Chapter 13 – Dragon Slayer
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Feiyun carried Kanata on her shoulder as they made their way from the harbor into the central district of the Kano Country.

With the Celestial Dragon St. Chrysaor commanding them, they dared not refuse. Even in the foulest of moods, defying those World Nobles meant certain death—for that was the authority of the "Creator's Descendants."

It wasn't just about Feiyun either; Kanata herself wore a deep hood concealing her face, yet risked being deemed discourteous should she not remove it. Her beauty ordinarily proved an asset, but here it worked against her. "To be fair, even beauty can become a burden," she mused humorlessly, lacking the energy for jokes.

In any case, Kanata's mood proved utterly foul.

Noticing her demeanor, Feiyun spoke up tentatively, "Please, try not to worry. After causing such a spectacle, this was inevitable."

"That's no excuse to put us on display like novelties. Once I claimed you as part of my crew, I vowed to see matters through to the end, Feiyun."

Kanata understood lecturing Celestial Dragons proved futile, yet comprehending and accepting remained distinct notions. Unconsciously leaking Conqueror's Haki, the very air shuddered with her fury.

Upon entering the central district, Chinjao awaited at the town's entrance. Descending from Feiyun's shoulder, Kanata fixed him with a piercing glare.

"You seem rather vexed, Kanata."

"As well I should be. These are arguably the worst sorts we could face."

"Which is precisely why inciting their wrath lies ill-advised. I too possess standing to maintain. For now, rein in that Haki."

Heeding his words, she took a deep breath to suppress the leaking Conqueror's aura. The anger clouding her mind cleared, her Observation Haki revealing a considerable presence of powerful individuals throughout the town—the Celestial Dragon's guards, no doubt.

If they proceeded to the palace in the central district, those guards might well restrain them.

"...My apologies for causing this disruption, Chinjao."

"Hiyahohoh. The less conspicuous you remain, the less likely they'll set their sights on you, mm?"

"One can only hope."

In any case, Feiyun had already drawn their scrutiny. Slipping away unnoticed seemed improbable at best, especially considering St. Chrysaor's rumored fondness for exotic "specimens."

"Very well, let us depart. St. Chrysaor awaits, though not at the palace—we convene on the outskirts instead."

"As expected, then. You've come to escort us."

Considering Feiyun's immense stature, the palace grounds would prove ill-suited for her bulkier transformed state, and she required ample space to unleash her abilities at full capacity.

But if the powerful presences pervading the town served not as the Celestial Dragon's guards, who were they? Kanata furrowed her brow contemplatively.

"Follow me. The 'Celestial Dragon' awaits."


St. Chrysaor categorized readily enough as a "collector" among Celestial Dragons—his vice involved procuring exotic beasts and oddities from across the globe to flaunt at highborn social gatherings. Comparatively tame for one of the self-professed "Creator's Scions," he nonetheless surrounded himself with four CP-0 "Aegis" operatives for protection, smirking behind an air bubble protecting him from contamination.

George's group knelt nearby as well, presumably summoned earlier alongside the other slaves flanking the World Noble.

Kanata readjusted her hood while Chinjao steeled himself, Kanata's Observation Haki discerning the bulk of Marine security concentrated around the palace and harbor—the World Government's guard presence remained sparse by comparison.

As they approached, St. Chrysaor commanded them to halt at a respectful distance before kneeling. He then scrutinized Feiyun thoroughly.

"Hmm? She seems little different from your average giant. What gives?"

Addressing the slaves including giants identical to those present, St. Chrysaor prompted the CP-0 agents to explain.

"St. Chrysaor, that giant's ability to further increase her stature stems from a Devil Fruit's power."

"Ah, I see. Well, if it lets me witness such an oddity, I've no objections." Seeming mollified, he settled into an outdoor chair, promptly ordering Feiyun to demonstrate her transformation. "Very well, go ahead and grow larger then."

"Yes, sir." Feiyun swiftly grew until her frame exceeded one hundred meters tall, dwarfing her earlier ten-meter height.

Even St. Chrysaor gaped incredulously while trailing his gaze upward, the surrounding giants similarly rendered slack-jawed.

"I can certainly understand the tales of a 'Giant Rivaling the Heavens' now..."

Evidently surprised despite himself, St. Chrysaor inadvertently let slip his awe while recalling the ancient legends of the Demon Oars who purportedly upended entire nations—just how immense had those giants been for such feats?

