Chapter 62 Guild War/ Training Battle P1
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 Hey guys, I wanted to take a moment to talk to you all about A.C. 

 I know that this series has been through a lot. In fact, we just recently crossed its first birthday! I can't believe it has come this far. Thank you guys for reading it. I know the uploads are usually once a week, and I'm sorry. But what I'm actually writing this about it well, the novel as a whole. I love this novel. It's the first thing that I actually published, and it's been a journey. I know that the state of the earliest chapters is rather dismal. As I get time, I have been trying to go through and edit all the issues out.

 But honestly, a part of me wants to drop this novel. Though I know I won't do that. The amount of backlash this novel has gotten from its birth, till now has been intense. Recently as many of you know, Kairos gave up Oblivion, and a bunch of readers was bothered by this. In fact, that same day, I got a lot of dislikes and bad ratings because of it. This was to be expected, yet really bothered me and made me consider my stance on this series. 

 I will see this novel through to the end. I know that many of you who read this enjoy it, and I won't let you guys down. As of now, I have three more arcs planned, but once those three are done, A.C may be done as well. It has yet to be determined at the moment. A few of my regulars and dedicated readers have brought the idea up for me to drop this novel for now and write other things. 

 I won't, but it also made me realize that I do want to write other stuff. For now, A.C will retain its once a week upload schedule. My second series, The Rise of the Everchosen | Royal Road is slated to go up to a chapter every two days or so in a couple of weeks once my backlog finishes growing. I also have a few new novels planned, that will be dropped once I have sufficient backlogs made for them. 

 Thank you guys for the journey, and I can't wait for you to see what is coming for this series! <3

The ground shook violently once again, and the giant buildings groaned in protest as their very foundation was assaulted by the forces that shook the Earth. Whoever was fighting must be strong if they were causing the ground to tremble violently from wherever they were. But I also guess it speaks leagues about the strength of Administrators. With that thought gone, I summoned my wings and gave them a mighty heave and shot into the sky. I really forgot I had these things sometimes. I used my skills to get around, probably more than I should, and spent a lot of time in my host form. I flapped my wings once more to pick up speed. The tops of the sky scrappers were still so very far away. These were much bigger than the buildings that I remember on Earth. After one last heavy swing of my wings, I quickly rose past all the last of the sky scrappers and finally broke into the clear sky. I fluttered my wings and hovered in the air for a moment to get a view of the surroundings. Sadly, however, the large cluster of buildings made it hard to see anything—just metal for as far as the eye could see. There was nothing for me to gain being up here, so I closed my wings and fell from the sky in a harrowing free fall.

The wind violently kicked around me, and as I plummeted. The feeling was exhilarating. I enjoyed the sensation of gravity, attempting to pull me into its embrace as I fell from the sky. But I knew that it had to end. Otherwise, I would only hurt myself. I corrected my posture and extended my wings outwards, and caught the air. My body jerked at the wing, caught my wings, and yanked me away from gravities fingers. I flapped my wings once more and flew through the collection of buildings. I’m not even sure that this city had an end. Finding someone in this is going to be so grueling and time-consuming.

I nimbly twisted myself and flew past two buildings that were extremely close to each other. As I soared past, I could see my form in the reflection of the glass planes. I saw my seven wings behind me and small gas trails that marked my path. I missed this form, and it really is so beautiful. My vision shifted from my reflection to that of a large park. Trees were growing in small clusters, and the grass looked freshly trimmed. A small pond sat in the middle of it with the light coruscating from its surface. Small concrete trails crisscrossed the park, and like everything else in this city, it was empty. I quickly circled the park, trying to find a target. This was taking forever. I circled the area a few more times and was just about to give up when I saw a figure coming from a distant alleyway across the park. Finally, I found something. I went to do a quick fly over to check out my opponent, but a golden bolt of lightning suddenly shot past me and impacted the building behind me. A thunderous explosion tore through the air, and the shockwave impacted me a split second later, throwing me from the sky. I quickly pulled my wings in and activated fleeting steps before I hit the ground.

I landed on the soft grass with a rough impact and quickly drew my swords. Each of them floated around me protectively as I stood up and looked around the park. Luckily for me, my opponent was walking towards me. Though, to my shock, it was something that I could only describe as a humanoid mannequin. Its face was a white blank slate that made me feel slightly unnerved as I stared at it. Its entire body was snow-white outside of the joints, which were made out of a strange black substance. A crown of vibrant lighting adorned its head, and the sound of it crackling filled the air between us. Draped across his body like a king's robes was the same purple lightning that Aphelia used in our fight. Its hand was a large spear; the spear's haft was made out of a brilliant silver medal and had a small red ribbon that circled its length. The spearhead was large and was made of freshly polished brass. The center was hollowed out, and lightning crackled as it traveled down the length of the spear. The air around him bent to his will and formed small grey clouds that extended out from him and bellowed towards the sky.

Combat with an Administrator has been initiated. Would you like to see your opponent's basic information?

