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Apr 25, 2019

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Joined: Apr 25, 2019
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Milteo · Sep 30, 2023

are you planing on continuing any of your other works?

francesco · Aug 22, 2023

World of Women will it remain interrupted?

hades013 · May 28, 2023

Hello @whatsawhizzer,

It's almost 2 years since the last update on World of Women. Is Volume 4 onwards is only exclusive on memberships?

travisswan86 · Apr 20, 2023

bro, when are you going to resume the slave harem? look forward to see the continuation.

ReverseGenderRoles_Enjoyer · Mar 31, 2023

NTR crush is decent too i guess but its not really my thing but i would still read it

ReverseGenderRoles_Enjoyer · Mar 31, 2023

man of the house sucks so much now i would rather it be dropped and you continue to work on WOW or a spinoff basically anything else now 

ARCTICFOX · Jun 3, 2023

That's what you think I've read everything from the beginning till now and I'd say people enjoy it ,sure not everyone enjoys it (like you) but still there's some who enjoy it 

Coyote_Smirk · Mar 7, 2023

Just finished NTR Crush.  It was a great story and very well written.  

I am not a fan of ntr, but I wanted to push myself.  There emotions and anxiety from the mc, I felt as well.  I knew what I was getting into.

Thank you.

L3ON · Feb 15, 2023

Hi. Can you do another gender moral reversal stories ? I kinda like the story you wrote like "The world of woman" and "The man of The House". They're both has some weakness but I still want to read more but also something new. Thanks

Guts77 · Feb 10, 2023

can you start write the world of women again I do like a lot of your works but that was my favorite besides man of the house.

mtcostello1985 · Sep 20, 2022

Do you have a discord server?

RainwithPromise · Aug 25, 2022

Does Deek get all his other dungeon blessings and soul fragment back?

Yogi · Jun 11, 2022

Please don't read any of this creator's work as he hooks you on the work and goes on an hiatus and you are left with nothing but disappointment it is case with POC , WOW and now MOTH.

Nyxhawthorne · Mar 28, 2022

What happened with PoC?

aceasin · Mar 19, 2022

Please is world of women going to be continued

TrashPanda · Jan 26, 2022

We’re you the author of Tales of an Editor/manipulator? If so, why did you take them down?

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