Yet that very sense of wonderment soon ceded to an overriding "desire" perceptible in his deepening smirk as he beckoned a CP-0 agent closer.

"I want that giant. Do we have any Seastone shackles large enough?"

"We do, but..." The agent's hesitation drew a scowl until admitting, "Her sheer size renders restraining her unviable with what we have."

Ah, of course—simply affixing the Seastone cuffs proved impractical given her tremendous bulk. Furrowing his brow thoughtfully, St. Chrysaor shifted his gaze toward the two near Feiyun's feet.

Restraining her first would prove ideal to mitigate potential rampages, but evidently unfeasible under the circumstances.

"Hey, you over there!"

"Yes, what is it?"

"Make this giant my new slave!"

The air itself seemed to tremble in the ensuing silence as CP-0 agents rushed forward while Chinjao interposed himself before Kanata—not Haki, but sheer overwhelming intent saturating the atmosphere with palpable killing intent.

They had envisioned this worst-case scenario, desperately wishing to avoid it, yet here it unfolded nonetheless.

"...I must decline."

"...What did you say?"

Kanata reiterated resolutely, "She is like a daughter to me. Enslaving her is out of the question—"

"I did not ask for your opinion! Hand over that giant to become my slave at once!"

Leveling a pistol at Kanata, St. Chrysaor threatened while two CP-0 agents moved to restrain her, the other two remaining as protective escorts.

Before they could act, however, Chinjao intervened. "You claimed a Celestial Dragon's word was absolute! You have no right to refuse!"

"I recall making no such concession."

"Defying us means your very survival in these seas is forfeit! You'll lose all mercantile prospects!"

"Then I shall choose the path of warfare over bowing my head to such injustice."

Blocking Chinjao’s Armament Haki-clad fist with her own hardened forearm, the impact's whirlwind tore Kanata's hood aside, unveiling her face.

Catching sight of her appearance seemingly stirred St. Chrysaor's ardor, his labored breaths betraying excitement as he attempted closing the distance.

"Oh ho ho~!?"

"St. Chrysaor!? You mustn't approach, it's too perilous!" Warned his guard.

"I want that woman as well! Bring her to Mariejois as a slave alongside the giant!"

Just as Chinjao had feared, it seemed. Meanwhile, George's group sprang into motion as Junshi swiftly battered aside one CP-0 operative, beckoning George toward Kanata to escape.

Confirming they had distanced themselves, Kanata called out to Feiyun. "Feiyun! Blow them away!"

"Yes, ma'am!"

The gargantuan child's earth-shaking kick unleashed a shockwave flinging aside the slaves and guards St. Chrysaor sought to command—even the surrounding giants proved no exception as virtually all hostile forces barring the CP-0 escorts shielding St. Chrysaor himself went sailing.

Having shrunk down to around twenty meters, Feiyun scooped up George's group and headed for the harbor per Kanata's instructions.

"Hey, what are you going to do!?"

"They won't simply let us escape after that."


Utilizing the "Shave" high-speed movement technique, the remaining CP-0 agents sought to outflank and pursue Feiyun while Junshi engaged Chinjao. One operative evidently intended staying behind to help restrain Kanata alongside two others.

Despite their vastly differing stride lengths rapidly distancing Feiyun, Kanata erected a massive ice wall to hinder the CP-0 agents' pursuit.

"A Devil Fruit user, eh? But that won't sto—!"

Attempting to shatter the barricade with "Rankyaku" air-slicing attacks, the sheer thickness rendered inflicting more than superficial lacerations impossible for the time being.

And in that momentary pause in their momentum—

"First, one of you."

Kanata froze the agent solid from behind before her Observation Haki detected the other two closing in, their "Rankyaku" barrages leaving incisions across her body which swiftly regenerated as she identified her next target.

"A Logia-type, troublesome..."

The remaining operative clad in Armament Haki unleashed another "Rankyaku" air blade which Kanata narrowly evaded, the opening allowing the other to soar over the ice wall via "Geppo" moon-walking.

"...Ah, so these are the vaunted 'Six Powers,' then."

The elite combat techniques imparted to government and Marine operatives—the superhuman martial arts granting them overwhelming might through sheer physical prowess and skill alike.

"Just so. Ordinarily, defying us warrants summary execution...but St. Chrysaor demanded you be captured as a slave instead."

"I must refuse. Becoming a Celestial Dragon's property holds no appeal whatsoever."

"Your willingness matters not. The 'Gods' have demanded we relinquish you to their clutches, nothing more."

