Chapter 19 – A Peaceful Date (4)
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Kaiji raised his head and looked at the Colosseum for the first time in excitement.

The structure of the Colosseum was about the range of fifty meters— something that stood out amongst every building inside the town besides the Institute. It was in a shape of a large cirque that encompassed a hundred of meters in perimeter with a light brownish color painting almost every stones of the structure that seemed to be glowing in splendor. Numerous arched windows lined up vertically on several rows of its walls.

Looking beneath the Colosseum, countless people swarmed about its surroundings like a giant flood, barely fitting around the entrance.

"Let's go!"


Kaiji and Saki entered the Colosseum.
The two of them managed to pull out the closest seat from the stadium even though they're quite late for the show.
'Were lucky.'
Kaiji sat down beside Saki while holding on to a snack.

"You want some?"


Saki nervously picked some and placed it inside her mouth. Even though she was the one who bought it.

The countless rising tiers of seats circled around the stadium in an arched manner— like an amphitheater. A rough estimation of the people inside the stadium would be around the scale of five hundred, give or take. Kaiji tried to stretch his head out and look for empty seats, but to no avail— it seemed that this show was a quite popular one among the citizens, he thought.

The round platform below was devoid of any person and was still yet unattended, causing the seated spectators to feel displeasure.

"Why is it taking too long?" Saki muttered to herself.

"Maybe—" Kaiji tried to reply but was cut off mid-sentence by a loud booming sound of a horn.


"Welcome!!" A figure emerged out of a gate just beside the stadium and deeply bowed. "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to ze show of ze Colosseum of Wonders! A show which no-one of you would ever forget for ze rest of your lives! A place where interesting and definitely fascinating creatures and bizarre z'ings will be exhibited for ze sake of your satisfəction!"

The man made a huge gesture.

The audiences cheered.

"Now z'en," The man turned towards the gate. "RELEASE ZE—"
The entire colosseum trembled at the creature's wake. A shadow of a giant figure slowly revealed itself from inside the gate, roaring once every while and then.
"It's the Silver-Furred Fox!!" Someone from the crowd exclaimed in surprise.

"Wait, isn't that?"

"I-it's the—"

Kaiji widened his eyes as he remembered that creature just a while ago. 'It's the one in the statue of the fountain."

"It's beautiful." Kaiji turned to look at Saki, who was deeply mesmerized by the beauty of the beast, and smiled.
The silver-furred fox raised its head loudly roared.
One of the metal chains that binds the beast's hind leg produced a nasty sound as small cracks started to form from the metal links like that of a spider's cobwebs.
"You're all right!" The host raised both his hand in the air. "Z'is is ze Hollowden's Symbol of Prosperity!! Ze Silver-Furred Fox!!"


All the audiences loudly cheered in amazement.


The host quickly turned to look behind him.
Another gigantic figure emerged out of the entrance.
But this time, with no chains.