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Famous Author
May 17, 2019

Famous Author
Joined: May 17, 2019
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I write stories about things I like and draw on a similar vein.

Jolliapplegirl · Author · Nov 24, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I'm very thankful for all you who tolerate my sporadic updates and stick with me. Thank you.

Rebeccasask · Nov 25, 2022

I'm sticking with you!

Llllll · Nov 27, 2022

At least we get the updates; thank yews for the updates! clear.png

Desuma · Oct 21, 2022

Thanks for your hard work, Between an Alpha and Omega is a great story! 👋🫶🏼

Jolliapplegirl · Author · May 19, 2022

It occurs to me I forgot to let you guys know why I haven't updated any of my stories in a while. For that, I'm sorry~ I'm doing finals right now but I'll be done soon.

Llllll · May 25, 2022

Take you time, nearly everyone goes through their finals at some point!~ clear.pngclear.png

Justchilling · Feb 10, 2022

Just wondering when will you be updating "Between an Alpha and Omega"? I thought the updating schedule was 1/month or sth cause most of the updates are a month apart.

CatCarol · Oct 2, 2021

Sinto muito em lhe incomodar, mas a novel Entre Alfa e Ômega foi cancelada? 

Jolliapplegirl · Author · Oct 2, 2021

No, its still ongoing.

Jolliapplegirl · Author · Sep 28, 2021

I'm really stuck on what story to write next. Naive master, at this point, has two spin-offs that I'm working on and the next in the 'series', is about his friend. I really can't decide so what do you guys think? Let me know:

Jolliapplegirl · Author · Apr 29, 2021

I feel really bad that my 'being a responsible student' has delayed my updates so to make up for it, I'll give you, my faithful readers, a recommendation.

Zettai BL ni Naru Sekai Vs Zettai BL ni Naritakunai Otoko
Read the manga. You will NOT regret it. Enjoy~
firefelix · May 21, 2021

i already read that. really recomend it. love how mc avoid all flag comeclear.png

mkonji · May 21, 2021

thank you for the recommendation!! will definitely read itclear.png

ThatOneArtEgg · Mar 21, 2021

Heyo! Hope ya doing good!

welis · Mar 16, 2021

oi, "O Príncipe do Gelo e sua Fada" foi descartado? eu amo ele e adoraria ver mais capítulos 

RedHead · Dec 15, 2020

It has been over a month and you left us with such a juicy cliffhanger in "The Ice Prince and his Fairy". clear.pngXander will probably curse you at this rate for not getting to eat his Fae's tofu for so long. clear.png

naeemakhan · May 21, 2020

has ''Plucked by English rose '' been dropped? It is so good

Jolliapplegirl · Author · May 25, 2020

No, I'll be updating it soon. I was just planning out some stuff.

Jolliapplegirl · Author · Mar 5, 2020

clear.pngSo I just now realized I can make post on this site. Which is super coolio! So hi to everyone who follows me. I very much appreciate your patience with me.

Sparky123 · Jan 13, 2020

Has "The Ice Prince and his Fairy [BL]" been dropped? It's very good and I would love to see more chapters

Jolliapplegirl · Author · Jan 13, 2020

No, it's just on hiatus because writing 2 stories at once is hard. Sorry.

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    I write stories about things I like and draw on a similar vein.

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