I clicked yes as I observed it. It walked slowly towards me with its spear gripped tightly in one of its doll-like hands. The way it swagger told me that it had nothing to fear. Each step forward was filled to the brim with utmost confidence and honestly made him look like a bit of a badass.

Name: The Forgotten Administrator

Paths: God

Domains: Storm/Spear

Class: Spear of the Eternal Tempest

So my opponent was a god. It was a bit of a shame that this was all the information it gave me; I was actually hoping for a bit more. But not all is lost. This tells me that it will keep me at range with his spear and bombard me with magic. I swirled the blades around me and took a few steps back as I tried to formulate the next part of my plan. I had to get on top of the mannequin and render its spear useless. Otherwise, it will win this fight due to the weapon's length and the magic that it wielded. I brought my blades up and cracked my fingers. It was time to get to business. The clouds behind the mannequin quickly moved in front of him and were used as pedestals to quickly push itself forward with its spear angeled directly towards me. I twisted my body to the side to dodge the weapon and brought my blades around to cut his exposed side. The mannequin stopped the spear mid-thrust and quickly swiped it left in an attempt to hit me, which caught me completely by surprise. The lightning crackled as it neared my head, forcing me to contort my body once more to avoid the blade narrowly, but sadly it made me retreat since I was no longer able to attack him from this angle.

I rolled back to try and create some distance, but the mannequin summoned a small tornado of wind and lightning and pushed it towards me. The wind howled as it cut through the grass and trees as it barrelled towards me. I threw myself into a tight roll and dodged out of the way, only to see that my opponent dashed forward and use the air to make a quick sidestep to my left. Its spear was raised high into the air as it quickly closed in on me. Man, he was relentless in his assault. I used transdimensional step to move away quickly. If he wanted to fight like this, I would return the favor. I ramped up all my passive skills as high as they would go as soon as I reemerged back into this realm. The grass around me started to wither and die. The air grew frigid with a sudden drop in temperature and visibly shook before the power of my mana pressure skill. The effect wasn’t lost on my opponent, though. He tried to lunge at me again, but this time he was notably slower than before. I stared at him with my newly acquired skill and swung out my blades to catch his spear.

They clashed in a brilliant display of sparks and the sound of metal scraping together. My blades overpowered the spear and pushed it away. Finally creating an opening, I swung my swords around and brought them down on my target. They cut through its exterior easily as they followed the path that I set before them. I was sad to see that no blood came from the cut but was happy that I managed to land a clean blow. It meant that I was growing stronger, and it was something that I was proud of. I quickly spun around as I followed the blades, and the mannequin slammed his spear into the ground before I could react.

A large mass of storm grey clouds laced with visible arcs of golden lightning rushed from the tip spear and quickly pushed out in a circular radius. I couldn't move quick enough to dodge it, and I got knocked back from the force of the impact. The telltale feeling of electricity coursing through my veins followed shortly after, causing my body to lock up as I was thrown into a nearby building. A cloud of dust obscured my vision, and concrete fell on top of me as the building cried out in pain. It moved too fast that time for me to dodge. I pushed off the ground, moved the rubble that surrounded me, and activated fleeting steps to escape from the destroyed building. Outside, the god sat before me. The lighting was crackling as it bounced from the spear and into the surrounding area. The large clump of clouds rushed towards the sky, turning the blue sky, slate grey. Lighting danced through the air, and thunder shook the buildings. The wind started to violently slam into the buildings, causing the windows to crack and break. The falling shards of glass were quickly swept up by the wind, slowly starting to circle him.

If he wanted to fight at range, then I would oblige him. I summoned a basic fireball and tapped into my mana, and began to pump as much as I could into it. The flame absorbed every single drop of mana I pushed into it like it was a sponge. The flame slowly cycled through colors—each one changing in intensity and power. However, to my surprise, the color finally cycled back to orange, and yet my mana was still dropping before suddenly it stopped, and a notification appeared before me.

Due to your race and your Path of Power, you have unlocked a new spell.

Star Fire I: Your fire burns as hot as the lowest tier of stars.

I ignored the prompt for the most part as I observed my opponent. I wouldn’t let it get the drop on me this time. The god rose a had and drew it back. A large javelin of lighting formed in hand, and with a mighty heave, the mannequin threw it like a javelin. It quickly closed the distance between us, forcing me to activate fleeting steps, and sidestepped it. The bolt of electricity slammed into the building I was just in, ripping through it and destroying the remaining part of the first floor. The building groaned as it started to lean away from the park. The second I landed threw the ball of fire that was gathering in my hand. The air around it quivered as it soared the sky and towards the mannequin. The ball of star fire exploded in a blinding explosion. Debris launched from the impact site and tore through the concrete and steel buildings as if they were paper. Glass blew out from the remaining windows as the shock wave shot through the air with an ear-splitting boom. Now, if he survived that, then we may have a bit of an issue. I mused to myself as the debris started to settle, before suddenly a gust of powerful wind blew away the falling debris, revealing a large crater of glass and a very pissed off mannequin.