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May 5, 2022

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Famous Author
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Joined: May 5, 2022
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I'm cheese.

Vandaliun · Mar 17, 2024

Hello there IS someone here, well, I wanted to ask what happens with the book but don't stop, I'm going to see an answer so I'll just give health for life to everyone and good luck 

Vandaliun · Mar 17, 2024

Don't stop, I'm going to see the crazy translator's answer, hehe

BlueJeanius · Mar 13, 2024

Author you still there? Or are you only uploading on Patreon?

CatDrip · Aug 3, 2023

You've got my eyes, you've got my eyes
You'll never be mine, ah, but you've got my eyes

parmesan599 · Author · Jul 12, 2023

Full chapters have arrived! 

Although this is just a test to see if they are willing to copy everything again... clear.png

parmesan599 · Author · May 31, 2023

Holy crap my novel is top 1 in the depression subcategory clear.pngclear.pngclear.pngclear.png

LostUser · Jul 4, 2023

It seems someone is getting a re zero treatment today

Kyryuu · May 19, 2023

Noo por favor no la abandones clear.png

parmesan599 · Author · May 19, 2023

I'm so goddamn lazy to write...

parmesan599 · Author · Apr 5, 2023

I'm trying to expand the stock on patreon. Soon, patreons will have about 3-5 chapters to read. clear.png

LostUser · Apr 1, 2023

Catdrip taking massive l's today i wonder why? 

CatDrip · Mar 25, 2023

Why won't you talk, like is that a L you don't want to let go of? Kind of pathetic really. A real man would confront his issues instead of running away. Am I really that much of a threat to you? You weigh almost twice as much as I do and stand a head taller, and allthose muscles clear.png. If oyu really wanted me a way you would've, you like the attention don't you. You're kinda of being a cliche Tsundere aren'y you.

CatDrip · Mar 25, 2023

Was our relationship really that bad? Was it really worth ending? I don't think so. It just stings is all. Like we had a lot of potential. Anyways you're the one that needs to crawl back to me. I am tired of waiting, you made your point with the other girl and honestly I was expecting you back after she ended things but come on. COME ON. What message are you really trying to send. It's non-sense really.

CatDrip · Mar 25, 2023

Please talk to me, I deserve that much. I need to know what could have been and what could have changed. I know that one way or another we won't end up together in this lifetime, but I can't help consider what I should've done. Whatever hindsight is 20-20.

CatDrip · Mar 25, 2023

I hate how much I miss you. Isn't that funny. Ironic really. Considering everything you've done to me and I still miss you. I miss you so much. I've been thinking about you a lot recently especially between consciences and dreams. Maybe it's just the alcohol talking but you look really cute with a skirt and maid outfit on.

parmesan599 · Author · Mar 15, 2023

New chapter is out on my Kofi and Patreon, guys!

parmesan599 · Author · Mar 10, 2023

I have some new AI-gen images! Check them out in my discord! clear.png

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    I'm cheese.

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