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Apr 25, 2019

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Famous Author
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Joined: Apr 25, 2019
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Grizzly18 · Jun 14, 2024

Hey so did you accidentally upload 1302 instead of 1292 because seems like there’s a bit of a time skip

OrcasWelp · Jun 12, 2024

This is a very good author. It's hard to find novels suited for your taste and an author who makes them.

leanbez · Apr 2, 2024


I am one of your readers. Recently, I have dedicated myself to translating novels into Spanish (native language) and I would like to add your novels to my website. I really like. I do this as a hobby, so it's not like I'm offering you a contract or anything.
It's just that I have been reading novels for around 20 years and you have no idea how few of them are translated, so I want to do my part and increase them a little.
leanbez · Apr 2, 2024

If at any time you receive a proposal to buy the translation license in Spanish, just send me a message and I will gladly stop translating them, but please allow me to include your novels on your website, I do not want to do this behind anyone's back, which is why I request your permission. 

URQT · Mar 20, 2024

This author seems to like being cuckold....

Legi0n · Mar 13, 2024

Extreme caution while reading "World of Women": look at the revies (especially the bad ones) before you decide you want to read it, and if you do so understand it's at your own risk.clear.png

WalteRobles · Jan 15, 2024

Muy buenos mundos, inicie por el morbo y me quedé por la historia ¡Fascinante! clear.png

Aigen · Dec 23, 2023

I created an account only to write this

Don't read any of this author novels 

He just find a way to fck it midway like everytime 

Just see the score of his novels, that are a great clue of what you are gonna read and I just believe he need another career lmao 

cicero.a · Jan 13, 2024

I like Tales of the Seductress though and reincarnation of the demon lord. I think you are probably reading the wrong ones

Aigen · Jan 13, 2024

I don't really want to say everything from him is bad 

The thing is that the ones I read start good or okay and descend to a shit show or something like that... that's what makes me mad and made me think this author is consistent with that problem.clear.png

cicero.a · Jan 13, 2024

True. I do wish the author posted all of his stories here. He has some bangers that actually get better over the course of the story. Author if you are reading this post "Coitus Exchange" here.

Aigen · Jan 13, 2024

I will place my trust on you and read it if he post here that novel clear.png

xXxShutoxXx · Nov 29, 2023


Mayy56 · Nov 28, 2023

Tales of seductress one of The BEST novel I have read so far in this site. Amazing work and loved and enjoyed every single chapter. Keep it up🥳🥳. I also want to read rest of the chapter but PayPal not accepting debit card. Man 😞😞

SUPERGOKU · Nov 3, 2023

Wow talk about wish fulfillment so your Slave Harem MC is a total loser as well? 😂 One has to wonder how much an author has to really hate masculine men to write such pathetic male characters 🤔 

SUPERGOKU · Oct 26, 2023

I think the reason why Man of the House falls flat is because it's a complete misomer. The loser little brother doesn't rise to challenge and become the man his family needs in fact it's the complete opposite.

He rises to exactly what the expectations are which are effectively zero completely forgettable unaccomplished and truly pathetic MC and frankly a waste of the authors time.

Milteo · Sep 30, 2023

are you planing on continuing any of your other works?

francesco · Aug 22, 2023

World of Women will it remain interrupted?

hades013 · May 28, 2023

Hello @whatsawhizzer,

It's almost 2 years since the last update on World of Women. Is Volume 4 onwards is only exclusive on memberships?

travisswan86 · Apr 20, 2023

bro, when are you going to resume the slave harem? look forward to see the continuation.

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