Chapter 17 – Master Morth
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"I see." The old man— namely, Morth, nodded his head as he silently listened at the story of his student's experiences during this past three months in the Hierron continent. "So this young man here's called Kaiji?"

"Yes." Kaiji politely nodded his head. 

"I understand now." Morth faintly smiled as he nodded his head at him and turned to look back at Simonne. "You've had quite the adventure there."

"…But." Morth solemnly reminded.

"You mustn't always risk yourself for others that you even barely know of." Morth turned his face towards Kaiji for a moment, whispering his apology. "…I know it sounds pretty cruel but… your life here's at stake. If… if they did successfully caught you there at Congregation, I wouldn't know what would I do myself. You know you're the only child I have."

"…" Simonne quietly listened for a while before he nodded his head. "I understand." He paused for a moment and continued. "But that doesn't mean I'll completely ignore the one's who really needs my help. If… saving them only makes myself vulnerable to risks then... I'll try my best to… avoid." 

He said his last word in a small voice, as if like a whisper. 

Old Morth sighed after hearing what he said but found himself inwardly smiling to his behavior. "That enough is fine already."

"By the way." Morth remembered what Simonne had mentioned a while ago. "So… Kaiji, right? You also want to be my disciple in regards to the arts of sword?"

Before the two of them arrived here at the Institute, Kaiji had always expressed his admiration towards Simonne's skills to adeptly use blades. That's why he asked the latter if he could be a disciple like him so that he could learn as well, but only if it's possible. After all, requesting to a friend to learn under the same master was a quite personal thing. 

Kaiji nodded seriously. "I want to learn to use the dagger."

"I see..." Old Morth nodded his head. "I'll have you under my tutelage then." 

"Really?" Kaiji's eyes sparkled.

"Of course." Old Morth chuckled. "It would be nice if you could join the competition too. Fighting with others will greatly improve your skills. And you as well, Simonne."

"Yes." Kaiji and Simonne both nodded. 

"You should also note that the competition will begin one month later." Old Morth reminded. "So do your best to train hard. Especially you Kaiji, since I haven't even started to teach you yet."

Kaiji nodded once again. 

"I think that it would be good for the both of you to rest for now." Old Morth gave a meaningful look. "And… Saki. Please."

"I understand." Saki nodded and turned to the both of them.  "The two of you should rest for now."

The both of them nodded as they stood up.



" "Goodbye, Master Morth." "

Kaiji and Simonne politely lowered their head and turned back towards the door.

Old Morth nodded. "I'll see the both of you tomorrow."



Simonne was the first one to leave through the door while the other one— Kaiji, however, stopped at the threshold when he was about to exit.




"…I think it's the best to use Blinkroot instead of a Red Soul Grass, Master Morth."



He then walked out of the room and closed the door. 









Old Morth and Saki was left behind with widened eyes.