SMage 51 – Death
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You asked for it (or some of you)

There was something about this world’s magic system that was tickling his mind. The concept between elemental magic and church magic were vastly different, but they had something in common. The fact had only dawned on him when the former Lady said something he had not expected.

She said that she didn’t have faith in the Lord of Light or even the church. What her heart truly trusted was the mystic power, the Origin of Light. The very foundation of the old church. According to her, the church had swayed off the original teaching when one of them achieved, what they called, a divine status.

The Origin of Light existed to fight off the darkness of the dungeons. It also had guided her to him and otherwise. The sign was the shimmer of light on his shell that others had never had.

Has she seen a rainbow or something?

Artus didn’t know what the hell she was babbling about, but it had dawned on him, ‘is the magic concept based on a system of belief? Maybe if someone’s belief in something strong enough, the mana will take form based on that belief?’ 

The assumption lacked concrete evidence, but it actually explained why he could still cast a spell or make use of mana. He didn’t have a strong belief in the elements or the light, but what he believed was science. 

His ‘faith’ in the collective of knowledge was unchallenged. 

And if this hypothesis was true, then there was one kind of shield that he knew could deflect almost anything. The shield that protected planets from solar flares. That should be the ultimate shield that could protect him from any harm.

It was odd to think about the magic system while the three people in front of him were fighting for their lives. Paige had just been sliced at her neck and Jacob was stabbed on the back while trying to foolishly help her.

There was no need to worry about them when all of them had their own shells to protect every inch of their body. His Aether efficiency had silently increased thanks to his phobia, as the shell was kept active 24 hours a day. Thanks to that, now he could keep more separate shells active than before. 

It cost almost all of his mana to keep the shells up, but for the first time, the fighters could fight without worrying about the vulnerable mages behind them. They didn’t even need to be too scared to try something risky. 

There wasn't even a drop of blood on their clothes even if they should have been bathed in them. That was how much fighting they had gone through. The limit was their own stamina, mana, and maybe the will to push on.

Besides, they were only fighting monsters with claws, stone, and bone weapons. 

Paige finished her attackers as her red Water Ball returned, and two goblins fell onto the ground with a few bloody see-through holes. Jacob turned and elbowed the sneaky goblin before its head left the neck. Not far away, Felicia finished off the slingers who had kept Jacob busy.

“Jacob had died three times, Paige, five deaths, and Felicia, one,” he reminded them of their scores. “Don’t take the shells for granted, as it will be bad for your own growth.”

Jacob had an odd look on his face. A mix of awe and something else. Paige slumped onto her trembling knees and hands while trying to nod at him. The newb was still getting used to the side effect of the absorbed essence. She got and was the worst of them.

Felicia was staring at her chest before she shook her head. Maybe she was still in disbelief at the fact that a crooked looking spear should have lunged or pierced right through her chest. She was trying to help the distracted Jacob and got herself ‘killed’ in the process.

The momentum from the thrown spear had tossed her off her feet and flew back for a few meters. The fourth floor’s muscle-bounded hobgoblins really were on another level compared to the tiny goblins.

“This is crazy, you know,” Felicia muttered.

“Which part?” Artus chuckled.

“All, all of it! I- I should have died so many times over,” Felicia swallowed. “You know how many had died for less than this? My friends…”

“Yes,” Jacob said. “With a mage like you around, the cost going down the dungeons would be a lot less-”

“The cost!?” Felicia yelled. “I saw with my own two eyes as the best of my friends died in this hell hole one after another! And all you care about is money? They’ve paid with-”

“Felicia!” Artus interrupted her. “I think Jacob means the cost of lives, not money, and also, don't you think the essence is beginning to mess with you too? How many had you absorbed?”

“Yes, I do mean lives, Felicia,” Jacob followed up smoothly. “And I’m sorry about your friends,” he said.

Jacob got close slowly and took Felicia into his arms. The woman clenched fists trembled before they opened and relaxed as she placed them on the man’s back. Jacob then thanked him secretly with a nod.

