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Apr 25, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Apr 25, 2019
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naosu · Dec 27, 2020

I like your story! Keep up the good work!

dannze · Dec 21, 2020

Hello, I am a reader from Brazil, I tried to sign on your site, but honestly it is very confusing. The value is great, but the method is very complicated, I will keep new forms of subscription.

ViniPaiva25 · Aug 15, 2020

Where is Tales of an Enchantress?

Pj23 · Aug 3, 2020

The author is one h*ll of a man of culture. Great tastes i may say.

Ookami45 · Jul 31, 2020

Hello is your site down ? Because i can't access it

gabrionio · Jun 1, 2020

Just asking (sorry if my english is badclear.png), last week in you site dont had a public release for the man of the house, it was because the annoucement for no releases that week (in 17/05/2020)?  Loving your novels btw, continue with the good work!clear.png

Pursuit_for_truth · May 26, 2020

whizzer I see u here too. I can't describe how much I love your stories.😭😍 

Shirokuma · Mar 23, 2020

Faça um membro do harem masoquista que regenera seu himen para ser quebrado pelo protagonista muitas vezes. clear.pngclear.png

Tantrichell · Mar 12, 2020

Wow I found you here. Words can not describe how excited I am that you are here.

zetsuen1412 · Dec 23, 2019

hi can you add another payment system to patreon. like google pay, bitcoin or another. because my paypal is in trouble and can't make payments on your patreon · Feb 15, 2020

You can go this website. There are multiple payment options available

Datguyagain201 · Dec 19, 2019

Why are you so fragile that you cant take normal criticism? Also why do you prep the bull?

Tsuru · Nov 27, 2019

Kinda hoping that in the new series The Man of the house, STDs are extincts so MC can enjoy all the sex he wants with random girls. What is your oppinion on that ?

DecimGames · Dec 1, 2019

I don't think you have to worry about that..most authors don't!  And based on World of Women whatsawhizzer isn't worried either!

Tsuru · Dec 2, 2019

Ok thx !

Ahmed · Sep 15, 2019

Has you discard "The Erotic RPG System" ?
Also I was wondering if you will consider restart it again honest I would like to read it again with some risk decision.

Also I went to say I love your work especial "My Dungeon Life" and think you for all your hard work.

SilentByakko · Aug 3, 2019

Hahaha!!! I laughed my ass off at your new novel's summary! Can't wait!

SilentByakko · Jun 19, 2019

I like the new cover on dungeon life. Really enjoying the story, so thank you, and keep keep up the good work!

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