Utilizing "Shave" to accelerate, the operative bombarded Kanata with Armament Haki-clad kicks, her flesh yielding under the barrage despite her inhuman durability.

An even match remained doubtful under normal circumstances given their elite standing, but Kanata refused to fight typically.

"If I recall went something like this, didn't it?"


Mimicking the technique herself, Kanata utilized "Shave" to surge into her opponent's guard, their physical conditioning granting them the necessary criteria—the technique's mechanics alone remained unknown until witnessed firsthand.

Though the operative instinctively retaliated with "Shigan" finger bullets, Kanata effortlessly evaded them, requiring only momentary contact.

"Two down."

The snap of flesh freezing over signaled the CP-0 agent's petrification.

While Feiyun's situation remained a lingering concern, Zen and Kuro waited at the harbor alongside George possessing a Transponder Snail to contact them if needed, mitigating any immediate crisis.

No, what truly preoccupied Kanata's thoughts centered on the Celestial Dragon himself.

Her overt defiance virtually guaranteed a daunting bounty and the cessation of all commercial prospects moving forward. Moreover, the attempt to enslave Feiyun could not be forgiven under any circumstances.

As the remaining CP-0 operative launched more "Shigan" strikes which Kanata's Observation Haki let her evade while closing the distance, St. Chrysaor refrained from firing his pistol, presumably wishing to take her alive as a prospective slave as well.

"Y...You insolent wretch, you cannot expect to walk away from this unscathed!"

"A choice between enslavement or a bounty on my head. In which case, I choose the path of the hunted, nothing more."

Forming an ice spear, Kanata assailed the remaining male escort while coordinating her attacks to prevent him from evading by potentially endangering St. Chrysaor behind him.

Exchanging a flurry of blows, the Armament Haki-clad "Rankyaku" sliced across Kanata's shoulder, drawing blood as she momentarily retreated, gazing at the crimson stream.

"...It's been quite a while since I last bled."

Not since consuming the Ice-Ice Fruit and training under Junshi with Armament Haki had Kanata suffered noteworthy injuries.

But allowing the wound to disrupt her Observation Haki proved unacceptable folly—it remained shallow, the blood loss negligible.

Unleashing a cluster of ice spikes from the ground in an attempt to impale her foe, he evaded by carrying St. Chrysaor aloft with "Geppo" as Kanata pursued, mirroring the evasive aerial maneuvers before thrusting her spear toward his heart.

Hastily interposing his "Tekkai" defenses alongside Armament Haki, her own hardened weapon pierced straight through, the shaft burying itself in his right lung rather than the intended heart. Evidently soldiering on through sheer tenacity, he managed grasping St. Chrysaor before collapsing face-first on the ground shortly thereafter.

"Hah...Hah...! Damn...useless guard!" St. Chrysaor aimed to flee while kicking aside the fallen operative, only for Kanata to freeze his feet in place.


Stemming the blood flow from her shoulder wound, she approached while he struggled futilely.

"D...Damn you, I am among the elite! A World Noble! This insolence, do you even comprehend whose blood lineage you defile—the Creator's very Scions!?"

"The Celestial Dragons may be elite, but that is all you amount to. Stripped of those enforcing your authority, your frailty shines through."

Having defied a World Noble, a bounty would inevitably follow—the Marines would mobilize, the World Government itself stirred into action.

But having progressed to this juncture, disposing of St. Chrysaor here mattered little in the greater scheme.

"I too reached my limit of tolerance. Demeaning the child who looked up to me as a sideshow curiosity, then daring to declare her a slave?"

Her bloodstained ice spear leveled squarely at St. Chrysaor's chest, his bravado evidently faltering as he recoiled, begging for mercy.

"N...No, stop! I am St. Donquixote Chrysaor, a World Noble—a Scion of the Creator Themselves!"

"And what of it? The Admirals mobilize? The entire World Government becomes our enemy? Fine by me. I shall crush them all underfoot."

For Kanata, she lacked any other refuge in this world. Abandoned by her parents, sold to an orphanage, possessing neither friends nor family, fated for the slave trade until forging her own path through sheer determination—cherishing those she could call friends, who regarded her fondly in turn, became her solitary driving force. Even slaying dragons posed no deterrent under such circumstances.

"In which case, I'll be taking that heart of yours..."



Kanata's spear pierced St. Chrysaor's heart with pinpoint accuracy and then his voice extinguished alongside his life.


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