Artus shrugged and turned his attention to Paige. He didn’t know if it was really the essence, or it was just an act to make Jacob feel guilty. Maybe it was unintentional but hopefully, the man had learned something from Felicia’s outburst.

The young hero should learn that money was just an object. 'A means to an end.'

“I think we all need a rest,” Elia said with a bright smile while still holding on to his arm. 

The priestess had helped a lot by bestowing them the ability to see in the dark. Without her spell, ambushing the goblin camps should have proved to be almost impossible. Elia had become essential to the team in her own way.

With a wave of his hand, the personal shells fold open and are replaced with two domes. Blood and guts flung away along with the folded shell. The two large domes then blurred as a few of its layers’ opacity changed, creating a sound and visual proof shells. 

Nothing but a blur could be seen through the shells even when Elia created a bright ball of light inside. She looked around in awe as she inspected the shell as if she was looking at a miracle. He doubted this world had any concept of opacity. The measure of impenetrability to electromagnetic or other kinds of radiation.

He was willing to bet that nothing close to this situation had ever existed before. The ability to set up a camp in the dungeon might be not new, but he was certain that no one could come close to the level of security he could provide. 

Once this news leaked to the outside, everyone would think that he had too much worth to be silenced or removed from the equation.

And his camp set up was instant. Only short-lived idiots would think otherwise.

Paige was still sitting on the dirt floor as he got close to her. She seemed to be oblivious to what was happening around her as the light dimmed. Maybe the idea of leveling her up in just one dive was not feasible after all. Artus didn't want her to go crazy because of the essences messing with her mind.

Elia took out a special made thick blanket and placed them on the dungeon ground. She then took Paige by the shoulder and guided her to rest on the blanket. Paige was rocking on her seat as if she was a mental patient.

Artus sat by Paige's side on the surprisingly comfortable piece of garment. He offered the girl his hand she held onto it as her life depended on it. He really should do something about this.


--- Warning: Explicit Scene ---


But Elia had her own plan. She took her place behind him and she took her time to slowly lean over. 

Her large magnificent softness pressed on his back bare and without any reserve. Her lewd giggle and soft breath tickled his ears as she slipped her hands into his clothes.

She worked quickly to slip further down into his pants. The lady held him in her soft fingers.

Artus groaned and closed his eyes. She was too good at this.

“I’m sorry, I- I can’t take it anymore,” Paige said as she loomed over him before she kissed him with wild, untamed lust.

The girls worked together to take him out of his pants. Paige slipped him inside her and sat on him. He went balls deep, all the way into her depth with her loud whimper, and arched back. 

She clawed his back as her hips rocked like she had lost her mind. It didn’t take long before Paige screamed her lungs out as her love juice burst out like a broken dam.

Elia giggled from his back. He was still stiff hard when Paige collapsed to his side.

“My turn, master,” the sexy woman said as she made her luscious self seen.

Her robes were pushed aside, displaying the mountainous pair of soft, snow-white breasts. They jingled with her every move. She pushed them onto his face while she caressed him towards her lower lips.

A sexy moan cracked into his ears as their genitalia kissed. She pushed down slowly as she was spread apart to take him in. Her flesh snugged around him.

Elia grunted cutely pass her virginity as her inner walls squeezed around him. The horny priestess couldn't stop herself to enjoy everything, including the pain. Elia let out the lewdest of moans as her wide hips began to rock in and out. Her insides were heavenly.

Artus grabbed the tiny waist as he pushed her down, and burst out deep in her. Elia yelped but she didn’t stop. The woman's gentle circling and jostling hips squeezed every bit of his juice out. He came and came and came until he was out of breath.

Elia cried as her legs finally gave out, slamming her heavy bottom onto him. Her body shivered as she climaxed. Artus fell into his back along with her soft body on top of him.

Paige leaned over and kissed Elia instead of him. The sexy kiss made him grow hard again while he was still inside the priestess’s lewd squirting pussy.

The unplanned wild threesome continued until they were exhausted.

Dungeon sex is awesome!