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Well-Known Author
May 13, 2019

Well-Known Author
Joined: May 13, 2019
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[Everything I post online for free is, without exception, a first draft.]

— Wishlist:

— Newsletter:

Socials + other links are on my carrd

FantasyDeath · · Author · Nov 2, 2022

I've fiddled with my wishlist!

I've added a MOST WANTED collection, as it occurred to me I have so many items on the list it might be kind of overwhelming? But I've narrowed it down (though of course I also want everything else on the list, this is just the stuff I want most of all) and so you should now have a gentler time browsing the list if you stick to the collection. ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡

FantasyDeath · Author · Nov 2, 2022

and head straight for the collection here:

FantasyDeath · Author · Oct 5, 2022

new newsletter! it will be used for:

1) Monthly progress reports on my writing. It's a simple way to get a somewhat accurate idea of how long it'll be until That Book You're Waiting For™ finally gets published.

2) Announcements regarding new releases, when my books are on sale, etc. Potentially even special discount codes for my books on itchio? 

FantasyDeath · Author · Sep 17, 2022

i'm taking a break from patreon. here's the explanation:

also, i've got a wishlist now XD

makk · Aug 20, 2022

Have a good rest! :) iwl its for It's a Wonderful Life?

FantasyDeath · Author · Sep 17, 2022

yes, IWL is It's a Wonderful Life

FantasyDeath · Author · Aug 20, 2022

I will no longer be updating iwl or dead end on any free sites anymore, including tapas. To be clear, i am not abandoning them; I'll continue to write and update them (and other things) on Patreon as normal, but I need to take a year or so and just... not write with nothing in return. There's always the option I'll change my mind in a couple months, but that's up in the air.

Dead End has 2 more chapters scheduled, but that's it.
FantasyDeath · Author · Aug 20, 2022

The ink goals on are still ongoing, and I will honor them. Any chapters written for a goal met will be available for free.

And remember, I aim to publish all my novels at least as ebooks (after much editing) so go to my carrd and find my free newsletter if you don't want to miss those.
I'm done now.
FantasyDeath · Author · Aug 20, 2022

I bring amazing news! The 25k ink goal (on has been met! This means I'll now begin working on the OSD extra in Ivy's POV :D

I can't give a timeline for when it'll be done, but trust that it's a top priority.
(I don't know if I'll post the extra anywhere outside tapas... I need to think on that)
FantasyDeath · Author · Aug 3, 2022

Are you looking for a post-apocalyptic story with a disabled MC and a slowburn lovestory? Then I have one just for you!

A FIELD OF SCATTERED STARS is one of my patreon exclusive stories, and it already has 23 (out of 92) chapters posted. It's mainly slice-of-life and is a DEAD END spin-off (that novel can be read for free right here!). The story revolves around Magnus (MC) and Andrew (ML).
FantasyDeath · Author · Aug 3, 2022

 If you read DEAD END, you'll know who Andrew is~

And—AFOSS updates every Monday! 
FantasyDeath · Author · Jul 14, 2022

i've been fiddling with my patreon page, so check it out if you don't want to risk missing something:

FantasyDeath · Author · Jul 1, 2022

It's a new month! You know what that means—it's the best possible time to join my Patreon! 

And don't forget, you can read ch 1 & 2 of Fake NPC for free. No account is needed!
FantasyDeath · Author · Jun 24, 2022

i'm on mastodon! and I'm... actually surprisingly active? (my username is Flo)

FantasyDeath · Author · May 24, 2022

OUR SWEET DAYS IS COMPLETE! *flops into a pile of pillows*

FantasyDeath · Author · May 6, 2022

officially putting DEAD END on hiatus until the end of may, due to mental health reasons

FantasyDeath · Author · Apr 26, 2022

remember GENTLY DYING? i'm rewriting it on patreon (for example, i'm switching to persent tense) and the new title is BURNING BRIGHT. i am currently working on ch 3. i'm undecided on if i'll post it anywhere for free. that partly depends on if i'll actually keep writing it past ch 6 (where i stopped in 2019).  we'll see. for now, it's just on patreon. (old version is actually still on webnovel, i think) 

FantasyDeath · Author · Mar 2, 2022

I’ve now got a Patreon Loyalty Reward! The gist is; join a tier, stay at that tier for a certain period of time, and then get added to a mailing list. You’ll get every single ebook I release after you’ve joined the list—for free. All of them. Free. 

(you don't need an account to read it)
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    [Everything I post online for free is, without exception, a first draft.]

    — Wishlist:

    — Newsletter:

    Socials + other links are on my carrd

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