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Jul 23, 2022

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Joined: Jul 23, 2022
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I study a lot about storytelling and pretend I know what I'm doing.

Story_Marc · Author · Sep 10, 2023

I've settled on Thursday as the weekly release date for The Ties That Blind (Grandmaster of Theft #2). I've upped my game a great deal since the first one, so if you enjoyed that, know that there's more of it and then some waiting!

Story_Marc · Author · Aug 18, 2023

Here's some important announcements for The Ties That Blind!

For those wondering what the start date is, I'll upload the first chapter on August 30th.

Story_Marc · Author · Jul 26, 2023

The next entry in The Grandmaster of Theft series is almost here... I'm going to have some big surprises for this one beyond the actual writing. I can't wait to reveal what I've been up to when not teaching everything I can about writing on the Story Marc YouTube channel.

Story_Marc · Author · May 23, 2023

I've been busy behind the scenes with making Ties, though progress speed has varied given other things dealing with. That said, I have made significant progress with Act 1. Right now I'm thinking I might do releases once a week once August arrives.

Story_Marc · Author · Feb 27, 2023

Check out this overview on how to create a unique and cohesive magic system for your writing! Learn about six common approaches to magic and discover how each approach works. This is useful for both seasoned writers and those starting out too.

Story_Marc · Author · Feb 22, 2023

I read Behind Closed Doors with some distance for the first time today, actually. I'm going to fix little things and then onward to The Ties That Blind! I'm feeling far more confident with it since I've now completed 1 novel, 1 short story, and 1 vignette. 

I might keep a progress report going here, to make sure I stay on track and show how development is going. As of now, Chapter 1 is outlined and I'll be writing dialogue today.

Story_Marc · Author · Jan 1, 2023

Want to dig in the "how" for better storytelling instead of just hearing the "what"? Check out my new project that'll go across the entirety of 2023!

Story_Marc · Author · Dec 12, 2022

Don't be Tolkien! Screw worrying about worldbuilding! It's seriously overrated! Don't believe me? Give me six minutes to make a case!

Story_Marc · Author · Dec 6, 2022

Thesis statement: writers should start with Orwellian Prose...

Want to know why? Check out my newest video!

Story_Marc · Author · Nov 23, 2022

I highly recommend Italian Job Structure over Ocean's Structure. What's Italian Job Structure? What's Ocean's Structure? Watch the video to find out this and more.

Story_Marc · Author · Oct 30, 2022

I love scene/sequel structure! Don't know what that is? Check out my vid!

Story_Marc · Author · Oct 16, 2022

New episode up! Let's talk about fight scenes while using pro wrestlers structure! 

Story_Marc · Author · Oct 11, 2022

When copyright claims force you to work on a video all over again... 

Fox-Trot-9 · Oct 11, 2022

Ouch! What vid is that?

Story_Marc · Author · Oct 11, 2022

I uploaded it here for those who wish to take a look. I'm going to edit this during the week so I can get rid of copyright claims, so I can put a proper version on YouTube.

Fox-Trot-9 · Oct 11, 2022

Ah, this is a solid vid here!

Story_Marc · Author · Oct 11, 2022

Kudos! It's my best yet IMO, which is why it bugs me to have to rework quite a bit. I know how, it's just frustrating.

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    I study a lot about storytelling and pretend I know what I'm doing.

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