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"All the defense system units at the front have been breached!"

"Immediately close the emergency system lock!"

Beep. Beep. Countless figures hurriedly ran across the room. The entire area was filled with the loud cacophony of shouts and several alarms that struck panick to everyone. All of them felt terror.

"...R-01... Prepare for entering the chamber."


"Quickly ready her... good luck."



The abrupt explosion caught them all off guard, fiercely throwing off the nearby guards along with the metal scraps that came from the breached wall.

"Don't let them in!"

The remaining guards who luckily survived from the blast skillfully lined into a formation and raised their firearms, preparing for the worst.

It was at this time that a figure, shrouded in the shadows, rushed inside. An indistinct tint of purple flashed by.

English isn't my primary language so please bare with my grammar. But I'll gladly accept any constructive criticisms and re-edit the story when I have the time! So anyways, have fun reading! Thank you!