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Sep 8, 2022

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Kookaburra Dec 5, 2023

Obviously our view if the protagonist has been purely as an artist/entrepreneur. So I suppose you are right that the protagonist hasn't had an opportunity to develop his interpersonal skills with women at this point.

But for me his most positive/assertive female relationship thus far is Anne. Which obviously doesn't work as a love intetest. But that relationship helps him to deal with women positively yet without giving up his agency e.g. his erstwhile GF

Sebast2345 Author Dec 5, 2023

I can only say to wait for the other chapters.

Kookaburra Dec 5, 2023

Actually I didn't dislike Alice she seemed like a genuinely nice girl (cheerleading aside). But the problem was with the Cheerleaders all having a thing for the protagonist? This wasn't even foreshadowed as all their interactions were more random occurances with little or no interaction. So when Alice jumped out of nowhere it literally was a complete surprise. 馃槼

Sebast2345 Author Dec 5, 2023

Well, because Claudia told all about their relationship, that made, you know a little bit about Billy who is not very sociable.

Kookaburra Dec 4, 2023
I just hope that this guy buys a clue and also Mr Author having him act like merely finding a girlfriend means he's getting married is patently stupid! Part of growing up is experiencing different relationships.聽
So the fact you completely disregarded this and even with Alice merely added it as an insert was just silly 馃槼馃檮
Sebast2345 Author Dec 4, 2023

Yes, in fact, little by little I want to express that maturity, which can only be gained with time. Billy sucks at romance, and it's one of his weaknesses.

Sebast2345 Author Dec 4, 2023

alice is a nice girl, she's just a little crazy.

Kookaburra Dec 4, 2023

In fact his behavior and attitude were so glaringly different you found yourself questioning his 'past life' cache. I mean seriously a grown man allowing himself to be lead around by the dick by a couple of teenage girls?聽

Anyone guy of any experience with women knows the most vulnerable age group to manipulate with women is the teenage demographic. So the MC's complete and utter lack of knowledge or experience was glaringly embarrassing 馃槀馃槀馃槀

Kookaburra Dec 4, 2023

Great series very well researched and plotted with very obvious historical value to anyone even remotely interested in the entertainment space.

I'm glad that the MC didn't capitulate to Claudia or Alice (horrible name). But the annoying thing about this protagonist was as assured and confident as he was in business. He was the exact opposite in romantic matters.聽

Sebast2345 Author Dec 4, 2023

thanks for reading, I am publishing. in the coming months, you will learn that teenage girls are child's play compared to the women of Hollywood.

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