Chapter 14 – Conclusion of the Fight (1)
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『Low-Ranked Sigil of Reformation』「Physical Reformation」

⇌Name: Kaiji
⇌Age: 16
⇌Lmt. Energy: ???
⇌Attribute: ???
⇌Potential: Indefinite
⇛Realm: Earth Profound Realm⑴
Kaiji once more surveyed whatever this thing's called in front of him and pondered to himself. "So this is what the Sigil does?"

His own name and age, that he could still understand, but...

"What is this Limit of Energy, and the other stuffs?"

Back then, Simonne only left some vague answers to him when he asked what the Sigil of Reformation does to its user; to make people stronger. That's pretty much all he could remember. He didn't even then left any instructions as for using the Sigil.

"So how am I suppo—"
『Low-Ranked Sigil of Reformation』「Physical Reformation」

﹂Body Enhancement
﹂Body Acceleration
﹂Power Augmentation
﹂Accelerated Senses
﹂Body Flexibility
﹂Accelerated Reflexes
﹂Body Regeneration

"This is quite a lot." Kaiji scanned over the newly popped out rectangular box that floated mid-air and lifted his hand as he pressed out a finger.

"How about this one?"


The Sigil from his hand began to vibrate and shed out a faint purplish light that gradually encased Kaiji's entire body.


Kaiji felt his body somehow grew lighter, along with the energy circulating throughout his veins burn in vigor. He clenched his fist as he gazed into the distance.

"I need to try this."

He said as he came in front of a tree and looked at its thick wooden trunk.

"This should be good enough."

Kaiji tightened his fist and pulled out a punch.
"We're back."

"How are you do—"


The three men who left just a while ago all came back together holding a few dead rabbits tied in a bundle of ropes. However, their faces contorted into that of a shocked one after seeing the current scene in front of them.

"What happened?!"

Almost every trees in sight were all viciously torn apart and the dismembered trunks were all strewn out upon the clearing. There were also countless shattered rocks that scattered around the surroundings. Simply put, it was a picturesque of devastation.


And in the center of all those decimated things, a lone figure stood.

"What happened here?!"

Those three men hurriedly ran at where that figure stood.

Kaiji, who had failed to consider the presence of his other companions until just now, scratched the back of his head and laughed as he quickly think of a made-up story.
"...Umm... a wild boar went on a rampage just now..."