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Jun 21, 2022

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Joined: Jun 21, 2022
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I like storms

DragonFire2271 · Apr 24, 2024

e.e u got this!!! 

Crim-Chan · Feb 20, 2024

Is 'swordmaster fox-girl' on a short hiatus or something? No one (not even readers) said/asked yet so IDK if I missed if/where someone said so or not

APieceOfRock · Author · Feb 26, 2024

Yep, it's on hiatus until I do well enough to secure my scholarship (that means it's going to only come back around summer). Srry for no updates

Crim-Chan · Feb 26, 2024

Oh!!! Good luck with getting a scholarship!!!

Also it's fine people have life, and it's not like we as readers get any say in controlling an authors life


APieceOfRock · Author · Feb 27, 2024

thanks for the encouragement! Slight correction though, I already got the scholarship. I'm just fighting to maintain it. clear.png

Crim-Chan · Feb 27, 2024

Dang, good luck with that, I'm happy for you!


Ruti · Oct 13, 2023

So, do I read the original storms monarch or the newer one?

APieceOfRock · Author · Oct 13, 2023

Whatever you want. The original (obviously) has more chapters but it's likely never gonna be finished.

The new one on the other hand... I'll finish it eventually. 

Ruti · Oct 13, 2023

so... whats the difference between the two

APieceOfRock · Author · Oct 14, 2023

They're different stories. There may be some overlap but they have totally different storylines 

hippoman · Aug 15, 2023

Missed my chance to read moonlight clear.png

APieceOfRock · Author · Aug 16, 2023

It's coming back... eventually. It was on hiatus anyways so you'll just hurt yourself reading it.

Overdrive2800 · Jul 31, 2023

You skipped a chapter. You put part 5 instead of part 4.

APieceOfRock · Author · Jul 31, 2023

That's still correct. I just misnumbered the chapter 

Overdrive2800 · Jul 31, 2023

Doesn't feel like it, how did esther escape and know about the young tree dude?

APieceOfRock · Author · Jul 7, 2023

Forgot to say this but Swordsmaster chapter on the 10th because circumstances kept me away from my writing apparatus 

APieceOfRock · Author · Jun 30, 2023

Wake up babe swordsmaster foxgirl is back

Shiro1347 · Jun 30, 2023

Lets go

PanzerKampfWagen · Jun 30, 2023

Whoo hoooo. Please remind me what's going on? I forgot 

RepresentingEnvy · Jun 30, 2023


CrazyFirstChapter · Jun 28, 2023

Hey where the new chapter of original storm monarch???clear.png

APieceOfRock · Author · May 19, 2023

new Swordsmaster chapter I think. 

carrot-tyyy · May 14, 2023

is the original storm monarch actually being continued? Also i really like the fox swordswoman one so i going tot ell u that good work

APieceOfRock · Author · May 15, 2023

Yeah. As soon as I have time I'll continue writing 

dilieventi · May 13, 2023

hey autho I make this account tot ell u that good work

APieceOfRock · Author · May 13, 2023

sry I no spoke ingles

Shiro1347 · May 12, 2023

Is Storms Monarch (the yuri one) on hiatus ?

APieceOfRock · Author · May 12, 2023


APieceOfRock · Author · May 12, 2023

I mean, not really. I've been too lazy late;y

Shiro1347 · May 12, 2023

It do be like that sometimes

Mimm3l · May 7, 2023

A small question how is The Storms Monarch is an Extra (CONTINUED AGAIN) related to the other storm monarchs story ?

APieceOfRock · Author · May 7, 2023

They are fanfics of each other. That's the best I can describe them

Ratondebilioteca789456123 · May 6, 2023

when will you have new episodes of storm monarchs?
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    I like storms

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