommend me some good books and shall read. Hope to be a friend. To the Authors: TFTC! =)

Jello85 · Author · Jun 2, 2024

People, living, speaking.

It's hard to make sure that the people i create speak like people.

They are living, not puppets not a caricature that spews the words that I say.

When i write them, they become too formal, sentences bricks of words plastered without humor nor emotion.

Perhaps it is within me, so maybe i should listen to them

Jello85 · Author · Jun 1, 2024

I'm in a bit of a predicament, I have written a short story but also stopped writing it  early.

But the ideas still running around, i see my mistakes, how i could do better.  When i stopped writing, the world i created didn't stop.

Everyday, i think and think and imagine and imagine. I tell a story with no beginning nor end to a non-existent audience.

Jello85 · Author · Jun 1, 2024

Yet if i was to restart writing now, i would be burdened by this cumbersome world and its worldly matters. For it isn't time yet, i have yet so much to do.

And so i wait, and work, and think. Because i know that the time will come. As an actual fact not hope. I can see the end to my struggle. Then. I could write.
But will there be anybody to hear it anymore, or will it be doomed to rot in the seas of words and the algorithm 
Asthael · Jun 2, 2024

The eternal struggles of a writer!

Asthael · Mar 3, 2024

I use a purple lavender color for shading and shadows on a lot of paintings, so it's interesting that's what comes through in writing 🤔😁

Asthael · Mar 1, 2024

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

Jello85 · Author · Mar 3, 2024

Always a pleasure, 

For the hunger shall neva stop muahahahahhahaha. And also your novel is like a floral purple lavender to me. I don't know why.

But it is vwey tasty and i will continue nomming on it

Jello85 · Author · Jan 18, 2024

Oh right, im writing this for myself

Jello85 · Author · Jan 18, 2024

Just realised sonething, i needed a hook.

Haih... all my chapters i already planned down the drain becoming 'backstory'

I probably would start after the backstory huh.

Jello85 · Author · Nov 24, 2023

Since nobody reads here it is becoming like a diary to me, its..... comforting.clear.png

I'm looking back at authors that i liked and that suddenly stopped. Dissappeared.

Life is good.

S10 · Jan 13, 2024

It is sad.

Hope your life is still good.

Jello85 · Author · Apr 3, 2023

I'm improving my writing style by every chapter i guess?

Trying to add more comedy to lighten the mood of my novel, but have to balance the seriousness and all

Jello85 · Author · Mar 14, 2023

What am i doing with..... clear.png

Thanks to the authors a reader like me feels happy and not bored clear.png

Jello85 · Author · Feb 3, 2023

How do i change my profile picture 

Edit: Yay i figured it out

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    A curious reader. Reccommend me some good books and shall read. Hope to be a friend. To the Authors: TFTC! =)

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